Piktochart Video vs Veed

Piktochart Video is the easiest way to record screen, transcribe video to text, and crop videos for social media.

Optimized for content repurposing

Piktochart Video enables you to crop your videos into square, horizontal, vertical, or portrait orientation with one click. Easily repurpose your webinars, virtual events, Zoom recordings, and more into short clips without having to edit them frame-by-frame.

Fast editing and creation of videos

Create videos in minutes instead of hours. With Piktochart Video, you can record your screen or use existing video recordings and turn them into short, bite-sized video clips that keep viewers engaged even if they scroll through their social media feeds without sound. All with a few clicks!

Get access to Piktochart Visual So much more than just video

With Piktochart Video, you get access to the easy creation of other visual formats like infographics, presentations, social media graphics, and prints. Example? you can create your course slides using Piktochart Visual and then record your course using Piktochart Video.

Why Piktochart Video is an excellent Veed alternative?

Lets you edit videos like a text document

Video editing with Piktochart Video is so easy that anyone who has ever edited a text document can do it. Unlike Veed, Piktochart Video is not a timeline-based video editor. Piktochart Video automatically transcribes your videos in over 60 languages and lets you easily cut out any filler words by editing the transcript of your audio. Share your video with captions or export just the subtitles as .srt, .vtt, or .txt file and add them to your YouTube video or copy your transcript and use it as a draft of your blog post.

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Retains original video format, quality, and size

Veed limits free users to a max of 250MB of uploaded video size, 10 minutes of exported video lenght, and max 2GB of storage for video projects. Piktochart Video comes with an unlimited video upload size and retains the original quality of your video when you export it. You can upload videos in any format and file size, and store unlimited video projects inside your Piktochart Video dashboard.

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Supports video upload from Zoom & Google Drive

Piktochart Video integration for Zoom and Google Drive lets you import your selected Zoom recordings or videos from cloud-based file storage directly into the video editor. This option vastly speeds up the video creation and video editing process. Once you import a selected Zoom recording, Piktochart Video will automatically transcribe it and create captions for it. Your video is now ready for editing, cropping, and sharing. That’s how fast it goes. Veed allows only import from Dropbox or YouTube but does not offer direct integration with Zoom and Google Drive, so you will need first to download your stored recordings to your desktop and then manually upload them to Veed.

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Simplifies your workflow

You don’t have to overhaul your workflow and use multiple tools to get the job done. With Piktochart, you can achieve more using a single platform. You get a screen recorder, video editor, and video cropper. You also get full access to a presentation maker, graph maker, timeline maker, and more. When you sign up for Piktochart Videos, we automatically grant you free access to Piktochart Visual. This way, you can use the same platform to create and deliver your presentations. Piktochart is your all-in-one tool for growing your online presence, brand awareness, and engagement with visual media.


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With the Piktochart Video editor, you can easily customize the look of your video to match your brand. You can change the colors of the video frame or text, and choose the suitable font family to be used. You can also add your company logo as a video watermark.

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