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9 AI Logo Generators for Small Businesses in 2024

A strong logo is a cornerstone of any successful brand. But for small businesses, traditional logo design can be expensive and time-consuming. Thankfully, AI-powered logo generators offer a fast, affordable, and surprisingly effective way to create a unique logo that reflects your brand’s identity.

We reviewed nine logo generators on the market for different use cases.

Key Considerations for AI Logo Generators

Choosing the right AI logo generator means understanding what your business needs most. There is no single “best” option. What matters most is finding a tool that matches your needs.

Before looking at the reviews, ask yourself these questions:

  • Budget: Can you only work with a free tool, or are you willing to pay for more powerful features?
  • Design Goals: Do you want a simple logo, or one you can heavily customize with colors, graphics, and fonts?
  • Industry Fit: Do you need a generator with icons and templates for a specific industry (like healthcare, technology, or food)?
  • Brand Personality: Which generators offer design styles that best reflect your brand’s vibe – classic, modern, playful, etc.?

Keeping these needs in mind, here’s how we tested various AI logo makers.

How We Tested AI Logo Generators

To make sure our comparison was fair, we created a fictional business, Glowssentials. Glowssentials is an eCommerce skincare brand specializing in plant-based, anti-wrinkle serums.

We focused on these key areas:

  • Logo Quality & Design Options: We looked at the overall design quality of the logos and the different styles offered.
  • Customization Capabilities: We tested how easy it was to change colors, fonts, icons, and layouts.
  • Ease of Use: We checked how easy the interface was to use and if someone with little design experience could use the generator.
  • Pricing & File Formats: We noted the different pricing plans and which file formats (like JPG, PNG, SVG) were available for download.

The 9 Best AI Logo Generators for Small Businesses

Choosing the right AI logo generator can feel like navigating a maze, especially with so many options on the market. To help you cut through the noise, we’ve narrowed down the field to our top picks, each offering unique strengths to suit different needs and budgets.

Generator NameBrief DescriptionDifferentiation
LookaUser-friendly AI logo generator ideal for startups and entrepreneurs seeking a polished brand image.Best overall AI logo generator; offers a wide variety of customizations and affordable pricing.
DesignEvoGenerous free version and intuitive interface make it excellent for tight budgets.Best tool for testing different logo concepts
Wix Logo MakerSeamless integration with Wix websites streamlines branding for Wix users.Best for website and logo design in one
Tailor Brands Logo MakerProvides a comprehensive suite of branding tools well-suited for building a complete brand identity.Best for those desiring a full set of branding assets
Hatchful Logo Maker by ShopifyCompletely free and beginner-friendly, a solid option for basic logo creation needs.Best entirely free solution

Looka: Best overall AI logo generator

screenshot of a logo made by looka ai logo maker

Looka is our top all-rounder, offering an excellent balance of beginner-friendly design, extensive customization options, and affordable pricing. It particularly shines for businesses who need a versatile logo that looks good across various digital platforms.

The intuitive interface made the logo design process surprisingly enjoyable. I could choose from a vast selection of templates and customization options allowed me to quickly explore different styles and fine-tune the look until I achieved a logo that felt perfectly aligned with my brand vision.


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editing: Effortlessly move elements, resize icons, and experiment with different layouts.
  • Wide range of customization: Tweak color palettes, explore diverse font libraries, and access a vast symbol collection.
  • Download multiple formats: Get JPG, PNG, SVG, and even PDF files for maximum versatility.
  • Social media ready: Includes pre-sized templates for quick branding across Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Excellent value: Paid plans are affordable and offer unlimited logo revisions.


  • Limited free version: Useful for ideation, but lacks high-resolution downloads.
  • Some template similarity: With a large user base, your logo might have elements in common with others if heavily relying on templates.

Price: Logo files starting at $20 one-time fee

DesignEvo: Best tool to test your logos

screenshot of a logo made by design.evo ai logo maker

DesignEvo offers a vast library of templates and a beginner-friendly interface, making it a great choice for budget-conscious businesses seeking a quick and easy DIY logo solution.

With thousands of templates, DesignEvo made it simple to get started. While the editing tools were straightforward, I would have liked more fine-grained control over certain design elements for a better result.


  • Drag-and-drop tools for simple customization.
  • Thousands of templates for design inspiration.
  • Very affordable Pro plan for high-quality downloads.
  • Completely free version for experimenting with ideas.


  • No automatic logo generation based on your business name.
  • Less fine-grained control over fonts and layouts compared to advanced generators.

