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The World Map

The world map is a fundamental tool for understanding the geographical, political, and cultural landscape of the world’s civilizations. Historical maps, dating back to ancient civilizations, reflect not only the cartographic knowledge of their times but also the cultural, philosophical, and political perspectives that shaped their creation.

In current times, the world map plays a crucial role within the framework of the United Nations, an international organization established to promote peace, security, and cooperation among its member states. It serves as a visual tool for understanding the geopolitical layout of its 193 member states and two observer states, facilitating discussions on global issues, international relations, and efforts towards sustainable development.

World Map

First off, the world map. The following is embedded from Piktochart. If you hover over each of the major countries, you will be able to see corresponding values. For further information on how to customize and create your own world map, check out Piktochart today.

Maps of the Seven Continents

Map of North America

Map of South America

Map of Europe

Map of Africa

Map of Asia

Map of Oceania (Australia)

How to Create Maps on Piktochart For Free

Select a map that you would like (World map, Continent map, Country map).

world map and seven continents map

Customize the values in the right columns once you have copied and pasted information on the table.

tool to create world map

Change the color of an individual country or turn the map into a chloropleth (Area Map) under Maps Settings (Tools).

chloropleth map

To export, you can download it as an image or keep it interactive. To do so, Click on the Share button, make the data public and you’ll be able to share it as a link or embed it on your website.

sharing a world map setting

Utilizing Piktochart to create world maps offers an engaging way to convey complex geographical features and political maps. Piktochart empowers users, from educators to professionals, to craft visually appealing and informative maps that can enhance presentations, reports, and educational materials, including maps from over 190+ countries in the world.

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world map

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