5 Inspirational Ways To Make Your Marketing More Visual

Visuals have become a key cog to the majority of content marketing strategies. In fact, a Venngage study revealed that over half of surveyed marketers said 91% to 100% of their created content contained visuals. To put this into perspective, this has leapt 130% from 2015 to 2016.  And to add, 65% of senior marketers think that visual content are an integral part to communicating their brand story.

The ability to create beautiful and effective visual content should be in every marketer’s arsenal, especially when they’re not always going to have access to design resources. Which is why we put together this list which is filled with various ways to spice up your marketing using the power of visuals.

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For Growing Your Business

Despite the common belief that print is dead, we believe that the physical advertisement is still very much alive and kicking. And they’re particularly useful when you’re growing a small business.

Perhaps it’s a poster or a flyer that you’d like to create, where you’ll have to pay close attention to a combination of layout and concept in order to tailor it to your target audience. Or maybe you’re looking to raise your next round of funding and need to create a pitch deck to impress your future investors. Either way, visuals can be a great help.

Below are a handful of examples in both categories to inspire you.

Posters & Flyers


If you’re promoting a wellness and beauty business…


If you’re promoting an exciting event on the weekend…


If you’re promoting your food & beverage business…

Make the above flyer(s) in Piktochart!

Pitch Decks


If you’re pitching your financial technology startup…


If you’re pitching your real estate platform…


If you’re pitching your product company…

Make the above pitch deck in Piktochart!

For Branding

Developing a set of visual assets that speak to your brand’s spirit and messaging is an important step in brand identity development. Whether it’s assembling a color palette that defines your brand, designing a logo, or writing a copy that communicates the right messaging – there’s a fair amount of legwork to do.

Here are two examples of visual assets, from brands large and small, that we really like.


If you’re creating a colorful identity for your software brand…


If you’re creating a brand identity for your wildlife publication…
You can create your own brand colors in Piktochart with our newly-launched feature. Read about it here, or start using the tool within the editor straight away.

You just need to open the drop down menu on the right hand corner > click on “Brand Colors” > and start creating! 

For Team Communication

Visual content doesn’t just exist for external purposes, it actually works quite well for internal communication. From an infographic that’s designed to break down silos between teams, to a presentation that communicates your company’s new vision – there are a myriad of ways to use visuals within the four walls of the office. Organizational announcements are historically text-heavy, but what if we could use visuals to better engage employees?

Here are a few examples that we really like.


If you’re using a presentation to communicate your company’s annual outlook…
Click the above image to see Intel’s full corporate presentation.


If you’re using an infographic to communicate much-needed changes in the workplace…


If you’re using an infographic to communicate your company values…

Make the above company values infographic in Piktochart!

For Your Blog Content

Visual content and your content marketing strategy should be as inseparable as Bonnie and Clyde. In fact, research shows that you can drive 48% more traffic to your blog by including visual content such as images and video.

In particular, infographics fit exceptionally well into blog content as they artfully combine data, text and, and visuals. They can also double as beautiful standalone, highly shareable visuals for your social media strategy as well. Two birds with one stone.


If you’re looking to illustrate how things work…


If you’re looking to communicate data…


If you’re looking to explain a natural phenomenon…

Make the above infographic in Piktochart!

For Your Client Reports

Reports, an essential component to client communication. Usually they get submitted in three stages: At the beginning of a client engagement to summarize things like the project background, goals, metrics and milestones; at specific points in the project to communicate progress – on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis; and at the end of the project as a summary which encompasses tasks completed and final metrics, as well as outstanding issues.

Instead of sending over paragraphs of texts or a spreadsheet, why not delight your clients with an infographic, data visualization, or presentation?

Below are a few templates that you can use to really wow ’em. 

01. Client Research Report

Try this client research template in Piktochart now!

02. Team Progress Report

Create this progress report in Piktochart now!

03. Marketing Overview Report


Make the above marketing overview report in Piktochart!

We hope you picked up some inspiration from the above visual marketing examples. If you are feeling inspired, create an account on Piktochart and select a template to make awesome visuals.

As always, if you have any suggestions or questions – reach out to our customer delight team and also read in-depth about how to master our tool here.

Happy Piktocharting!


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