Piktochart Brand Kit: All-in-One Hub for Seamless Branding

Effortlessly manage and enhance brand identity in one accessible hub. With Piktochart Brand Kit, it’s easier than ever to make your brand shine across all of your visuals.

The simplest way to create and manage on-brand content

Brand Colors

Customize color schemes and palettes to perfectly match your brand identity

Keep all your color palettes and schemes neatly organized. Easily upload your brand’s logo, and our system will extract the colors, ensuring consistency throughout your designs.

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Brand Fonts

Add your own fonts for branding consistency

Easily upload your own brand font and apply it consistently across all your visuals in Piktochart. Pro users can upload up to 10 fonts, while Business users enjoy the flexibility of uploading an unlimited number of fonts.

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Brand Font Scheme

Seamless branding across workspace with font scheme

Stay on-brand by sharing your brand font scheme with everyone in your workspace. This way, everyone can stay consistent with ease.

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Brand Logos

Enhance brand recognition in just a few clicks

Streamline your brand identity with your brand logo. By uploading your logo, you can swiftly access it within the editor and seamlessly apply it across all your visuals. Pro users can upload one brand logo, while Business users can upload an unlimited number of logos.

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Branded Templates

Personalization in an instance for thousands of templates

Branded Templates transform all Piktochart templates into thousands of stylish, on-brand templates that align seamlessly with your brand identity. It’s the fastest way to create on-brand designs in no time. This feature is exclusively available only for Business Plan.

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How to Use Brand Kit

1. Customize Brand Color

You have the freedom to customize your color schemes and palettes to perfectly match your brand’s identity. This first step lays the foundation for your brand’s visual identity.

2. Brand Font Upload

Upload your own brand font and once done, it will be updated across all your visuals in Piktochart. As a Pro user, you can upload up to 10 custom fonts. Business users can upload an unlimited number of fonts.

3. Streamline with Brand Logo

Showcase your brand’s identity by uploading your logo and effortlessly incorporate it across all your visuals. This ensures consistent branding to boosting recognition among your audience, making your content instantly recognizable and memorable.

What kind of professionals would need a brand kit?

A brand kit is a crucial tool for various professionals and businesses who want to establish and maintain a consistent and recognizable brand identity. The brand kit serves as a centralized repository of visual and design elements that convey the essence of a brand. Here are the professionals who would benefit from having a brand kit:

Marketing and Advertising Teams

Professionals in marketing and advertising need to create promotional materials, campaigns, and advertisements that align with the brand’s identity. A brand kit guides them on how to use the brand’s visual elements effectively to communicate a consistent message.

PR and Communication Specialists

Public relations and communication professionals use brand kits to ensure that all internal and external communications, press releases, and media interactions align with the brand’s messaging and visual identity.

Startups and Small Business Owners

For startups and small businesses, a brand kit is essential for establishing a strong brand presence from the outset. It helps them communicate a unified identity across various channels, making them more memorable and recognizable to their target audience.

Graphic Designers and Creatives

Graphic designers play a pivotal role in creating visual content for a brand. A brand kit provides them with essential elements such as logos, color palettes, typography guidelines, and imagery to ensure a cohesive and unified design across all materials.

Nonprofits Organizations

Brand kits play a crucial role in shaping a nonprofit organization’s identity, building credibility, and effectively communicating its mission to the world. A well-designed brand kit can give a nonprofit a more professional and polished appearance, which helps for gaining the trust of stakeholders and potential donors.

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