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Join us on a journey of democratizing business storytelling

We are a fun, curious, and diverse bunch made up of 44 people hailing from 15 nationalities, and spread across five time zones. We share one mission: empowering people to communicate impactful stories.

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Our mission is built on 3 pillars

Build products to help professionals communicate impactful stories.

Become better versions of ourselves

Build a growing, sustainable, profitable business.

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We can’t do it alone. We need exceptional people like you. 

We try to hire few but excellent individuals who can beat their personal best without “hustling” and sacrificing work-life balance. We do not have the ambition of IPO-ing or becoming the Goliath in our space. We aim to keep sustainable growth while delivering the best-in-class visual communication experience that our users love.

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On this journey, we are all in the driver seat

At Piktochart, you become a manager of one. There’s no need to wait for orders. Go ahead and set your own goals and execute them.
You are in charge of your growth and performance. Your leader merely acts as a coach and enabler supporting you in reaching your full potential.

We believe that people perform at their best when they feel at their best

Work from anywhere:
Home office, remote workstation or a coworking space. The choice is yours.

Four-day workweek:
You get longer weekends to spend on learning or enjoying the time with your loved ones

Paid time off:
43 days per year of vacations, medical leave and public holidays.

Parental leave:
Use this time to bond with your newborn.

Remote work stipend:
Get help with setting up your home workspace or working from a coworking space.

Get the hardware you need:
Get a subsidy for work equipment like a monitor or a standing desk.

Wellbeing budget:
Expense your gym membership, healthy snacks or a monthly massage treatment.

Self-development budget:
Attend a conference, take a course or purchase books.

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Roles we’re hiring for

We have 5 openings in total

Customer Support

Customer Support Specialist (Contract)

At Piktochart, we strive to make our users’ day. We advocate happiness and delight, and we want you to be a part of our team to help make users happy! This is not a typical Customer Support role where you’re answering tickets and phone calls only. As a SAAS product, we have conversations with our users, analyze trends, and channel the feedback to the product team so that we’re building customer-centric and forward-thinking products! If you care about helping users and making an impact in the visual communication space, read on. The team is currently of 3 persons.

Your mission
The Customer Support Specialist will be responsible for the following items.

1.Provide a positive customer experience.
You help customers ensure they have the best experience possible (teammates tend to help 60+ customers/send minimum 100+ emails per day, including live chat) and adhere to our QA standards and company policies. You provide an excellent customer experience with a high productivity level, quick first response time, and short average handle time. You onboard and partner with our customers to help ensure they are happily set up and utilizing our platform. You identify the customers’ needs, clarify information, research each issue and provide solutions and/or alternatives while providing the best value and empathy towards the user. You go the extra mile to resolve issues for the customers and delight them!

2. Close the product feedback loop.
You gather valuable customer feedback by conducting short user interviews, understanding customer pain points. You escalate feedback and findings to the Product team, along with possible suggestions for improvement, wherever possible. You perform logical troubleshooting. You document troubleshooting steps for developers to troubleshoot and confirm the resolution of reported issues.

About you
You preferably have 1-3 years of experience in Media/Tech supporting SaaS applications and experience working with Customer Support metrics. You have an outstanding command of the English Language – written and spoken. You take the initiative and ownership of seeing things through to completion. You can work autonomously and don’t need much(if any) oversight to get things done. You possess good problem-solving skills and can make good judgment calls when required. You are a quick and agile learner with an empathetic attitude. You are receptive to giving and receiving feedback to improve individual and team goals.You will be reporting to the Customer Support Lead.

This position is remote, and we prefer the candidate to be in the EST/CEST/NZ timezone.

Remote in EST/CEST/NZ timezone

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Lead Product Designer (Europe/Asia)

We’re looking for a lead product designer that loves to make complicated things simple. You’ll be building intuitive and elegant experiences for a seamless design editor. You’ll be responsible for taking features throughout the design journey: from ideas to rough sketches, to prototypes, to something engineers can implement, through different iterations. You’ll work with multiple internal teams, including product management, engineering, sales and marketing, and interface closely with customers to solicit feedback and test your designs.

We’re currently working on a new version of our platform that reinvents the way professionals tell visual stories. You’ll be leading the entire design team, helping them be the best version of themselves, improving our strategy and processes. This isn’t a managerial role, you also will be getting your hands dirty yourself. You will report directly to the CEO.

Your mission
The Lead Product Designer will be responsible for the following items.

1.Defining the product experience
From wire-framing to designing end-to-end flows and prototypes, you will be in charge of designing products that solve problems in a simple and elegant way. You love a good challenge of turning the complex into simple solutions that solve customer needs. Running regular user testing workshops and guerilla testing are also things that you believe in. 

2.Leading and providing guidance to the design team
You coach and review the design process on a regular basis. The team regularly presents at product and design reviews. You identify areas for improvement and ensure the team has the right skills and training. You inspire and elevate the team by producing work that is always raising the bar. 

3.Analytical/Decision Making
You manage a high-level product design strategy while remaining hands-on in design skills. 

>You collaborate with stakeholders (users, customers, product managers, sales, engineers) to translate business goals into unique product experiences. You work with user research (evaluative and generative) studies to recommend and implement continuous improvements to the product, reviewing the performance and finding ways to enhance it.

About you
You have 5 or more years of experience in Product/UX design in a highly technical environment and at least 2 years in a mentorship/leadership role. You possess an enjoyment of analytics and curiosity for discovering insights from data. You have strong communication skills, with the ability to explain using data and customer insights to influence design decisions. You have exceptional cross-functional collaboration skills. You must be comfortable and confident in leading discussions with domain experts at all levels. You are able to balance customer needs with business goals, market viability and technical feasibility. You have a portfolio that showcases a sophisticated aesthetic with strengths in design systems and visual storytelling.

