42 Engaging Infographic Examples for Inspiration Plus Templates

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Well-designed infographics and visuals go a long way in helping you meet your communication goals. They can connect with your audience faster than plain text alone.

Creating an infographic requires precision and creativity. If your creative well is running dry, this collection of infographic examples can give you the inspiration you need to design stunning infographics of your own.

We’ll go over different types of infographics and the best examples associated with them. You’ll also find infographic templates for each type of infographic we highlight below.

Let’s begin.

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Comparison infographic examples 

Use the comparison format in infographics if you want to show similarities or differences between two ideas, places, or objects. It’s also an effective way to highlight advantages and disadvantages.

1. Google vs. Facebook internships

This infographic compares Google internships with Facebook internships, along with the benefits that come with each option.

2. Federer vs. Nadal

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are arguably the best tennis players in history. The audience goes crazy when they compete against each other. This is what this infographic capitalizes on. 

3. Traditional vs. programmatic media buying

This infographic lays out the strengths and weaknesses of both traditional and programmatic media buying on the basis of reporting, pricing, efficiency, and optimization.

4. Pros and cons of working from home

The rise in remote workers has sparked a popular debate on the benefits and disadvantages of working from home, as shown in the infographic (which also doubles as a template) below. 

an example of a comparison infographic showing its pros and cons

Comparison infographic design tips

When designing a comparison infographic:

  • Divide the infographic into two parts (or as a table) and place the lists side by side. 
  • Use bold headers and icons to visualize points.
  • Pick a background photo that goes with the theme of comparison.

Informational infographics

Informational infographics, a close cousin of infographic posters, are the best infographic format if you want to present a highly technical subject to an audience who is unfamiliar with it. Let’s take a look at some examples below.

5. Frida Kahlo vida e obra

Frida Kahlo was an iconic artist with a lasting legacy filled with bold creations and political activism, as captured by this infographic. 

6. How carbon pricing works

One of the best ways to counter climate change is to put a price on carbon pollution and understand how carbon markets are connected to climate change.

7. Best holiday destinations (Bangkok)

Many people love traveling in the holiday season, and you wouldn’t want to pick a lousy location to make the most of your time. This collection of informational travel infographics, like the Bangkok version below, will come in handy.

8. Online shopping trends

Staying updated on the latest consumer trends can be difficult if you run an eCommerce website.

As this online shopping infographic template by Piktochart illustrates, you need to keep up with the trends and the evolving customer preferences if you want to improve your sales numbers.

informational infographic about online shopping trends

Informational infographic design tips

When designing an informational infographic:

  • Be comprehensive. Data density is an important factor in successful informational infographics.
  • Don’t make the information look cluttered. Organize it in a logical and cohesive way. 
  • Focus on providing valuable information, not promoting your business or product. 

Infographic resume examples

An infographic resume combines graphics and text to highlight the information in your CV. One significant advantage of infographic resumes over plain CVs is that they make you stand out immediately. 

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9. Hi, I Am Hye In resume

If you want to land your dream job, it’s important for your resume to stand out, grab attention, and tell a story. This infographic showcases a candidate’s skills and experience in an engaging yet professional way.

10. Chris Harrison resume

Chris Harrison’s resume is a perfect example of using the timeline format and graphic representation of skills to further enhance your profile and create a good impression.

11. Creative infographic resume template

An effective resume conveys your skills in a way that grabs the attention of prospective employers. This infographic template by Piktochart is a perfect example. Bonus points because it’s short yet concise.

an example of a creative infographic resume

12. ATS-friendly infographic resume

Recruiters sometimes use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) software to screen resumes for relevance to the job you’re applying for. For this reason, you need an ATS-friendly infographic resume to help you get past this screening tool. The ATS-friendly resume template below is a good example.

example of an ATS friendly infographic resume

Infographic resume design tips

When designing a resume infographic:

  • A classic resume has contact details, summary, work experience, education, and other information — in that order. Make it unique but don’t mess with the typical structure that recruiters expect. 
  • Keep it relevant to the role you’re applying for. 
  • Keep it simple. Ensure it’s easy to read and doesn’t distract from the main areas.

Process infographic examples

Process infographic formats are useful if you want to visualize a procedure, break down a complex process, or share a summary of steps. Let’s take a look at some examples below.

