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Introducing the revolutionary AI Flyer Generator – the fastest and easiest way to create eye-catching flyers for your business or event. No design expertise needed.

The new way of creating flyers

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Craft in seconds

Create a flyer in 10 seconds

With Piktochart AI, it’s easy to create professional-quality flyers in a fraction of the time. Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated design software and endless hours spent tweaking layouts.

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Resonate with your audience

Any subject, one stunning flyer

Whether you’re showcasing a business, promoting an event, or raising awareness, Piktochart AI offers professional flyer designs for every occasion. Stand out from the crowd with the perfect flyer design.

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Brand-aligned flyers

Consistent flyer design with your branding

Easily customize your flyers to match your brand identity and vision. Just choose from Piktochart AI’s free library of graphic elements, design components, and color scheme to create your own custom flyers.

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  • Quickly design visually appealing flyers for various marketing campaigns, product launches, and promotional events.
  • Ensure brand consistency across all marketing collateral by using custom templates that align with your brand identity.
  • Create high-quality flyers for both digital and print media.
SMEs and enterprises persona

HR & Internal Communications

  • Craft flyers for internal events, team-building activities, and company announcements.
  • Design eye-catching recruitment flyers to attract top talent and communicate company culture effectively.
  • Distribute important policy updates, health advisories, and informational content.
NGOs and government persona

NGOs and Government Organizations

  • Create compelling flyers for fundraising events, volunteer drives, and awareness campaigns to engage the community.
  • Promote non-profit events, workshops, and seminars effectively to reach potential donors and volunteers.
  • Share success stories, project impacts, and testimonials.
business owner


  • Design informative flyers for health awareness campaigns, medical seminars, and wellness programs.
  • Highlight the services, specialties, and facilities of healthcare centers, clinics, and hospitals.
  • Distribute vital health information, vaccination drives, and public health advisories.

Flyers created using Piktochart’s AI-powered flyer generator

How to Create a Flyer Using AI

1. Describe your flyer

Explain the intent of your flyer in a few words (within 120 characters). Your prompt can be as simple as promoting an event, advertising a product, or spreading awareness for a cause.

2. Choose a flyer template

Browse through our library of professionally designed flyer templates, then select your preferred design.

3. Make it yours in Piktochart Editor

Choose from our vast library of high-quality stock photos, icons, and illustrations, or upload your own images to personalize your flyer. Customize the text, fonts, colors, and images to match your brand identity and message. Either way, you can tweak the design as you see fit. 

4. Download and distribute

When you’re satisfied with your flyer, it’s time to share it with the world! Download your design in JPG, PNG, or PDF format for printing, or share it directly to social media platforms to reach your audience online.

AI-Powered Visualization for Any Topic

What kinds of flyers can be generated using this AI tool?

Event flyers

With Piktochart AI, it’s easy to create flyers to promote a charity event, a celebration, an art exhibit, or upcoming events. Ensure your event is remembered and shared.

Business announcement flyers

Adaptable designs that are on-brand, every time. At the click of a button, you can drive growth with high-quality business flyers to promote your products and services.

Community action flyers

Drive action with inspiring visuals. Piktochart AI transforms dense details into clear and engaging visuals for public demonstrations, rallies, vacations, academic assistance, and societal health causes.

Ready to use AI to start designing beautiful flyers?

Join more than 11 million people who already design information with Piktochart’s free flyer maker.


Yes, definitely! Once you have selected the template, you will enter our editor. From there, you can add images and charts from our huge library of visual assets, or upload your own.

All users can create up to 4 flyers daily, no matter which plan you’re on. If you sign up for a free Piktochart account, you get 10 additional AI generations every month. Pro users get 100 AI generations and Business users get 300 AI generations every month. To get access to more powerful features and unlimited editing, consider paying for one of the advanced plans.

We recommend you be as descriptive as possible about the topic that you are trying to cover. You may need to try different prompts for better results.

You do not need to sign up for Piktochart until you want to edit, customize, or download the visual.