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Join over 11 million users who trust Piktochart to turn complex data into captivating maps. Our intuitive, platform helps you create visually stunning maps and charts in minutes – no design experience needed. Start from a professionally designed map template and easily customize it to your needs.

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11 million people worldwide use Piktochart

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Make a Map or Choropleth

Piktochart transforms raw data into clear, impactful choropleth maps. With intuitive color mapping, your statistical data becomes a visual story, crafted quickly and effectively.

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World, Continent and Country Maps

With Piktochart, access a world map, maps of 7 continents, and over 240 country maps to bring your data to life. Ideal for global to local data representation.

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Embed your own custom map into any format, enhancing reports, presentations, infographics, or dashboards. Seamlessly integrate for maximum impact and clarity, whatever your platform.

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Erica Barto
Selection, Testing & Assessment Specialist, Valero Energy Corporation

“Piktochart is my go-to tool when I’m looking for a way to summarize data that is easy for our upper management to review. Piktochart provides me with the tools to display data in a creative, visually appealing way.”

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Claudia Bayod Borrego
Head of Internal Communications, Arval BNP Paribas Group

“Piktochart has allowed me to change the style of my company’s communications. The campaigns are more visual, modern and attractive thanks to the templates that always serve as inspiration. Now even my colleagues use it! Piktochart helped me to engage, increase participation in events, add value to internal campaigns and to reinforce the culture and communication flow of my business.”

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Priscila Aldana
Talent Management, Boston Scientific

“As an HR Assistant, I have to find new and creative ways to engage our employees and effectively communicate across a large organization. Piktochart has tremendously helped me in achieving this.”

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Sharon Yeung
Accountant, SIA Engineering Ltd.

“Piktochart helps me translate often dry financial policies and accounting standards to easy to understand and concise one-pager visuals for management.”

How to Make a Map Online

1. Open Piktochart’s editor and click on the ‘Maps’ icons in the left panel. You’ll find two tabs at the top of the panel: choose between mapping countries or regions.

2. Once you’re in, you can directly add or modify your map data via the datasheet. We’ve made sure it’s straightforward to maintain consistency in your data types, making your map both accurate and visually striking.

3. Once your data’s ready, adjust map and outline colors, or turn your creation into an informative choropleth map.

4. Once your map is ready, share it with the world! Embed it on your website or blog without losing any of the rich details or annotations.

Use cases of Maps

Choropleth maps and other map visualizations have a wide range of use cases, particularly in areas where geographic data representation is essential:

1. Demographic Studies

Choropleth maps for detailed analysis of population patterns, age distributions, and other demographic metrics.

2. Public Health Analysis

Map disease hotspots, vaccination progress, and health statistics to inform public health strategies.

3. Environmental Studies

Visualize data on climate change, pollution, and environmental impacts with clear, informative maps.

4. Economic and Business Analysis

Analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and economic indicators geographically for strategic business insights.

5. Educational Purposes

Enhance learning by mapping historical events, cultural diversity, and language distributions.

6. Urban Planning and Infrastructure

Use population and area data to inform urban growth, resource distribution, and infrastructure development.

7. Election and Political Analysis

Illustrate voting patterns and political demographics for in-depth electoral and political analysis.

8. Agricultural Planning

Identify agricultural trends like crop distribution and soil types for improved planning and sustainability.

9. Tourism and Travel Industry

Showcase tourist attractions, accommodation density, and cultural sites for informed travel industry insights.

10. Games

Create detailed game worlds with choropleth fantasy maps, guiding players through immersive landscapes and strategic gameplay in both board and video games.

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Yes, Piktochart’s map maker is free to use. The plan offers access to many of the tool’s features, including downloads. In addition, the Free plan does not force our watermark; the visuals you create are yours. Additional benefits can be accessed with the paid plans.

No, you don’t need any design experience to use a map maker. As long as you use an online tool dedicated to non-designers, like Piktochart or Canva. Choose a free template from the Piktochart gallery, edit, and customize it to your brand to create a professional visual. Once it’s completed, simply download your map in the format you prefer.

You can visualize interesting geographical data using the interactive map maker. For the map data, do ensure a consistent data type throughout the columns. For example, only have numbers in one column and text in another. The data visualization will only work for columns with number-based data.

We want to include as many places and locations as possible for our users in our map tool. We’re eager to listen to your suggestions for places and regions that you would love to see added! At this time, we retrieve our map data from Natural Earth.

At this moment, the only available option would be to manually edit the map data one by one. It is not possible to import data from Excel or Google Sheets as of now.