Piktochart vs Canva

For businesses, Piktochart offers a way to turn dry, boring data into a clear story that gets the message across — even if you have no design experience.

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piktochart vs canva

Why choose Piktochart over Canva?

Canva has a ton of cool templates and visuals, but you end up spending more time browsing templates than getting your work done. Piktochart focuses on getting your message across through visual communication in the shortest time possible, offering collaboration features, unlimited access to templates, and more across all plans. Even the free one.

Piktochart support benefit Personalized support

Because Piktochart is a smaller company, we can provide our customers with a more personal experience. You’ll love our support team. We’re bootstrapped since 2021, which means we’ve grown through the trust of our 11 million users.

Piktochart focused on message Access to premium assets

All users get unlimited access to templates, images, illustrations, icons, charts, and maps. Collaboration features are available for all plans, and Pro & Enterprise give many more extra benefits starting at only $19/month.

Piktochart built for businesses Built for businesses

Canva is great for people who want to share graphics on social media. Piktochart focuses more on business communication. Build a professional presentation, impress with a progress report, or reduce information overload with a beautiful infographic.

Piktochart Video Better video editor

Did you know that 85% of Facebook users watch videos without sound? That’s why video captions are crucial for any social media video. Piktochart Video automatically transcribes your videos and adds subtitles to them in over 60 languages.

Get access to all assets and templates

With Canva, you only get access to all images, icons, and illustrations if you have a paid account. With Piktochart, you get access to all templates from the get go. No need to get a paid account to try out all the different templates, chart, icons, or illustrations.

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Make complex data clear

Visualize your data like a pro

Canva is great if you want to design a wedding invitation yourself. Piktochart, on the other hand, focuses more on the communication that goes on inside a business every day. From reporting on progress, to visualizing standard operating procedures or making a company announcement.

Link up a Google sheet to your graphic and display the data in a variety of charts and graphs. Line graphs, bar charts, pie charts… All of them can be customized to your liking.

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social media videos

Optimize videos for social media

Although Canva also offers a video editor, Piktochart Video optimizes your videos for social media. Unlike Canva, Pichtochart Video automatically transcribes your videos and adds subtitles in over 60 languages to them. Our video editor is also as easy to use as a doc. You edit your trim, edit, and customize your videos by simply editing the text of the transcript. Videos edited, cropped, and transcribed with Piktochart Video will keep viewers engaged even if they scroll through their social media feeds without sound.

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What others are saying

Piktochart focuses on getting the message across in the shortest time possible, not just helping you create a nice visual.

Piktochart is focused on business communication. That includes reporting, visualizing SOPs, creating social media posts, and internal marketing.

Team work makes the dream work. With Piktochart you make sure everyone stays on the same page. Share you visual, leave comments, and work together to create visuals that get the message across.

Ever feel like everyone around you suddenly became an expert in Photoshop? They’re using templates. Piktochart has plenty of templates made by professional designers. Just pick a template, add your data, and people will start wondering if you’ve become a Photoshop expert as well. And if you ever stuck, don’t worry; our support team is here for you.

Piktochart is right for you if…

What you can do with Piktochart

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Customize to your brand in seconds

Want your brand colors in your visual content? No problem! With Piktochart Pro, you get access to Brand Assets. Upload your logo and Piktochart will automatically upload your brand colors for you. You can then use these brand colors every time you create your brand visuals.

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Integrate into your current workflow

With Piktochart, you don’t have to overhaul your entire workflow. Download your visual content in PNG and PDF formats and share them with your colleagues via email. You can also download your presentations as a PPT file and use Powerpoint to present.

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Turn complex data into a clear, catchy visual

With Piktochart, your data will never be boring again. You get access to all the tools you need to professionally visualize your data. Copy-paste your data into our graph maker, upload a CSV , Excel file, or link up a Google sheet and turn complex data into a clear graphic that gets your message across. Choose between different types of charts & graphs to present your data in a clear and understandable way. Create bar chart, pie chart, comparison chart, interactive dashboard, and more with just a few clicks.

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Edit your videos like a text document in +60 languages.

Video editing feels complex and daunting? With Piktochart Video, it’s as quick and straightforward as editing text. Automatically transcribe your videos in different languages. Our video-to-text converter within Piktochart Video supports over 60 languages. This way, you can make your videos accessible to a global audience. Automatically add subtitles, crop video to optimize for different aspect ratios with one click, and cut out any filler words by editing the transcript. All in a matter of minutes.

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Piktochart is the same as Canva in the sense that they’re both drag-and-drop editors that allow you to create visuals. However, a big difference is that Piktochart is more aimed at professional users who need to communicate with colleagues and managers.

You can create infographics with a lot of design tools. Piktochart, however, lets you create an infographic easily, even if you have no design experience.

Piktochart is good for creating professional-looking infographics, reports, and presentations. It specializes in long-form infographics that communicate data. It’s good at visualizing processes, reporting on data, and keeping your company up to date.

With Piktochart Team, you can collaborate with colleagues. Keep your branding consistent by adding brand colors and fonts. Set permissions and ask managers to review your visual.

Infographics are easy to create with Piktochart. Gather your data, pick a template, add your data to the template and download your infographic.

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