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Eliminate the hassle of manual slide design. Piktochart AI presentation maker crafts compelling, visually-rich decks for any purpose – investor pitches, educational lectures, team reports – in mere seconds. Impress your audience with minimal effort.

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Time-Saving Efficiency

Streamline slide creation and elevate your message

Focus on your message, not on slide formatting. With Piktochart AI, what used to take hours now takes seconds, giving you more time to focus on what really matters.

Simply input your content, and our AI takes care of the rest, generating beautiful slides that captivate your audience. It’s like having a professional designer at your fingertips.

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Customizable Templates

Templates you can edit for every brand and occasion

Access an extensive library of professionally-designed, fully-editable templates suited for any presentation type, from corporate decks to educational slideshows.

Tailor each slide to your brand guidelines and specific needs effortlessly, thanks to our intuitive interface that simplifies editing colors, sizes, fonts, and more.

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Boost Brand Message

Engage and impress your audience

Your brand identity is crucial. Piktochart AI ensures your presentations reflect your brand’s colors, fonts, and style, creating a seamless brand experience across all your presentations.

With brand-aligned presentations, you have the advantage of communicating more effectively and professionally, enhancing your brand’s reputation and leaving a lasting impact.

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  • Boost brand visibility with cohesive visual stories
  • Generate leads using compelling content
  • Present insights from market research to stakeholders
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SMEs and Enterprises

  • Craft persuasive pitch decks in minutes
  • Introduce a new project with slides made on our online presentation maker
  • Illustrate complex processes clearly through an engaging presentation
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NGOs and Government Organizations

  • Inform the public and present important topics
  • Report to stakeholders with professional presentations prepared with an online presentation software
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Business Owners and Consultants

  • Design winning pitch decks effortlessly
  • Impress clients with professional presentations
  • Report on business performance through access to multiple features and professionally designed templates

Presentations created using Piktochart AI

How to Create an AI Presentation

1. Describe your presentation

Input a specific text prompt (up to 120 characters) that explains the intent of your presentation. Whether it’s for internal meetings, client pitches, or public presentations, our advanced AI tool can handle the heavy lifting and design a customized presentation for you.

2. Pick a presentation template

Based on your input, our AI generates 20 custom template options. Browse through these professionally crafted designs and select the one that best fits your style and message.

3. Edit and customize in Piktochart Editor

Customise your presentation further by changing the fonts, colors, and images to match your style and branding. Our Editor also allows you the option to upload your own image or you could simply choose from our collection of free stock images.

4. Download and share

Once you’re satisfied with your customization, download your presentation in PNG. If you’re a Business Pro, Education Pro, or Nonprofit Pro user, you can also download your presentation in PDF or PPT. Alternatively, there’s the option to share your presentation online by publishing it on Piktochart.

AI-Powered Visualization for Any Topic

What kinds of presentations can be generated using Piktochart AI?

Business and product presentation

A business presentation is a vital tool for conveying information, ideas, and strategies within an organization or to external stakeholders. It serves to inform, persuade, and align audiences around key objectives such as business plans, financial results, or project updates. A well-prepared business presentation enhances understanding, drives engagement, and facilitates decision-making.

Investment pitch

An investment pitch is crucial for securing funding and support for your business ventures. It’s your opportunity to present your business idea, market potential, and financial projections to potential investors. A well-crafted pitch demonstrates credibility, showcases the viability of your business, and persuades investors to commit resources.

Marketing presentation

A marketing presentation is essential for outlining strategies, campaigns, and results to stakeholders, clients, or team members. It serves to communicate marketing objectives, highlight successes, and propose future initiatives. A well-executed marketing presentation aligns teams, garners support, and drives informed decisions to achieve marketing goals effectively.

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Yes, our Editor allows you to easily upload and incorporate your own images, logos, and graphics into your presentation design. In addition, you can upload your own images or choose more options from our library of design elements.

All users can create up to 4 presentations daily, no matter which plan you’re on. If you sign up for a free Piktochart account, you get 10 additional AI generations every month. Pro users get 100 AI generations and Business users get 300 AI generations every month. To get access to more powerful features and unlimited editing, consider paying for one of the advanced plans.

For better results, we recommend you to be as descriptive as possible about the intent of your presentation. You can also try different prompts to better refine the results.

Piktochart AI gets the ground work done for you in under 10 seconds based on your topic of presentation. Once you’ve generated your presentation, you can further customize the presentation with additional content or design elements. Read our guide on how to make a presentation.

Yes, you need a free Piktochart account to access our AI presentation maker to download your presentation. Upgrade to Pro or Business for more monthly AI image generations.

Using an AI presentation maker revolutionizes your presentation creation by saving time and ensuring professional quality. It provides high quality slides and data visualizations such as charts and graphs that simplify complex information. With the customizable templates, you can create presentations that align perfectly with your brand. Use Piktochart AI for efficient, creative, and impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression.

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