The Business Storyteller Podcast

A series of conversations with inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and experience in storytelling for their business.

How to Win at Email Marketing to Grow Your Brand (feat Danni Roseman, Surfer SEO)

Danni Roseman, Content Marketing Specialist at Surfer SEO shares how to use email marketing effectively to grow a brand.

Past episodes

piktochart podcast danni roseman surferseo

How to Win at Email Marketing to Grow Your Brand (feat Danni Roseman, Surfer SEO)

Danni Roseman, Content Marketing Specialist at Surfer SEO shares how to use email marketing effectively to grow a brand.

the business storyteller podcast konrad sanders

Building Your Authority on LinkedIn With The Power of Storytelling (feat Konrad Sanders, The Creative Copywriter)

Konrad Sanders, Founder and CEO at The Creative Copywriter shares about building authority on LinkedIn with the power of storytelling.

piktochart the business storyteller podcast arthur jones

How to Tell a Story That Sticks With the Audience (feat Arthur Jones, The Art of Standing Out)

Arthur Jones, Brand Architect at The Art of Standing Out shares the science and psychology behind telling a story that sticks with your audience.

piktochart the business storyteller podcast emilia korczynska

How to Tell a Story That Turns Your Audience Into a Customer With Content (feat Emilia Korczynska, Userpilot)

Emilia Korczynska, Head of Marketing at Userpilot shares how to tell a story that turns your audience into a customer with content.

piktochart nick van weerdenburg rangle

What Does It Mean to Be The Chief Storytelling Officer (featuring Nick Van Weerdenburg,

Nick Van Weerdenburg, CEO and founder of Rangle shares what it means to be a chief storytelling officer.

the business storyteller podcast rachel wright

Why Company Culture Matters for a Fully Remote Team (Lessons from Zengrowth) – feat Rachel Wright

Rachel Wright shares some lessons from Zengrowth on why company culture matters for a fully remote team.

piktochart the business storyteller podcast ilia markov toggl

The Value of Being Contrarian in B2B Marketing (featuring Ilia Markov, Toggl)

Ilia Markov, Marketing Director at Toggl, shares the idea of being contrarian in B2B marketing and how it has benefited Toggl.

Why Community Building as a Business Strategy (featuring Bri Leever, Ember Consulting)

Bri Leever, Community Architect at Ember Consulting shares why it’s essential to view community building as a business strategy.

piktochart the business storyteller podcast raul galera referralcandy

How Brands Can Grow Through Word-of-Mouth Marketing (featuring Raúl Galera, ReferralCandy)

Raúl Galera, Partnerships Lead at ReferralCandy, shares what entails referral marketing and how brands can grow through that.

the business storyteller podcast joe escobedo

What is Social Selling and Why Brands Need That (featuring Joe Escobedo, CEO of Esco Media)

Joe Escobedo, founder and CEO of Esco Media shares his insights on the importance of social selling for building brands.

daniel murphy privy

How to Use Storytelling in Your Product Launches (featuring Daniel Murphy)

Daniel Murphy, VP of Marketing at Privy who has organized over 60 launches in his career teaches three simple frameworks for crafting your story.

the business storyteller podcast featuring lea pica

Visualizing, Presenting, and Telling the Story Behind Your Data (featuring Lea Pica)

Lea Pica, Data Storytelling Advocate of, shares on delivering data stories that inform decisions, spark ideas, and drive change.

How to Master the Art of Storytelling for Business (featuring Jack Murray)

Jack Murray, CEO of MediaHQ, shares his insights as a storytelling expert to help businesses better tell their stories.

How to Build a Great Workplace Culture – Lessons from Buffer (featuring Nicole Miller)

Nicole Miller, Senior People Ops Manager at Buffer, shares her insights and lessons on how Buffer creates their unique workplace culture.

Hiring With a Company Story – The Importance of Your Business as a Product and Telling its Story (featuring David Abrams)

David Abrams shares how a strong company story can help you both with hiring and onboarding new team members.

The Magical Science of Storytelling (featuring Alexander Grabner-Jarlung)

Alexander Grabner-Jarlung, a presentation expert and the Head of International Business at David JP Phillips shares why storytelling is so powerful and how do we use it to our advantage.

Why Storytelling Matters When You’re Building a Product (featuring Melissa Perri)

Melissa Perri, CEO of Produx Labs, shares how product leaders can use storytelling to get buy-in from their product teams and customers.

Building Personal Brand Through Authentic Storytelling (featuring Aazar Ali)

Aazar Ali, a growth marketing expert, shares his insights on how to build your personal brand through authentic storytelling.

How Storytelling Can Improve Employer Branding (featuring Mick Griffin)

Mick Griffin, Chief Growth Officer at Traffit shares his best practices for storytelling in employee branding and his belief in making companies human again.

Business Storytelling for Leadership Success (featuring Esther Choy)

Esther Choy, President and Chief Story Facilitator at Leadership Story Lab, shares why storytelling is vital for leaders to master.

The Art of Inspiring Trust and Loyalty with Your Story (featuring Erik Eklund)

Erik Eklund, a speaker and coach in the area of Human Connections, shares why you are one of the greatest assets in your business and in life.

Why Businesses Need To Start Investing In Video Storytelling (featuring Marcos Bravo)

Marcos Bravo, Brand Ambassador and Head Video Storyteller of LiveChat explores the big topic of video storytelling and why businesses need to start investing in it.

Influencing Through Story (featuring Nancy Duarte)

In this episode, Nancy Duarte shares a skill that anyone can master on how to use storytelling principles to influence people.

Visual Communication For Storytelling (featuring Maciej Budkowski)

Maciej Budkowski, Managing Director of ExplainVisually joins us to uncover why visual communication is important for storytelling.

Story Is Strategy (featuring Andy Raskin)

We speak with Andy Raskin about developing a strategic narrative and how it can positively impact not only sales and marketing but also the product.

What Is Business Storytelling and Why Is It Important? (featuring Agata Krzysztofik)

In our pilot episode, we seek to discover what business storytelling is and why it is important with the Head of Marketing at Piktochart, Agata Krzysztofik.

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