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The ultimate design tool for crafting captivating recruiting dashboards, HR reports, employer branding visuals, and onboarding slides, all with effortless ease and no graphic design skills needed.

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Choose an HR template and create visuals in minutes

onboarding best practices, hr visual Onboarding best practices
employee benefits, hr infographic Employee benefits infographic
hr annual report template HR annual report
onboarding process Employee onboarding process
corporate party poster Corporate party invitation
learning and development report Learning and development dashboard
HR LMS Newsletter HR LMS Newsletter
Employee Compensation and Benefits Widescreen Employee Compensation and Benefits Widescreen
Workflow Benefits Workflow Benefits
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HR people use Piktochart to

HR graphics

Easily create visuals for internal communication and HR

Piktochart is so simple that you can immediately use it, without training. Choose an HR template from the free library and edit it to fit your brand, content, and data. You can drag-and-drop illustrations, icons, and images, creating HR visuals that stand out; from flyers for job fairs to monthly HR reports, presentations, and team event posters.

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Information design for HR

Create HR reports and visualize data

Link up an Excel or Google Sheets file to easily create graphs that automatically update when your data does. Combine various charts into one page to create a professionally-looking HR metrics dashboard or present the results of an employee engagement survey.

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On-brand design

Create branded designs for HR

With Piktochart, your HR and internal content is always on-brand. Using your company fonts takes three clicks. Your custom color palette and uploaded fonts will be added to the editor so you can easily apply them to any new project.

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Repurpose HR videos for social media and employer branding

Turn webinar recordings or interviews into smaller clips with the correct ratio for Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Alternatively, record your screen or use the webcam recording feature. Automatic subtitles are supported in 60 languages. With Piktochart Video, you can prepare your employer branding campaign in half the time.

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Webinar with Personio: Bring your HR reporting to the next level

There is a better way to automate your HR report and communicate it visually using visual communication. Find out a better way to do that in this webinar by Piktochart and Personio.

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webinar HR reporting

Design HR Materials with Piktochart

Over 10,000 HR professionals use Piktochart to create a variety of engaging and informative materials:

1) Recruiting Dashboards

Visually track and present recruitment metrics and KPIs.

2) HR Reports

Summarize employee data, performance reviews, and HR analytics.

3) Employer Branding Materials

Create visuals that showcase the company culture and values.

4) Onboarding Slides

Develop informative and welcoming presentations for new hires.

5) Training and Development Materials

Craft instructional guides and training resources.

6) Internal Newsletters

Design engaging newsletters for employee updates and announcements.

7) Employee Engagement Surveys

Visualize survey data and feedback in an accessible format.

8) Event Posters and Announcements

Promote HR-led events and initiatives.

9) Recognition and Award Certificates

Design certificates for employee recognition programs.

10) Diversity and Inclusion Reports

Illustrate the company’s diversity metrics and initiatives.

11) Benefits and Policy Documents

Visualize benefits packages and policy details for clarity.

12) Wellness Program Infographics

Promote health and wellness initiatives within the organization.

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