The future of how we communicate and connect with other human beings relies on the brightest minds and the biggest hearts. Join Piktochart and be part of the team that’s making communication a little more human, one visual at a time.


A bold goal needs exceptional people

We’re a fun, curious, and diverse bunch made up of 60 people hailing from 
12 nationalities and spread across five time zones. Yet, we all have one thing in common: the desire to empower everyone to tell great visual stories that matter. 
But making something that’s easy yet powerful – like, say, an easy-to-use design 
tool that empowers everyone to compete in a world of Netflix and Playstations 
and million-dollar marketing budgets – is hard. But it’s also incredibly rewarding. 
And purposeful. And we daresay fun.

Freedom just feels good

Since day one we’ve set out to build a business where people are at the core of everything we do; where people are empowered to make a difference and to change things. And as much as we love change, this won’t. Ever.

Our hiring process

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Roles we’re hiring for

We have 3 openings in total


Lead Product Designer (Europe/Asia)

At Piktochart, we want to help people communicate impactful stories. We do this by building a tool that combines the power of design and storytelling. Building great interfaces play a crucial role in empowering our users to create the communication materials they would not have otherwise been able to. We need to make it easy to get started, yet powerful enough to make everything that’s needed to land our users’ message.

We’re looking for a lead product designer that loves to make complicated things simple. You’ll be building intuitive and elegant experiences for a seamless design editor. You’ll be responsible for taking features throughout the design journey: from ideas to rough sketches, to prototypes, to something engineers can implement, through different iterations. You’ll work with multiple internal teams, including product management, engineering, sales and marketing, and interface closely with customers to solicit feedback and test your designs.

We’re currently working on a totally new version of our platform that tries to reinvent the way professionals tell their stories. You’ll be leading the entire design team, helping them be the best version of themselves, improving our strategy and processes. This isn’t a strictly managerial role, you also will be getting your hands dirty yourself.

If this challenge excites you, please reach out to us. We’re excited to meet you.

Your mission:

  • Manage high-level product design strategy while remaining hands-on in design skills
  • Oversee a team and gather and synthesize feedback from multiple constituents (users, customers, product managers, sales, engineers) to design new features and interfaces for products.
  • Oversee the team members’ development including performance assessment, coaching and feedback; and training.
  • Use customer feedback and research findings to recommend and implement updates to the product.
  • Constantly re-evaluate and iterate on product interfaces based on feedback and measured performance bottlenecks.

You offer:

  • 5+ years of experience in Product/UX design in a highly technical environment and at least 2 years in a management/leadership role
  • Must possess an enjoyment of analytics and curiosity for discovering insights from data
  • Strong communication skills, with the ability to explain using data and customer insights to influence design decisions
  • Exceptional cross-functional collaboration skills. You must be comfortable and confident in leading discussions with domain experts at all levels.
  • Able to balance customer needs with business goals, market viability and technical feasibility.
  • A portfolio that showcases a sophisticated aesthetic with strengths in design systems, and visual storytelling.
  • Experience managing, and a passion for developing people and building and leading strong teams.

Remote in Asia/Europe

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Senior Engineering Manager

We now have the opening of a Senior Engineering Manager, reporting directly to the CTO, with 10 direct reports (split across 4 scrum teams). Front end is our largest developer team in the company, as the company is a front-end facing application.
Besides having prior technical expertise and knowledge in the Frontend domain, you are someone who has experience leading and developing a team, as well as ensuring their execution and quality towards achieving the goals collectively.

About you
You have led engineering teams for startups that have a similar profile to us (SAAS/bootstrapped/all-remote). You have shown how you support business outcomes by ensuring that the right technical people and processes are in place. 70% of the engineering teams are based in GMT+8 timezone.

Build a culture of excellence
You inspire, mentor and foster a culture of growth as we continue to drive a high level of performance across our Front end engineering culture. You are passionate about reviewing talent, technical team’s design, employee engagement, performance criteria because you know it’s important to be intentional on their growth. Apart from being a thoughtful leader, you would also demonstrate a self-motivated aptitude for learning and growth.
You help the team as they are driving code quality improvement and robustness, institute best practices and proper coding standards across the team through processes like code review, pair programming, solve technical debts and improve the observability of the system (monitoring, alerting, dashboards). You also build a good communication culture by ensuring that proper documentation of the frontend codebase to ease onboarding and knowledge transfer between developers. You understand the importance of effective communication.

People mentor and coach
You love mentoring and growing the team members to be both technically strong and culturally aligned. You have probably made a choice at some point in your career to transition to a management role, we’d love to hear all about it. You’re comfortable conducting bi-weekly 1:1s and are comfortable giving constructive feedback to ensure mastery, purpose and autonomy. You’re also able to help your team set goals and foster continuous development of skills.
Your role includes recruiting talent who is excited and motivated about our mission and share HOPEEFUL values. You are able to help the team to understand the business impact and value of their work.

Cross-function collaboration
You model cross-function collaboration well, and work well with UX, Product, Marketing/Sales, Customer support teams to shape an agile software development environment. You’re experienced in collaborating with other tech leads on improving the process and implementing best practices (CI/CD, testing, code reviews, retrospectives).
You have been in an engineering management position in the past, and are excited to put the company in a position that will succeed. You are people-oriented and results-driven. This is a fully remote role and you will have to be located in Asia/Europe.

Remote in Asia/Europe

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Human Resource

People Ops Manager

This is a unique role for a person who loves working with people, planning for their growth, coaching, and cares about making a difference in an all-remote, 4 day work week company. The motto would be growing people = growing the company.

As a People Ops manager, the following is a sample of your day-to-day responsibilities:

  • Is involved in bringing OKRs to the organization every year to support personal growth and career development
  • Forecasting headcount and expenses;
  • Make healthy decisions of all sizes for the sake of both the employees’ and business’ growth/well-being e.g. abolishing our performance review program in favor of a continuous performance management program;
  • Coach the managers to excel at having personnel development conversations as well as supporting radical candor in our feedback culture
  • Work with our engagement surveys to enhance a learning organization
  • Become one of the many guardians of the HOPEFUL culture – but also responsible to define and drive values that rewards, promotes and encourages high performance e.g. where are the most meaningful points to reinforce HOPEFUL behavior;
  • Review current practices and ensure structured knowledge management and documentation regarding performance criteria and measurement, succession planning, and talent reviews;
  • Agile HR management
  • Participate as a cultural interviewer, determine salary/compensation/benefits package for individual hires in different locations and ensure a great candidate experience.
  • Ensure documentation and enhance automated approaches to be managed with your remote operations team 

About you
You have done this before for startups that have a similar profile to us (bootstrapped/ all-remote). You really enjoy working with people, diagnosing problems without blame and you are “entrepreneurial” in the way you look to solve problems. You are trustworthy and approachable with the maturity to handle confidential information and interact with employees at all levels of the organization.
You are a results-driven coach and very mindful about the people’s contribution to the business while supporting the managers in their role. You’ll report directly to the CEO and will be 1 of the 2 members in our HR team, be a part of the leadership team that consists of C-Level and managers/heads in other teams. That also means that you’ll be comfortable with a role that is versatile, spans across levels and is culturally diverse. This is a fully remote role and you will have to be located in Asia or Europe. If European, you should be an early bird due to the timezones

Remote in Asia / Europe

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