10 Promo Video Ideas for Your Next Marketing Campaign

September 20, 2023
promo video ideas for your next marketing campaign

Creating brand awareness is like an uphill struggle, especially when you’re just starting. You need every tool in your toolbox to get the word out. 

This is where promo videos come in. 

Promo videos are a pragmatic solution to meeting the constraints of marketing to busy people. They also give you a leg-up in your marketing campaign. One survey found that 86% of marketers found the medium to be effective at generating leads. 

As a business owner, a promo video is a visual project aimed at dazzling your audience with showy graphics and memorable one-liners to promote products, services, and events. 

The best part is that you don’t have to hire a special effects team and go all in with high-tech graphics to make a promo video. You just need tools like Piktochart to create these wonderful videos.

Piktochart Video can help you create a professional video in less than an hour. You can easily edit your videos like a document, too.

That said, we have rounded up 10 promotional video examples you can get inspiration from for your next marketing campaign.

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1. Highlight your team in a video

The best promo video examples show the people that make the magic happen – whether it’s a product, an event, or a service. This adds a personal touch to your promo video ideas. 

When you attribute your brand’s success to your team, you show people you appreciate them and all their efforts. You don’t take the credit for anything. This gives you the extra oomph you need to convert traffic. 

Invite your team members to speak about the project, their role, and how they’re bringing it to life. Think of it as “a day in the life” type of visual storytelling. Check out this example from Amazon.

Shoot the video in a relaxing environment and try to toss in some humor – but make sure it doesn’t feel forced. The main idea is to give a glimpse of real people living real lives who put the project into motion. 

Sharing how employees spend their free time and how they interact with one another will also add personality to your brand. Show off the office space while you’re at it. Give a glimpse of the meeting room where all the ideas get exchanged. 

Stick to a relaxed and friendly environment when making your videos. This cements the human element of your brand, increases audience engagement, and helps you stand out from the crowd.

2. Focus on your product 

Empower your sales pitch with brand videos that focus on the finer side of your products. 

An informative walkthrough of the product will serve as a demonstration of what it is capable of. 

You can use the video to highlight all the cool features of your product and go into detail about what inspired the product. This is what ClickUp does with this video below.

ClickUp’s promo video idea is great. The video, overall, helps potential customers familiarize themselves with the product. If you haven’t purchased the Clickup platform yet, you might also decide to buy it in the end because of this video.

You can use business storytelling to showcase the reliability of your product, and add illustrations and beautiful animations to increase engagement. 

Once the video is ready, use it on your website and social media pages. 

3. Use Q and A videos

Q&A videos are great promo video ideas for building trust with your audience.

Nearly all websites have a FAQ section on their web pages to answer commonly asked questions. Q&A videos apply the same concept, but in a visual format

Ask your sales team to provide you with common questions about the product and turn the information into a video. Bonus points if you can have someone from your team answer these questions.

Check out this short but informative video on Slack. Notice how the information is kept to the point and in clear terms. 

Q&A videos are especially important before starting a business because only a few people know what you do. A great alternative is to hold a live-video session to take customer queries and compile the most commonly asked questions into a video format.

Don’t include technical jargon. While you’re at it, encourage your viewers to ask more questions in the comments section. Then you can create another Q&A video that answers these questions and upload it. 

Remember, the goal is to make your audience understand what your brand and your product are all about. So, you want to answer all the questions they have that might be stopping them from choosing you.

4. Leverage customer testimonials

One of the best promo video examples to build trust with your customers involves customer testimonials. 

Ask your existing customer base to share their opinions and experiences with your brand to build credibility for your product. This will clear up doubts people may have about your brand and might even win them over.

It is the oldest’ trick’ in the book that provides social proof to audiences. Customer video testimonials offer insights into how your product or service will benefit the viewer. 

Here’s an excellent example from Zoom.

Don’t hesitate to contact your loyal customers by email or phone and ask them to share their experiences in video format. Hearing the testimonial straight from the metaphorical horse’s mouth is enough to drive home the point. Or you can go to your customers and shoot the video yourself, whichever works best for your client.

Pro tip: Reach out to influencers, ask them to try your products, and then leave a video testimonial about their experiences in using your product or service. 

Try to avoid making a script for them and let the end-user share their experiences in their own words. This will maximize the believability of your testimonial. If it looks too formal, rehearsed, or robotic, people will just think you hired an actor to regurgitate a script. 

