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Transform your marketing with Piktochart design – where creating stunning infographics, engaging social media graphics, dynamic slides, and more becomes a breeze. Dive into the world of easy, impactful marketing graphic design and watch your content soar!

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Influencer Quote Twitter Post Influencer Quote Twitter Post
Mother’s Day Sale Facebook Post Mother’s Day Sale Facebook Pos
Contest Facebook Post Contest Facebook Post
Event Brochure Event Brochure
Makeup Classes Flyer Makeup Classes Flyer
Medical Stats Medical Stats
Overview Marketing Newsletter Overview Marketing Newsletter
Business White Paper Business White Paper
Monthly Marketing Report Marketing Guidebook
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Marketing graphic design

Customization for Your Marketing Needs

Choose from expert-designed marketing templates and tailor them to your content, brand, and goals. Craft everything from marketing reports to social media graphics and campaign posters with ease. Enjoy drag-and-drop simplicity for icons, images, and illustrations, and add your own content to fully customizable templates. Best of all, Piktochart respects your brand’s identity, leaving no watermark on your visuals, even on the Free plan.

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Brand assets

Brand Customization in Seconds with Piktochart

With Piktochart, your marketing content is always on-brand. Using your company fonts takes three clicks. Your custom color palette and uploaded fonts will be added to the editor so you can easily apply them to any new project.

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Share your visual content with the world

Online or offline? With Piktochart you get both. Use presentation mode or download your marketing slides as a PPT file. Share a marketing visual directly on social media or download it in PNG or PDF format. Moreover, Piktochart includes collaboration in all plans, including Free. Invite team members or clients to edit a marketing graphic or comment and share feedback.

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Edit videos and add automatic subtitles

Turn webinar recordings, Zoom meetings, and long videos into small clips with the correct ratio for Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Or simply record within Piktochart. You can add automatic subtitles in 60 different languages and customize the videos to your brand. It’s easy.

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11 Ideas of What You Can Create with Piktochart

Marketers can use Piktochart to create a wide range of visually appealing and effective marketing materials:

1) Infographics

For visually summarizing complex data or information in an engaging way.

2) Social Media Graphics

Custom graphics for posts and campaigns across various platforms.

3) Marketing Reports

Visually rich reports showcasing marketing metrics and results.

4) Event Flyers

Eye-catching flyers to promote events, webinars, or product launches.

5) Campaign Posters

Striking posters for advertising campaigns or brand promotions.

6) Email Marketing Templates

Visually appealing templates for newsletters and marketing emails.

7) Presentation Slides

For pitches, meetings, and webinars, with compelling design.

8) Product Brochures

Detailed and visually appealing brochures for product information.

9) Digital Banners and Ads

Custom banners for online advertising and promotions.

10) Content Marketing Materials

E-books, guides, and other content in visually engaging formats.

11) Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

Visually showcase success stories and client feedback.

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