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Our Open Positions

While there’s never a restriction to your potential, we’re looking for team members for the following openings.

What's the Piktochart Family Like?

We are more than just hard workers; we play together, make fools of ourselves, and we love every bit of it. Our culture embodies a series of values that promote respect and love, and if you have something fun in mind - we’re up for it!

  • Monthly Hangouts

    Laser tag, yummy-licious dinners, impromptu movie nights, badminton, yoga classes.. we redefine what’s fun every month!

  • Relocation Package

    If you're willing to relocate to the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia where our HQ resides, we subsidize costs and welcome you with warm Pikto-vibes. It's like moving into a second home. #love

  • Catered Meals

    So maybe it’s not as fancy as a buffet luncheon, but we provide both breakfast and lunch everyday in the office.

  • Company Trips

    From exotic tropical islands to cross-country and continental experiences, the Piktochart team has invaded Thailand, Korea and Australia before. Are you joining us for the next one?

  • Work-From-Home-Fridays

    Every Friday’s a time to take a break from your overly-attached Piktochart friends and spend some time working from home, where you can be with your loved ones.

  • Online Training

    If you’re passionate to excel, we want to be supportive about it! You’ll have opportunities to participate in online courses to improve your technical skills under the company’s sponsorship.

Freedom-Centered Workplaces

In May 2016, Piktochart was awarded the WorldBlu List of Freedom-Centered Workplaces. We were also voted for the Top Practice Award for Excellence in Reflection + Evaluation.

Our Hiring Culture

We emphasize having wonderful people to work and spend time together with. Our hiring culture is more than just helping us find our soulmates; it also helps you evaluate whether Piktochart is the family you’d want to be with.

You will start off with an online test that helps us gauge how well you can do what you’d want to contribute. We’ll follow you up with a technical interview, and then a cultural interview that lets you get to know our team as much as we get to know you. Last but not least, you’ll get to chat with our CEO, CTO or CPO. It’s a chat, so no pressure!

Our Culture

Get to know about our culture and hear what it's like to be working at Piktochart,
from the perspective of our Piktogeeks.

Hiring Process

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Talent Community

Don't see a job that's right for you? Join our talent community and we may consider you for an opportunity that opens on a later date.

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