5. Create teaser videos

Teaser videos are short clips used to generate hype around your product or service.

Chances are, you’ve seen short teaser clips for movies and TV shows. They probably pique your curiosity. You probably even end up checking out the movie or the TV show.

Teasers are great promotional video ideas. We can learn a thing or two from the big brands for SaaS marketing, B2B marketing or any other type of marketing you can think of.

Keep your audience excited enough to check out your product. But you have a very short window to work within the ballpark of 30 seconds, give or take.

Revolut’s teaser trailer above, for instance, creatively shows users that they can access currency exchange in any country. They did this in 20 seconds. 

6. Tell your brand story

Give a personal story of how you started the brand. This type of business storytelling gives you a chance to share insights into how the company came into existence.

Talk about the pitfalls during your journey and how you overcame the challenges to persevere against all odds. This humanizes your brand and helps you share a vulnerable side that people can connect with.

Here’s how Ben & Jerry tells their brand’s story. They got the chair of the board to talk about how the company started.

Don’t be shy about revealing the failures you endured while starting this brand. Your audience will find your story more endearing.

Upload this video on your social media pages or website. Ben & Jerry’s, for instance, uploads their video in its Values & Mission section.

7. Utilize how-to videos

The basic premise behind how-to videos is to help customers solve a problem. It is important not to come across as too sales-y with this type of content. The trick is to promote your products and services to show how the user benefits from them.

How-to videos are engaging. They also keep things short and to the point.

Make sure your video answers all the viewer’s questions about how your product is used. Check out this example from Apple.


All the steps in your how-to video should be structured appropriately, too. Use clear wording in your visual demonstration and promo video examples.

You don’t want to leave viewers even more confused than they were. You want to make it easy for them to follow along.

8. Showcase product behind-the-scenes

Show behind-the-scenes footage of the product to keep the audience interested. A Livestream survey showed that 87% of participants enjoyed watching videos that showed behind-the-scenes content.

You can, for instance, show how the product is crafted or how you offer a particular service. Or you can show a tour of the company office that houses the product.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage of Google engineers at work. It’s a good video since it leverages people’s curiosity about how Google, a search engine almost everyone uses, actually works.

These promotional video ideas are a surefire way of building credibility and showing a personal side to your customers.

9. Employ animated promo videos

Making animated videos is one of the best promotional video ideas for promoting your brand. These videos use fun animations with colorful illustrations to keep your audience engaged.

Animated videos can be used to make explainer videos and announcements, or fulfill other marketing requirements. This is a cost-effective strategy that can create lasting brand awareness.

Here’s an example of an animated promotional video from PayTicket.

Pick a visual style, but don’t go overboard with them. Don’t overwhelm your audience with excessive visual effects or colors – keep it simple!

Also, make a storyboard for your animated video. You need to make sure your video as a whole makes sense. You can’t ensure that if you don’t have a logical script to follow.

10. Make video infographics

Video infographics are the perfect presentation tool. They give bite-sized pieces of content to the audience. This makes information easy to digest, and the visuals keep the viewer hooked to the very end.

You can use infographics turned into videos to compare your product with similar products in the same niche. Or you can use them to highlight your product’s benefits, like Ahrefs does below.

With infographic videos, you can share statistics with the audience. You can also create beautiful charts and graphs.

Before you share any data, you fact-check your sources. Don’t pull information from websites that aren’t trusted.

It also helps if you show a person in the know in your company your video infographic before you publish it. This way, you can rectify any possible mistakes in the data included in the video.

Wrapping up

Video is a practical solution to the constraints of traditional marketing aimed at people who are hard-pressed for time. Use video to your advantage, then.

Here’s a summary of the the promo video ideas we’ve shared above:

  • Use Q&A videos and customer testimonials to spur interest in your products. Teaser videos are great for creating product hype and anticipation. 
  • Also, don’t pass up the opportunity to connect with prospects by telling your brand story. Help users get acquainted with your products with how-to videos. Create behind-the-scenes videos to show the fun side of your brand, too.
  • Animated promo videos are creative ideas to showcase your brand or products as well. Let’s not forget about video infographics. They can help you share visual data with your viewers. 

Get promo video ideas from these examples and create beautiful videos for your next marketing campaign. This way, you can distinguish your brand from the competition and get better results. 

Whether you are creating one video or hundreds, use Piktochart Video to make the process of creating promo video ideas a breeze. Try it for free