Price: Free version available; $24.99 one-time fee for one logo

Wix Logo Maker: Best Integration with Wix Websites

screenshot of a logo made by wix ai logo maker

Wix Logo Maker excels at streamlining logo creation and website branding for businesses already using the Wix platform. Its key advantage lies in the seamless integration, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a unified solution.

The platform shows you how easy it is to seamlessly integrate your logo into your website builder. There are plenty of customization options to create the logo, and the platform will automatically populate the logo across your site.


  • Automatic logo integration across your Wix website for effortless branding consistency.
  • User-friendly editing tools for basic customization of colors, fonts, and icons.
  • Free to use with premium Wix plans, offering added value for existing Wix customers.


  • Offers fewer customization options and design features compared to dedicated logo generators.
  • Primarily beneficial for Wix users; less valuable as a standalone tool.


  • Free with premium Wix plans
  • Standalone Access: Starting at $7.50 per month

Tailor Brands Logo Maker: Best for Complete Branding Suite

screenshot of a logo made by tailor brands ai logo maker

Tailor Brands is a comprehensive branding solution, offering an AI logo maker alongside tools for business cards, social media, and more. It’s best suited for businesses seeking a cohesive brand identity beyond just a logo.

Tailor Brands impressed me with its comprehensive suite of branding tools. While the logo creation process itself was user-friendly, I can see the value for anyone who wants to design matching business cards, social media graphics, and other assets.


  • One-stop-shop for creating a full suite of branded materials.
  • Streamlined, user-friendly design interface.
  • Free preview option to test the platform before committing.
  • Affordable subscription tiers for various needs.


  • Monthly subscriptions may not be ideal for those needing only a logo.
  • Customization options might be less extensive than dedicated logo generators.


  • Basic Plan: $6.95 per month
  • Standard Plan: $9.95 per month
  • Premium Plan: $49.95 per month

Designs.AI: Easiest paid tool to use

screenshot of a logo made by ai logo maker is a versatile design platform, offering AI-powered tools for logos, videos, graphics, and more. It simplifies the design process with an intuitive interface and caters to users of various skill levels.

While using the free trial, I found the onboarding process was great for its thoughtful questions and tailored interface based on my preferences. The drag-and-drop editor was intuitive, and the wider range of design tools for videos and graphics was a welcome bonus.


  • Powerful AI tools streamline the creation of diverse visual assets.
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop editor for easy customization.
  • Wide range of customization options for both logos and videos.
  • Brand Kit feature promotes design consistency across projects.
  • Flexible pricing plans to accommodate different needs.


  • Occasional slow loading times can disrupt workflow.
  • Mobile interface has room for improvement.
  • Brand Kit feature may still be under development.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Trial: Access to basic features for seven days.
  • Basic Plan: $29/month (includes Brand Kit, 10 premium images, logo downloads)
  • Pro Plan: $69/month or $948/year (20 premium images, 10 premium videos, expanded Brand Kit, priority support)

Hatchful Logo Maker (by Shopify): Best free AI logo generator

screenshot of a logo made by hatchful ai logo maker

If you need a no-fuss logo in minutes, Hatchful is worth checking out. It’s a solid option for budget-conscious businesses seeking a basic logo without any upfront investment.

I was pleasantly surprised by how quick and simple it was to create a logo with Hatchful. The step-by-step process was intuitive, and I appreciated that it gave me different assets in the best aspect ratios for various platforms.


  • Completely free to use, with no sign-up required.
  • Straightforward interface and editing tools.
  • Includes ready-to-use social media logo files.
  • Ideal for absolute beginners in logo design.


  • Designs can feel generic compared to paid generators.
  • Limited customization options for fonts, colors, and layouts.
  • Unclear guidelines on commercial usage rights.
  • Support is limited to email.


  • Free: No cost for access, editing, or logo downloads.

Logo AI: Best for quickly creating a custom logo

screenshot of a logo made by ai logo maker

Logo AI is a good choice for startups, entrepreneurs, agencies, and businesses wanting a customizable logo solution with a focus on establishing a strong brand identity. The abundance of AI-generated templates offered by Logo AI gave me plenty to work with. I found the customization tools powerful, enabling me to achieve a logo design that felt distinct and aligned with my brand.


  • Wide array of AI-generated logo concepts for inspiration.
  • Extensive customization tools for tweaking colors, fonts, and layouts.
  • Includes high-quality PNG and SVG file formats.
  • Branding kit and style guide promote cohesive brand identity.
  • Commercial use rights included.


