12 Great Infographics for Education Plus Templates

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If you’re planning to use infographics for education, you’re on the right track. 

As a visual learning format, infographics are particularly helpful if you need to convey complex or large amounts of information in the classroom. 

With 65% of the general population being visual learners, you can’t go wrong with eye-catching educational infographics to get students’ attention, convey information, and improve learning retention. 

Infographics and other forms of visual content formats are also helpful in overcoming the following challenges in today’s modern classrooms such as:

  • Information overload
  • Student disengagement
  • Use of mobile devices 

Keep reading for great examples of infographics for education. The best part is you can also use these examples as infographic templates for students to edit and download.

We’ll also take a quick look at the science of infographics in education and its impact on learning, whether online or inside the classroom.

12 education infographic examples and templates to download

In the infographic collection below, you’ll find a little bit of something for everyone.

We’ve got infographics for eLearning, classroom posters, curriculum design infographics, education software lists, school presentations, and more. Plus, you can easily download and customize these templates with Piktochart for Education.

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Course plan and schedule infographic

Organize your school schedules and stay on top of things in class with this printable course plan and schedule template.

course plan and schedule infographic template

Class schedule template

Make your personalized classroom schedule with the fully customizable class schedule template below. Whether you’re scheduling a week or the entire month, add new sections or delete parts you don’t need.

Class schedule template

Curriculum design tips for teachers infographic

After sharing this infographic with other teachers and professors, you can also bookmark this education infographic template for other purposes – from simplifying complex concepts to using it as a template for your next infographic homework.

curriculum design tips for teachers infographic

Software for education and learning infographic

Need a quick reference on apps and websites to use for classroom learning? This infographic lists down everything you need to make learning fun, engaging, and most of all, effective.

software for education infographic template

How to choose your next research paper topic idea infographic

Picking the right research topic can be overwhelming for beginners. Use the infographic below to help students plan for their research topic. Don’t forget to add your own bits of advice by editing the template.

how to choose your next research paper topic idea infographic template

Classroom rules poster infographic

Remind students about your classroom rules with this editable and printable poster. You can also share a link to this infographic in your online class.

classroom rules poster infographic template

Virtual class rules infographic

Virtual classrooms are still classrooms, so having a structure remains essential. You could create a poster to remind your class of the rules. Use the infographic template below to make your online class fun while making sure that students have a “tangible” idea that they still need to follow the rules despite learning from home.

virtual class rules infographic template

Meet the teacher and student templates

Make classroom introductions into an infographic activity with the following infographic templates.

Bonus tip: Ask students to use their favorite colors as their infographic’s color scheme.

meet the teacher infographic template
classroom introduction template
All about me infographic template

Comparison infographic for education template

Whether you want to compare the nutritional value of apples and oranges or discuss the pros and cons of artificial intelligence, the comparison infographic template below is a perfect choice. Add icons, edit the texts, and your comparison/contrasting lesson is ready.

See more comparison infographic templates by Piktochart.

Educational quotes for students infographic

Inspire young learners with a list of quotes from the greats and highlight them in an infographic, like in the template below.

educational quotes for students infographic template

This education infographic example is made by Piktochart users and teachers Lisa Nielsen and Eileen Lennon.

Now, you’re probably wondering: how effective are infographics as a tool for learning?

Keep reading for the latest research findings below.

Are infographics effective for education? Here’s what the research says

  •  A 2019 study published in the Academy of Educational Leadership Journal revealed that students prefer infographics as a learning tool in online classes. 95% of the students in the study also stated that infographics helped them learn and retain content. 

  •  A meta-analysis of 12 studies on using infographics for academic achievement revealed that infographics in education positively affect academic achievement

  • Another study involving high school students in Saudi Arabia concluded that infographics could help students develop their analytical thinking skills.

    Research on infographics as a learning tool in higher education supports the same conclusion. According to the study, incorporating infographic assignments in instructional design lessons helped increase learning interest among students. 

  • Finally, another study also showed that using infographics to teach undergraduate students to visualize and communicate public health data resulted in a positive learning experience for the majority of the students.

    The table below shows overall student sentiment in the study towards their infographic assignments.

If you’re pressed for time and resources to make infographics for the classroom, pick a template from Piktochart’s template gallery. Aside from the easy customization options, you can also print and download these templates to your preferred format. 

Creating educational infographics can be tedious at first, but with a little bit of research and Piktochart’s handy templates, you’re going to do a great job!

Editor’s note: This blog post was originally published on September 19, 2016 and updated on May 24, 2022 for relevance, new templates, and comprehensiveness.

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