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The easiest way for educators and teachers to create engaging lesson plans, infographics, posters, presentations, and more. Affordable pricing for K-12 and higher education.

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Piktochart has helped over 30,000 teachers and educators to

foster independent learning

Foster independent learning in classrooms

Ideal for final presentations or assignments, they allow students to explore topics independently and concisely summarize complex ideas, reinforcing classroom lessons effectively.

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Make learning more engaging and fun

Visuals help students retain information more effectively. Easily create a class syllabus, interactive assignments, and visual handouts. Grab the attention of your classroom and make the learning experience more engaging and fun.

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Communicate more effectively with other staff members, students, and parents.

With Piktochart, you can turn any information into clear visual communication. Using one information design platform, you can create newsletters, flyers, posters, and banners for the school’s website or social media channels. Easily visualize information for staff members and students within minutes, thanks to an extensive library of existing templates, icons, and illustrations.

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See what educators like you are creating on Piktochart

Back to school MBMS Back to school
KSAS First-Year Student ROADMAP KSAS First-year student roadmap
Redesigning Higher Ed with Digital Student First Redesigning higher ed with digital student first
UNM University Libraries UNM University Libraries
wellbeing support for international students Wellbeing support for international students
Class Syllabus Class syllabus
school vocabulary flashcard School vocabulary flashcards
classroom newsletter template Classroom newsletter
class syllabus widescreen template class syllabus widescreen template

That’s not all, you can also create other learning materials

Colorful All About Me Introduction Colorful all about me introduction
University admission flyer University admission flyer
Kids' summer camp flyer Kids summer camp
student report card template Student report card
Abstract Meet the Teacher Introduction Abstract meet the teacher introduction
Back to school Back to school season

Discover the amazing materials you can create with Piktochart as an educator

1) Lesson Plans

Visually structured outlines for daily classes.

2) Educational Infographics

Concise summaries of complex topics.

3) Classroom Posters

Engaging visuals for classroom decor.

4) Study Guides

Visual aids for student revision.

5) Presentation Slides

Interactive and visually appealing slides for lectures.

6) Assignment Sheets

Clear, visually guided instructions for assignments.

7) Course Syllabi

Attractive and organized course overviews.

8) Educational Timelines

Visual timelines for historical or process-oriented subjects.

9) Group Project Templates

Structured guides for student collaboration.

10) Report Card Templates

Customizable templates for student evaluations.

11) School Newsletters

Attractive designs for school updates and news.

12) Parent Communication Materials

Informative visuals for parent-teacher interactions.

  1. Research Posters: Templates for academic research presentations.

With Piktochart, students can

Elevate your assignments with Piktochart

Transform data, pivotal findings, or scholarly insights into compelling visual narratives, enhancing the distinction of your academic work. Piktochart offers an extensive array of icons, illustrations, images, fonts, graphs, and templates, providing a rich toolkit for innovative and visually engaging assignments.

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poster templates

Effortless college scheduling

Manage your college life with ease using Piktochart’s free schedule templates. Customize them to fit your class timings and extracurriculars, creating a unique timetable that suits your routine. Once you’re set, simply download it as a PNG or PDF and print it out for handy reference.

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Format benefit BG 4resume maker for college students

Craft a standout resume as a college student

Highlight your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and any internships or part-time jobs. Showcase your skills and experiences in a visually engaging format, making a memorable impression on potential employers or internship coordinators.

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Check out templates that other students like you often customize

infographic template for education 9 types of learners
pros and cons of cryptocurrency Pros and cons of cryptocurrency
infographic data and stats Infographic data and stats
modern student resume template Modern Student Resume
Internship cover letter free design Internship cover letter
schedules and planners personal reflection Schedules and planners
Explore all the education templates

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Have questions? We have answers.

Piktochart offers a discounted Pro plan for students, teachers, and education staff. You can take advantage of the annual Pro Education plan starting from $39.99 per year. Educators from all over the world choose Piktochart to help teach, make announcements, and make learning visual and fun.

Piktochart offers a free version of the platform, available to everyone. However, if you want to take advantage of Pro features like unlimited downloads, brand assets, or classroom collaboration, Piktochart offers special pricing for educators and students. You get unlimited access to everything for $39.99 per user per year.

The Education plan applies to teachers, professors, educators, education staff (librarian, school/university admin), and students of school/university.

You can access the special pricing on our Piktochart for Education page while logged in with a .org or .edu email address. Suppose our system does not accept your email address. In that case, you can click ‘No educational email’ to proceed to a manual application. You will need to upload a copy of an identification document that proves your affiliation with a non-profit or educational institution.

Piktochart helps foster independent learning in the classroom and makes the learning experience engaging and fun for kids. You can test what kids learned in your class by having them create their final presentation or a class assignment in the form of an infographic or a report. You can also ask kids to design an ‘about me’ poster or infographic as a form of an interactive introduction.

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