  • No free trial to test the platform before purchasing.
  • Limited number of revisions allowed after buying a logo.
  • Doesn’t support uploading your own custom logos or icons.

Pricing Plans

  • Basic: $29 per logo
  • Professional: $59 per logo
  • Brand: $99 per logo

Turbologo: Biggest template library

screenshot of a logo made by turbologo ai logo maker

Turbologo has a vast library of templates, simplifying creating a custom logo. Its AI recommendations and brand kit generator are beneficial for businesses seeking a quick and cohesive branding solution.

I appreciated the intelligent suggestions Turbologo offered based on my preferences. While it might not be ideal for designers seeking total creative control, the templates and customization options provided a great starting point.


  • Large selection of logo and brand kit templates for quick customization.
  • AI analyzes your brand identity to provide tailored recommendations.
  • User-friendly interface, even for those without design experience.
  • Brand kit generator aids in maintaining a consistent brand image.
  • 24/7 customer support available.


  • May feel limiting for designers desiring complete creative freedom.
  • High-resolution PNG and SVG files are only included in higher-priced plans.
  • Potential for some logo designs to feel similar due to template use.

Pricing Plans

  • Lite: $7.99 (3 months editing, 1 logo download)
  • Standard: $10.99 (3 months, unlimited edits, SVG files)
  • Business: $19.99 (3 months, full brand kit features)

BrandCrowd: Best for Crowdsourcing Logo Ideas

screenshot of a logo made by brandcrowd ai logo maker

BrandCrowd offers a unique approach to logo design, combining AI-generated concepts with the creativity of a global design community. This crowdsourced model is ideal for businesses seeking a wide variety of design perspectives and unique results.


  • Access to a vast range of logo ideas fueled by human designers.
  • Collaborative feedback process helps refine the best concepts.
  • Produces highly diverse and distinctive design styles.


  • Significantly more expensive than basic AI logo generators.
  • Might require more time investment due to the feedback process.


  • Logo packages starting at $145

Picsart: Best for quickly editing photos on your phone

screenshot of a logo made by picsart ai logo maker

Picsart is more than just a logo generator – it’s a full-featured creative platform with AI image editing and design tools. While its logo generator may not be as advanced as standalone options, it offers value for social media content creators who need a versatile design solution.


  • Combines logo generation with a wide range of editing tools.
  • Mobile app for convenient on-the-go design.
  • User-friendly interface simplifies logo customization.


  • Logo generator may have fewer features compared to dedicated platforms.
  • Potential for occasional lag in the tool’s performance.
  • Additional costs associated with certain features like full avatar creation.

Pricing Plans

  • Free (limited features)
  • Plus: $5/month
  • Pro: $7/month

What is an AI Logo Generator?

An AI logo generator is a powerful online tool that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to create custom logos in minutes.

After inputting your company name, industry, and a few style preferences, the AI analyzes fonts, colors, and symbols typical for your field to generate unique logo options. This saves you the time and effort of researching design trends and starting from scratch.

How Do AI Logo Generators Work?

Each AI logo maker generally works the same way:

  1. You share some of your details: Enter your business name, industry, and style preferences.
  2. The AI analyzes & generates a logo: The AI uses your input to search its database and create logo options.
  3. You customize: Edit colors, fonts, icons, and layout until you achieve your desired look.
  4. Option to download: Depending on the pricing plans of the logo generator, you’ll have the choice to download your customized logo, usually for a set price or by subscribing to a paid plan.

How to Choose The Right AI Logo Generator

As useful as these tools are, not all AI logo generators are created equal. With so many logo design tools available, picking the right one for your needs is essential. As you evaluate the various options, keep these factors in mind.

Quality of Logos Generated

Carefully examine logo samples from the generator. Do they appear modern, professional, and visually appealing? The AI should produce polished logo designs, not amateurish results.

Degree of Customization

Look for a logo maker that allows you to customize the color scheme, fonts, iconography, and other elements through an editing interface. More customization yields a logo tailored to your brand.


The logo generator should have an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. There should not be a steep learning curve to operate the basic features.


Some logo generators offer limited free plans. Paid options range from one-time fees around $20 to monthly subscriptions from $10-$30. Compare pricing to find the best value.

Learning Curve

Some generators ask only basic questions, while others provide a more in-depth onboarding process. Consider which approach suits your experience level and time constraints.

File Formats

Ensure the platform provides the logo file formats you need for both digital and print usage. Common file types include JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG.

Customer Support

Consider whether the logo generator provides any degree of customer support in case you need assistance. At minimum, look for email and chat support.