13. The shoe creation process

Have you ever questioned how shoes are made? Shoe creation is a time-consuming and intricate process, and this infographic creatively describes that process.

14. Mobile app development creation process

Many people are well-versed with how to operate and install a mobile app, but not how to develop one. This infographic shows a summary of the stages involved.

15. Employee onboarding process infographic

By laying down your organization’s onboarding process in a visual manner, you can reduce the anxiety and confusion among new employees, while building your employer brand.

an example of an infographic showing the employee onboarding process

Process infographic design tips 

When designing a process infographic:

  • Be clear where the process starts.
  • Use arrows and numbered steps to indicate the direction of the process.
  • If your process doesn’t have a starting point, use a circle with no breaks.

List infographic examples 

Infographics in list formats are perfect if you want to present tips, share a topic’s major points, or summarize a presentation. 

16. Tips for first time home buyers

There is so much to do when buying a house, from searching for listings to site vists. This infographic lays out a to-do list for first-time buyers to make the process easier for them.

17. Miami bucket list

Miami is a city with countless things to do and see for tourists. The city has everything for everyone, whether you are a food lover, beach fan, art connoisseur, or wildlife enthusiast, as shown by this infographic. 

18. 10 great places to find blog topic ideas

Who doesn’t want great content ideas that resonate with their audience? This infographic depicts great places to find blog topic ideas.

19. Starting your own podcast checklist 

If you’ve got a great idea for a podcast but no time, tech know-how, or idea of what to do first, this infographic checklist covers you. 

example of an infographic with a list format

List infographic design tips

When designing a list infographic:

  • Keep your color scheme in alignment with your brand identity.
  • Use big and easy-to-read fonts.
  • Choose formats that are skimmable. 

Timeline infographic examples 

Infographics in timeline formats help show how a story, idea, or anything came to be – from civilizations to Fortune 500 companies. 

20. Meditation through the ages

Most people know the benefits of meditation, but not its broad scope and rich history. That’s what this infographic illustrates. 

21. How Pokemon Go started

Pokemon Go has grown as one of the gaming sensations of recent years. It was not just sheer luck, as conveyed by this timeline infographic about the game.

22. A Starck Life 

This infographic describes how Philippe Starck, a French architect, product, and interior designer, became world-famous. 

23. Clinical trial phases, purposes, and timelines

This infographic dives deep into the process followed for clinical trials, which are essential to enhance health and medical treatment. 

an example of a timeline infographic about clinical trials

Timeline infographic design tips

When designing a timeline infographic:

  • Create an outline for your timeline in advance to guide you through the process.
  • Keep each descriptions brief if you’re using timelines to summarize events.
  • Make sure to add dates, images, and text to understand the order of events.

Business infographic examples

Infographics can do many things for your business – from promoting your product or service to communicating your internal processes to everyone in your organization.

24. What is a responsive website?

With the increasing use of cell phones and tablets, it is now crucial for company websites to be mobile-friendly. But what does that mean? This business infographic has the answer.

25. Wifi & Lifi: A comparison study

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) technology needs no introduction. But there are also other ways to provide data wirelessly like LiFi (Light Fidelity). We get an insightful comparison in the infographic below.

26. How to easily create a killer pitch

An elevator pitch is important for you to stand out because investors get a lot of new pitches. Learn how in this business infographic example.

27. SWOT analysis infographic

This infographic template is perfect for SWOT analysis activities in your business.

a business infographic about SWOT analysis

Business infographic design tips

When designing a business infographic:

  • Include a citation section to show the sources from which you pulled the data.
  • Include your brand name, logo, and website name in the footer.
  • Don’t overwhelm your audience. Focus only on one key message. 

Environment infographic examples

Whether you’re an advocate for the planet’s endangered animals or want to spread the word about soil erosion, environmental infographics can help you get the attention of your audience and motivate them to take action.

28. 9 tips for living with less plastic

There are a lot of people who aspire to help protect the environment but are not aware of what to do — a problem solved by this infographic.

29. Elephants in Africa may vanish in the coming 10 years

This infographic shows how African elephants that reside in forests and savannas are facing the accelerating danger of extinction.

30. The world is getting hotter

As carbon pollution has grown and covered the Earth in a blanket of heat-trapping gases, the Earth has been progressively warming. This infographic serves as a warning call. 

