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Piktochart simplifies turning complex medical data into clear infographics and reports. Perfect for presenting research or patient stats, it offers customizable templates and easy-to-use tools, making healthcare communication more effective and accessible.

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Professionally designed healthcare related templates

medical workshop invitation template Medical workshop invitation
Mental health awareness flyer Mental health awareness flyer
Hospital poster Hospital poster
modern medical letterhead Modern medical letterhead
medical invoice Medical invoice
Diabetes brochure Diabetes brochure
insurance claim process Insurance claim process
Healthcare white paper Healthcare white paper
cancer medical infographic Medical infographic about cancer
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say Piktochart helps communicate complex healthcare information more effectively


say Piktochart helps improve the healthcare provider and general public relationship


say Piktochart’s visuals help improve general understanding of healthcare topics

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Medical graphics

Create health posters, medical infographics, hospital reports, and more

With a range of customizable templates, healthcare workers can quickly create professional-looking materials tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s patient education, research presentations, or public health updates, Piktochart provides a versatile platform to address various communication demands in healthcare.

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Flexibility in creating healthcare graphics

Enhanced patient engagement and education

By using visually appealing and accessible infographics, healthcare providers can improve patient understanding of medical conditions, treatments, and health guidelines. This enhanced engagement is crucial for effective patient education, leading to better health outcomes and informed decision-making.

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Information design for Healthcare

Create medical reports and visualize data

Link up an Excel or Google Sheets file to easily create graphs for medical data that automatically update when your data does. Combine various charts into one page to create a professionally-looking health report.

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Inform the public on health and hygiene with social media clips

Turn long videos into small clips resized for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Or use the screen/webcam recording feature within Piktochart. Add automatic subtitles in 60 different languages and customize the videos to your brand to create informative content on healthcare topics.

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