In this special episode, we’ll be speaking with Nick, founder and CEO of Rangle. More than a CEO, Nick is also known as the Chief Storytelling Officer of Rangle. Rangle is a scaled experience engineering consultancy built from the ground up on digital-first talent, team, technology, and agile practices.

We’ll be hearing from Nick on what it means to be the chief storytelling officer of Rangle. We’ll uncover how storytelling forms the basis of Rangle as a consultancy – from promoting their culture internally to their approach in working with clients externally.

Show Notes

  • 00:00 – Intro 
  • 01:35 – Nick’s career journey and how he founded Rangle  
  • 03:58 – How storytelling forms the basis of Rangle 
  • 09:12 – The concept and role of a chief storytelling officer 
  • 13:04 – Why is storytelling important for brands in the present and future?  
  • 16:15 – How do stories promote Rangle’s culture internally? 
  • 24:22 – Rangle’s approach in storytelling when working with clients 
  • 29:52 – 3 tips for doing storytelling successfully  
  • 33:30 – Brands who are nailing storytelling – Uniqlo, Nike, Tesla 
  • 37:58 – Fun questions with Nick


Connect with Nick on LinkedIn:

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