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Craft stunning, professional reports online effortlessly, even without any design experience. Our free report maker empowers you to create various reports – from monthly progress updates and HR dashboards to comprehensive sales and marketing analyses.

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Piktochart is used by 11 million business professionals worldwide

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Professional Report Templates, Easy to Customize

Create compelling reports in just a few clicks using Piktochart’s diverse range of free, professional templates. Whether it’s monthly summaries, marketing analytics, or HR dashboards, Piktochart’s report maker has you covered.

Experience the ease of report design with our user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, an extensive library of stock photos, and various design elements. Download your reports in formats like PDF, PNG, or PowerPoint or share it online.

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Revolutionize Your Reporting

Transform intricate data into captivating reports effortlessly with our report maker. Seamlessly integrate Excel files or Google spreadsheets into Piktochart’s report maker. This integration not only simplifies the creation of dynamic graphs but also ensures they refresh automatically with data updates.

Sign up at no cost and embark on creating your online report today. Our platform is designed to cater to both beginners and professionals.

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Chloropleth features in a free online report maker

Effortlessly Compare Geographical and Demographic Data

No advanced data visualization skills? No problem!

Whether you’re analyzing market trends, demographic shifts, or employee distributions, our tool simplifies the visualization of complex data across various geographies and populations. Unleash the power of effective data comparison with Piktochart’s user-friendly interface.

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Create branded reports

Customize Your Report to Your Brand in Seconds

Simply drag and drop your logo or website screenshot, and our tool auto-magically extracts your brand colors.

Want to incorporate your company’s fonts into your digital reports? Absolutely possible.

With easy access to your custom color palette and uploaded fonts in the editor, crafting brand-aligned reports is effortless.

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People use Piktochart’s report maker to:



  • Visualize marketing campaign results, customer demographics, and market trends, facilitating data-driven decision-making.
  • Engaging, easy-to-understand reports for clients, showcasing campaign performance, ROI, and key marketing metrics.
  • Identify emerging trends and forecasting future market movements.
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HR and Learning and Development Reports

  • Highlight progress, identify areas for improvement, and facilitate effective performance reviews.
  • Visually represent the impact and effectiveness of training programs.
  • Compile and interpret data on workforce diversity, employee satisfaction, and organizational culture.
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NGOs and Government Organizations

  • Illustrate impact on communities by showcasing progress on projects, beneficiary stories, and fund utilization, essential for donor reports and stakeholder updates.
  • Reports on donation usage, program effectiveness, and organizational financial health.
  • Analyze program data, helping to assess effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and inform future project planning and resource allocation.
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  • Transform complex datasets into clear, comprehensible visuals, aiding in the presentation of research findings.
  • Easy sharing and editing of reports, essential for multi-author studies and publications.
  • Prepare reports for academic journals or conferences, aligning with publication standards.

How to Create Reports in 3 Steps

1. Select a report template

Choose from pre-made report templates designed by professionals and change the design elements to create a stunning report. Creating reports have never been easier with no design experience required.

2. Customize to create beautiful reports

Upload your own images or drag and drop from the free stock photos available within the Piktochart online report maker. Create a report in minutes.

3. Download or share it online

Share your report online via a direct link, upload it to your website, publish it on social media, or download it as PDF or PNG and print it.

Edit Free Report Templates and Customize

recruitment dashboard, add charts to your reports Recruitment Dashboard | Report Template
social media monthly dashboard Social Media Monthly Dashboard
monthly marketing report, free report template Monthly Marketing Report
client research report, report template, business report Client Research Report | Report Template
team progress graphic, free report template Team Progress | Report Template
corporate annual report that can be edited with Piktochart's free report maker Corporate Annual Report | Report Template

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The best way to make a report creative is by paying attention to design and content. You can use a free online report maker like Piktochart or Canva, with features that allow you to customize professional templates without design skills. Add pie charts, graphs, diagrams, or maps and input your data. You can use your brand colors, logo, and fonts.

Yes, you can create reports easily with Piktochart. The drag-and-drop editor within the report maker is so simple that you can immediately use it without training. Edit one of the report templates designed by experts and customize it with your fonts and brand colors. Upload your own photos or choose from our free library of royalty-free images. Add charts or maps and quickly get to a professionally-looking report. When it’s ready, you can download it as PDF, PNG, or PowerPoint.

The report maker you choose depends on your level of expertise and requirements. Excel is very complex and offers a multitude of features. Google Sheets is also a great choice for collaboration and easy accessibility as it is cloud-based. Piktochart is a free report maker focused on design that makes creating reports easy. Users can customize templates to their brand and download their reports when they’re ready.

Yes, there are many free tools for creating reports. Google Sheets and Piktochart are two examples. They are both cloud-based, with easy online access through a free account. Google Sheets has many reporting features and easy collaboration. Piktochart brings together functionality and design, with pre-made templates and design elements, to create beautiful reports. Collaboration is also included, but the team size depends on the account type.