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Loved by 11 million users worldwide, including the United Nations, Accenture, and Disney.

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High-quality Free Brochure Templates

Piktochart’s online brochure maker combines ease of use and professionally designed brochure templates to help you make stunning brochures in minutes.

Our pre-made templates have helped millions of users grow their business and make their brands look more professional.

Edit, download, and print your custom brochures right away.

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Create in minutes with professionally designed brochure templates

Say Goodbye to Generic-Looking Visuals

From trifold brochures to Z-fold, Piktochart’s brochure maker and extensive template library are made for creative minds like you who don’t have the time to create a brochure from scratch.

Whether you’re planning to make a real estate brochure or a healthcare one, Piktochart has everything you need to make a brochure that stands out from the rest and helps you market to potential customers.

Customize it to your brand colors, add unique graphics and design elements, then highlight your messaging with beautiful typography options.

With just a few clicks, creating a professional brochure you’ll be proud of has never been easier.

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“I love having a graphic design tool as effective as Piktochart, it gives me the opportunity to build very good visual content for my organization’s online use and the best thing is that I don’t need to have extensive experience as a graphic designer. It is quite intuitive and easy to access!”

Ray G. (IT Analyst)

“I love the templates included, as well as the vast amount of images and icons available to use right out of the box. The customization is really great too. Being able to choose my company’s custom color schemes and apply them to templates makes things so easy.”

Erik K.

5 Easy Steps to Beautiful Brochures

1. Sign up for Piktochart. 

Log into Piktochart or sign up for the free plan. Choose Brochures as your format of choice. You now have access to our brochure maker in a web browser.

2. Pick the perfect template for your brochure design needs.

Experiment with various formats and layouts. Explore the free brochure templates, for marketing, healthcare, small businesses, events, travel, as well as real estate brochures.

3. Edit and customize.

Piktochart’s online brochure maker has everything you need to tweak your brochure design to perfection: thousands of illustrations, a stunning stock image library, and a wide selection of color schemes to help reflect your brand personality. You can even upload brand assets, including brand fonts and your own images. Finally, rearrange elements or delete sections you don’t need.

4. Don’t forget to save your work.

Double-check for typos. Make sure you don’t miss the most important details like your contact information and business hours.

5. You’re done!

With Piktochart, your brochure design needs are taken care of. You can either download it as a PNG or PDF file that’s ready to print. Or get a link for easy sharing via email or social media.

    Win more sales and create a custom brochure online right from your browser—no need to download bulky software.

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