31. Recycling infographic template

Is recycling really helpful in protecting the environment for future generations? This environmental infographic template has the answers.

an environmental infographic template showing recycling facts

Environmental infographic design tips 

When designing an environmental infographic:

  • Have a call to action to motivate readers to take the next step in saving the planet.
  • Cite information with reliable data or statistics.

Data visualization infographic examples

Effective use of data visualization is one of the defining characteristics of a well-designed infographic. Use charts, pictograms, and maps to communicate complex data and information.

32. Bycatch

Bycatch refers to marine animals caught unintentionally when fishing. And it’s dangerous for marine life, as depicted by this infographic.

33. Kobe Bryant 

This infographic lays down the achievement of a well-known basketball player, the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant. 

34. Recruiting and workplace trends report

This data visualization infographic highlights workplace trends and HR’s role in creating the teams of the future. You can also repurpose this template if you need to present figures and statistics.

example of an infographic with pie charts, graphs, pictograms

Data visualization infographic design tips

When designing a data visualization infographic:

  • Pay attention to the purpose, the target audience, and their data needs.
  • Review the data and pre-determine the best visualization.
  • Make sure the data is accurate and up-to-date. Cite sources if you can. 

Health infographic examples

Infographics are an indispensable communication tool in healthcare — from patient education to sharing new information with health and wellness professionals. Keep scrolling for health infographic examples.

35. Visiting family in a long-term care facility during COVID-19

Visiting family is vital for the mental health and quality of life of long-term residents. But in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, family members should be aware of new adjustments, as outline in the infographic below by the World Health Organization.

36. Easy ways to practice self-care

Self-care is not just about personal grooming, manicures, and massages. As this health infographic example conveys, it is an integral part of our being that allows us to be our happiest and most grounded selves.

37. Healthy ingredient swaps for clean eating

This health infographic template by Piktochart allows you to share healthy ingredient swaps, whether you’re running a wellness clinic or a nutritionist consultant for celebrities. See more health infographic templates.

an infographic about healthy ingredient swaps

Health infographic design tips

When designing a health infographic:

  • Make sure the information is from credible and up-to-date sources.
  • Have enough white space and alignment to give visual breaks to the eyes.
  • Follow a friendly, caring, and conversational tone.

Survey results infographic examples

Survey infographics are an excellent way to share and summarize survey findings. With this type of infographic, your audience will be able to understand your survey findings right away.

38. The State of Creative Operations in 2021

This infographic by MarketingProfs shows the survey results of creative professionals comparing their workloads before and after the pandemic.

39. Peace of mind? Back it up!

The hazards of being hijacked or unknowingly downloading a virus to your computer or server are well known. This infographic speaks to the importance of backing up.

40. Employee satisfaction survey result

Employee engagement survey is one of the ways to determine employee satisfaction. Once the survey is completed, turn it into an infographic with this template to communicate the results in a visually appealing manner.

survey finding infographic example - employee satisfaction survey findings

Survey infographic design tips

When designing a survey infographic:

  • Use pie charts for visualization if your questions offer just two options (such as yes and no).
  • If you are comparing the responses of multiple groups, select bar charts for visualization.
  • Use a stacked bar chart when visualizing survey data based on rating scale questions.

Interactive infographic examples

Think of interactive infographics as an infographic with animated or moving features. Here are some examples.

41. Your life on earth

This interactive infographic shows BBC Earth’s interesting perspective, tailored for you. You can see life’s journey, number of heartbeats, and distance covered across the space.

42. The New New York skyline

The infographic lays down New York City’s unique skyline and shows not only the stunning aesthetics but also interesting details about the buildings. 

Interactive infographic design tips 

When designing an interactive infographic:

  • Identify the best interactive elements for the data you want to convey.
  • If you want people to be able to test their understanding of the information, use a quiz. 
  • If your data is based on geographic landmarks, consider using a map.  

Getting started with your infographic

Now that you have ample inspiration to fuel your creativity, you’re in a perfect position to design your unique infographics.

Of course, the infographics you create should be unique and different from those we covered above, but you can follow our insightful takeaways to ensure that your infographics are engaging.

In addition, you can make the design process even easier by using an intuitive and fast infographic maker like Piktochart, as outlined in the video tutorial below.

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