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From concept to canvas in seconds, Piktochart AI creates quality infographics from any prompt—no design expertise needed.

The new way of creating infographics

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Make it quick

From idea to infographic in 10 seconds

No more tedious design processes—just enter a topic, and let our AI infographic maker do its magic. Start with our AI-generated template, refine your message, and watch your vision unfold.

Generative AI is a type of machine learning that transforms simple inputs into detailed, creative outputs, learning from data to produce original, visually engaging material. While this technology is still evolving, its ability to produce diverse and creative outcomes from simple inputs makes data visualization simple.

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Text-heavy content to engaging infographics

Simply paste your text or upload your document and watch Piktochart AI work its magic to generate infographics customized for you in seconds. Save time and boost your productivity by delivering engaging infographics in seconds.

Piktochart AI supports PDF, DOCX, and TXT format, making it versatile for your every need.

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Make it happen

Any subject, one stunning visual

Whether it’s business insights or educational themes, Piktochart AI offers data visualization like no other. Explore a world of stunning visuals that align with any topic.

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Make it yours

Beyond generation; true customization

Our AI lays the groundwork with an expertly generated infographic, then hands the reins to you—enabling you to tailor and transform every element to enhance your visual story while remaining on-brand.

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Infographics created using Piktochart’s AI-powered infographic generator

list infographic about diverse education types generated by ai Educational Infographic
list infographic about video generated by ai List Infographic
list infographic about employee engagement survey generated by ai Guidelines Infographic
list infographic generated by ai about leadership types Fun Facts Infographic
list infographic generated by ai about employee onboarding steps Informational Infographic
list infographic about global warming generated by ai Statistical Infographic

How to Create an Infographic Using AI

1. Name your narrative

In just a few words (up to 120 characters), tell us what story you’re itching to tell. Be it “Workplace Wellness Trends for 2024” or a crisp “Summary of Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore.”

2. Choose from our diverse library of infographic templates

Instead of starting from scratch, save time by diving into our premium templates designed to bring out the best in any topic. Once you’ve chosen your template, you’ll be in the editor.

3. Fine-tune in Piktochart Editor

Once you’ve selected a template, simply click the “Edit Infographic” button to access the Piktochart editor. From here, you can tweak, modify, and ensure the design matches your unique style and message.

4. Add images, icons, and other assets to the infographic creator

Elevate your infographic with bespoke elements with the drag and drop editor. Pick from a library of free images and visual assets to create an infographic that stands out or upload your own images into our free infographic maker.

5. Ready, Set, Share!

Done customizing your visual? Save and download in different formats, such a JPG, PNG, or PDF. Share it with your colleagues, inspire on your social media platforms, or embed it on your website.

AI-Powered Visualization for Any Topic

What kinds of infographics can be generated using this AI tool?

Navigating design elements and finding the right visual style can be daunting. With Piktochart AI, it’s easy to transform data into visually appealing infographics . Excellence made simple, just for you.

Press Release Infographic

Stand out for all the right reasons. Piktochart AI transform dense details into clear and engaging visual stories that resonate and spread. Ensure your news isn’t just read, but remembered and shared.

Internal Communication Infographic

Adaptable designs that are on-brand, every time. With Piktochart AI, transform your insights into compelling visuals in a heartbeat.

Fact Sheet for Communications

Craft bite-sized visuals that pack a punch. With our AI infographic maker, transform your data into designs that are as captivating as they are accurate.

Marketing Infographic

Targeted insights. Tailored visuals. Triumphant campaigns. At the click of a button, you can drive growth with high-quality infographics that convert leads and generate ROI.

Ready to use AI to create infographics?

Join more than 11 million people who already design information with Piktochart’s free infographic maker.


Yes, definitely! Once you have selected the template, you will enter our editor. From there, you can add images and charts from our huge library of visual assets, or upload your own. Our AI infographic maker will help you produce visuals as well as any graphic designer.

All users can create up to 4 infographics daily, no matter which plan you’re on. With a free Piktochart account, you get 10 additional AI generations every month. Pro users get 100 AI generations and Business users get 300 AI generations every month. Access more powerful features and unlimited editing by upgrading to one of our plans.

We recommend you be as descriptive as possible about the topic that you are trying to cover. You may need to try different prompts for better results.

You do not need to sign up for Piktochart until you want to edit, customize, or download the infographic.