This position is remote, and we prefer the candidate to be in Asia or Europe.

Remote in Asia/Europe

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Sales Development Representative (US)

A Sales Development Representative is responsible for identifying and creating new qualified sales opportunities for the Account Executive. This role will be primarily focused on identifying and researching the target enterprise-level accounts and performing outreach through emails, calls, and social media. Every potential customer is an opportunity for you to boost top-line revenue growth, customer acquisition levels, and profitability. The sales team is currently a team of one Senior Account Executive and you will be reporting to her.

Your mission
The SDR will be responsible for the following items.

1.Identifying and generating sales opportunities
You hunt for new target accounts and expand existing accounts to uncover new opportunities, specifically focused around mid-market and enterprise teams. You become an expert in researching potential clients, contacting them, delivering and testing different email strategies to secure meetings. You demonstrate the value of our offering through phone calls, emails, LinkedIn and other social mediums. You are driven to achieve your targets!

2.Manage and maintain a pipeline of interested prospects and engage sales executives for next steps
You manage and track data in our CRM, to stay current on leads and follow-ups. You also act as a Sales Procedures Support to help with sales-related problems, follow-ups, investigate appropriate issues and customer accounts.

3. Identify best practices to refine the company’s lead generation playbook
With the ever-changing landscape, you will be able to suggest new ways of targeting new prospects and leads as well as refining the sales processes at Piktochart. You will work together with the Marketing and Sales teams to brainstorm and think of ways to test, refine, and establish a lead generation playbook.

About you
You have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. You are experienced in identifying and generating leads for a mid-market SAAS company. You are fearless and willing to hop on the phone with new people every single day to explain our value proposition as it relates to each individual you speak with. You have an obsession with prospect happiness – set the stage for effective sales follow-up.
You have a high standard of integrity and a strong work ethic, paired with effective prioritization and organizational skills. You are eager to learn, with the ability to receive and implement feedback. Last but not least, you believe in our product; you’re excited by the complex and changing nature of the visual communications industry.

This position is remote, and we prefer the candidate to be in the US.

Remote in US

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Head of Product & Design (Europe/Asia)

The mission of the Head of Product & Design is to steer our product portfolio to success while strengthening our culture of empowering people. Being a bootstrapped company, we focus our resources to prioritize profits over ‘growth at all costs. The Head of Product has a key responsibility to achieve our three core purposes:

  • Purpose: To empower people to communicate impactful stories
  • People: Everyone who has come in contact with the organization to become better versions of themselves
  • Profit: To run a profitable company with sustainable growth

There are 2 PMs, 1 Lead Senior Product designer and 1 Data analyst who will be reporting to this candidate. You report directly to the CEO.

Your mission
The Head of Product & Design will be responsible for the following items.

1.Entrepreneurial traits with a bias for action and customer-centricity
You have “been there, done that,” leading product organizations through changing markets, failed & learned, as well as succeeded and grown. In this VUCA world, the only way we will know whether a product would be successful or not is to validate it with the market. Therefore a strong bias for action and speed are our advantages. You will need to have demonstrated the ability to learn, build, measure, and lead the product to do that repeatedly!

2.Strong ability to identify & reap trends & business opportunities in the market
You (will) have a deep understanding of our market and adjacent markets, to navigate our product around external risks towards commercial success. You analyze, identify, and articulate opportunities. You formulate a roadmap for long term commercial success of the business and product. You don’t need to be a subject matter expert of our design-led product. You are comfortable making decisions without ever having 100% perfect data, and you map out the strategy of the product according to the business goals. You have a solid ability to understand, analyze, size, and define target markets. You bring in experience working in different business and pricing models.

3.Setting business priorities for the product team
You possess an uncanny ability to articulate the ‘Why?’ and rationalize the business goals for the product teams. We try to ensure that our product teams are as autonomous as possible, which allows you to be more strategic. Like an orchestra conductor, you ensure that we have strong alignment and synergies within our product portfolio of currently two products and across our cross-functional teams.

4.(Preferable) Has a prior background in product design
The team and you will be building intuitive and elegant experiences for a seamless design editor. Together, you will be responsible for taking features throughout the design journey: from ideas to rough sketches, to prototypes, to something engineers can implement, through different iterations. You’ll be leading the entire design team, helping them be the best version of themselves, improving our strategy and processes. 

About you
You have led product teams in startups with a similar profile to us (SAAS, remote a plus) and bring an extensive share of strategic learnings & experiences. You have shown how you own & drive business outcomes. You are an exceptional team player, which allows you to connect the dots between teams & stakeholders to achieve business objectives together.

This position is remote, and we prefer the candidate to be in Asia or Europe.

Remote in Asia/Europe

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Marketing Intern (Europe/Asia)

We’re looking for a motivated intern to help us make sure people see our content and visuals. We do this by optimizing our template gallery and existing blog posts for SEO.
If you want to get experience growing the traffic to a website, this position is for you.

Your mission
The Marketing Intern will be responsible for the following items:

You have the opportunity to learn basic SEO strategies (on-page optimization, keyword research,…). You work on optimizing meta titles & descriptions for templates. You identify and fix broken links and images. You write compelling descriptions for templates. You upload and edit templates to the template gallery. 

About you
You have an outstanding command of the English Language – written and spoken. You have a strong interest in online marketing. You are detail-oriented with critical thinking skills. If you have prior experience with WordPress and basic HTML is a plus. You will be reporting to our SEO specialist. This position is expected to be for a minimum of 3 to 6 months.

This position is remote, and we prefer the candidate to be in Asia or Europe.

Remote in Asia/Europe

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