Tips for Designing Your Logo

Picking the right tool is one thing to decide, but how do you design a great logo? To get the best bang for your buck, here are some tips on how to produce a great looking logo, no matter which tool you use.

1. Research Your Context

Define your brand identity (values, personality, uniqueness). Analyze your target audience, competitors’ logos, and where your logo will be used (website, social, etc.). This foundational research will inform your design decisions.

2. Start with rough sketches

Ditch the software initially and sketch ideas on paper. Experiment freely with shapes, symbols, and typography. Don’t worry about perfection—focus on quickly capturing your concepts.

3. Limit the color palette

When designing your logo, resist the urge to incorporate too many colors. Branding experts recommend limiting your color palette to two or three colors. A tightly focused color palette keeps your logo design simple and cohesive.

Consider the meaning you want your brand colors to convey. For example, blue represents professionalism, green is connected to nature, and red signifies excitement. Review your brand attributes and target audience to select logo colors that are appropriate.

Remember that your logo must function in black and white for certain applications. Test it without color to ensure the symbol or typography stands on its own. Limiting your color palette also allows the few colors you do choose to make a bold impact.

4. Prioritize readability

For a logo to be effective, it absolutely must be readable and recognizable at small sizes. This is especially true for digital applications where your logo may be displayed as little as 16×16 pixels. When designing your logo, regularly test how it appears when scaled down.

To optimize for readability, avoid intricate details that may get lost or bleed together when minimized. Keep shapes and lines thick enough that they don’t become faint. Use a sans-serif font for maximum clarity, and make sure letterforms don’t have gaps that close up at small sizes.

Readability should take top priority. If your logo retains its legibility and brand recognition when sized down, you have succeeded. Keep shapes bold, fonts simple, and details minimal.

5. Gather feedback

Once you have one or more logo options, seek feedback from others. Get reactions from your target audience and people unfamiliar with your brand. Ask specific questions to assess if your logo quickly communicates your brand identity.

Show your logo mockups on intended backgrounds like your website and social media to evaluate real-world effectiveness. Identify any issues that are raised with recognition, legibility, or resonance. If certain emotions are intended, determine if those feelings are elicited.

Be open to constructive criticism. Objectively incorporate this feedback to refine and strengthen your logo design. Having others provide perspective allows you to see your logo with fresh eyes and make improvements accordingly.

Ready to create your own logo?

In navigating the array of AI logo makers, we’ve laid out the groundwork to empower your brand’s visual identity. Now, it’s over to you to make your own.

If you’re still unsure about using an AI tool to create a logo and want a more hands-on approach, why not try to create one with Piktochart?

We have a large library of professionally designed templates for you to pick and choose from. You can borrow elements from several templates that you like, and tailor your design so it truly reflects your brand. Start shaping the future of your brand’s identity by signing up for free today.

FAQs About AI Logo Makers

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions small business owners have about using artificial intelligence-powered logo generators:

Are AI-generated logos copyrighted?

Royalty-free use of AI logos for commercial purposes is typically included in pricing packages. However, you often will need to confirm if trademark registration is included, or if you need to file separately.

How can I get a refund if I don’t like my logo?

Most reputable logo makers offer money-back guarantees if you are unsatisfied with the logos produced. Guarantee periods range from 30 to 100 days from purchase.

How do I select the right logo for my brand?

The ideal logo reflects your brand identity and industry while being visually striking. Compare logos and their color palettes against your brand style guide. Seek unbiased input from others.

Should my logo include graphics or just text?

Incorporating relevant graphics or icons can make your logo more distinctive and memorable. But a text-only logo offers simplicity and flexibility. Consider your brand identity and audience preferences.

How much do AI logo makers cost?

Prices range from free basic generators to $300+ for access to professional designers. Simple DIY generators average $20 to $40 in one-time fees, while subscriptions average $15 to $30 monthly.

How do I know if my logo is high quality?

Indicators of a quality logo are sharp image resolution, balanced visual elements, thoughtful use of color, readable fonts, a cohesive style, and versatility across applications.

By leveraging AI-based logo generators, small businesses and entrepreneurs can now create customized, high-quality logos in minutes and on tight budgets. Just be sure to optimize the technology by providing clear directional inputs and taking full advantage of customization tools.

With an effective logo conveying your unique brand identity, you can build engagement and loyalty with customers and better compete in your industry. The wide range of user-friendly, affordable logo design platforms makes establishing a professional brand image achievable for businesses at any stage.


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