As professionals, we all hang around on LinkedIn but have you ever wondered how you can use LinkedIn more in-depth to make the most of the platform?

This episode further explores that question with Konrad Sanders, the Founder, CEO, and Content Strategist at The Creative Copywriter. The Creative Copywriter is a fast-growing content strategy and copywriting agency that blends art with science to help brands like Adidas, Hyundai, TikTok, and Geox sell more stuff.

Konrad’s mission is to break the boundaries of corporate dullness and help companies pierce through the noise with ‘real talk’, ‘word science’ and calculated creativity.

Show Notes

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:45 – Konrad’s career journey and the founding story of The Creative Copywriter
  • 08:25 – The present and future of storytelling on LinkedIn for brands
  • 15:01 – Konrad’s ’13 Lenses Methodology’ for sharpening copywriting
  • 20:13 – The difference between company and personal LinkedIn accounts for building authority
  • 27:04 – How can storytelling on LinkedIn factor into a brand’s top-of-the-funnel content?
  • 30:45 – Top three tips for great storytelling on LinkedIn to build authority
  • 36:43 – How has storytelling benefited The Creative Copywriter as a brand on LinkedIn?
  • 39:19 – Individuals that excel in building authority on LinkedIn – Dave Harland (The Word Man)
  • 40:39 – Fun questions with Konrad


The Creative Copywriter:

Connect with Konrad on LinkedIn:

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