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What is Piktochart?

We are a fun, curious, and diverse bunch of 44 people hailing from 15 nationalities. We share one mission — empowering people to communicate impactful stories.

Piktochart was started in 2011 when Ai Ching and Andrea founded Yet Another Studio — a graphic design agency based in Penang. Our first do-it-yourself infographic platform was born from 4 people working day and night out of a small Penang-based warehouse.

Today, Piktochart is a suite of visual and video tools, serving more than 11 million users.

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Our mission is built on 3 pillars

Build products to help professionals communicate impactful stories.

Become better versions of ourselves

Build a growing, sustainable, profitable business.

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We can’t do it alone. We need exceptional people like you. 

We try to hire few but excellent individuals who can beat their personal best without “hustling” and sacrificing work-life balance. We do not have the ambition of IPO-ing or becoming the Goliath in our space. We aim to keep sustainable growth while delivering the best-in-class visual communication experience that our users love.

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On this journey, we are all in the driver seat

At Piktochart, you become a manager of one. There’s no need to wait for orders. Go ahead and set your own goals and execute them.
You are in charge of your growth and performance. Your leader merely acts as a coach and enabler supporting you in reaching your full potential.

We believe that people perform at their best when they feel at their best

🏝️ Work from anywhere

Home office, remote workstation, or a coworking space. The choice is yours.

🗓️ Four-day workweek

Use three-day weekends to restore, learn, or enjoy time with your loved ones.

⛱ Paid time off

43 days per year of vacations, medical leave, and public holidays.

🍼 Parental leave

Use this time to bond with your newborn.

💻 Remote office setup

Get support with setting up your home workspace.

🧰 Get the hardware you need

Get a subsidy for work equipment like a monitor or a standing desk.

💆 Wellbeing budget

Expense your gym membership, healthy snacks, or monthly massage treatment.

📚 Self-development budget

Attend a conference, take a course or purchase books.

☕️ Remote stipend

Get some extra cash for a co-working space.

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