17 Creative and Editable Lesson Plan Templates

Lesson plans don’t have to involve too much time and energy on your end if you use lesson plan templates.

But where to find these templates?

Whether you prefer the look of a simple weekly lesson plan or you’re looking for a more visual way to present your entire semester’s course plan and schedule, you’ve come to the right place.

Choose from these editable, print-friendly lesson plan templates by Piktochart

Would you like to be more creative with your lesson plans this coming school year?

Perhaps you’re thinking of having a default lesson plan template that you can quickly edit and customize based on your classroom needs and preferences.

With the right templates and some creativity, you can make your class more fun and engaging through visual communication activities without feeling overwhelmed at the same time.

Keep scrolling for hot-off-the-press lesson plan templates inspired by real teachers and educators like you.

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What is a basic lesson plan format?

A basic lesson plan includes three key elements: 

  • opening (introducing the objective or theme)
  • activities (presenting a timeline-based schedule of activities and associated materials)
  • conclusion (a call to action or any reminders can be added here).

What makes a great lesson plan?

  • Lesson objectives. Although this may not be explicitly mentioned, it is important to know what learning objective this lesson is meant to achieve.
  • Materials. Prepare both offline and digital materials beforehand, and state them in your lesson plan.
  • Schedule. It is a good idea to have a schedule so that the lesson is paced, and you’re neither pacing the lesson too quickly or slowly.
  • Closing. Allocate some time for a quick evaluation (a fun quiz or some question and answer time) while also encouraging a space for reflection.

What are the different types of lessons plans?

In the following section, we present 5 different types of lesson plans:

Daily lesson plan templates

A daily lesson plan works great when you have already broken down the term’s learning objectives into months, weeks and then days. This allows for greater granularity of what is going to happen day by day.

blue daily lesson plan template
pink lesson plan template
simple lesson plan template
school lesson plan template
colorful lesson plan template

Weekly lesson plan templates

Alternatively, you can also use weekly lesson plans which will have an overview of the materials covered, broken down by weeks and you would create one of these lesson plans on a monthly basis.

weekly lesson plan template
pastel weekly lesson plan template
blue and yellow lesson plan template
green and white lesson plan template

Course plan templates

Organize your thoughts, ideas, and course schedule for your next class with these course plan templates. Instead of going by preset days and weeks, you can customize the following templates to include “lessons 1, 2, 3” without any specified dates. These are great for self-paced classes.

With just a few clicks, Piktochart allows you to edit and customize these templates to make them look unique for your class.

course plan template
course plan and schedule template

Syllabus templates

Ensure your students have everything they need to succeed in your class by editing and customizing the syllabus templates below.

 syllabus template
syllabus infographic template

Lesson plan templates by subjects

An effective lesson plan starts with a specific goal or objective, followed by a helpful introduction and a list of learning activities to catch students’ attention. Similar to lesson plan templates by syllabus, this may provide an overview of the key objectives and materials covered over a term or period of time.

You don’t have to make one from scratch with the following pre-filled lesson plan templates for Science, Math, Chemistry, and Physics. You can also edit these templates for other subjects – all you need to do is change the icons and illustrations to match the overall theme of your lesson plan.

chemistry lesson plan template
math lesson plan template
physics lesson plan template
science lesson plan template

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