Meet the Next Generation of AI Design Tools: Piktochart AI

Discover our suite of innovative AI-powered visual communication tools that help you effortlessly create stunning visuals. Transform any idea or prompt into professional infographics, banners, flyers, posters, and more in just seconds.

Instant creation in seconds

Transform your ideas into visuals in 10 seconds

Our AI visual communication tools allow you to generate high-quality, custom visuals in seconds. Simply provide a text description of your idea and our AI will instantly create multiple design options for you to choose from.

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Simplified design process to save time

Text-heavy content to engaging visuals

If you have your own text content from a document or website, simply paste it and watch Piktochart AI does it magic to generate visuals customized for you in seconds. Save time without the need to design from scratch, and unleash your creativity with your own content.

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Intelligent design with pre-made templates

Choose from professionally designed templates

Our AI analyzes your prompts and preferences to generate visual templates that match your desired style and message. Browse multiple professionally designed options in various formats like posters, newsletters, and more. With over 100 customizable templates, you can quickly find the perfect starting point for all your graphic design needs.

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Effortless customization for your content

Personalize visuals to your brand

Our powerful editing tools make it easy to tweak the template to fit your brand. Upload your own images, charts and graphics or choose from our extensive library of visual assets. Modify colors, fonts, layouts and other design elements to create a look that’s uniquely you.

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AI Infographic

Custom infographics from any topic in seconds.

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AI design tools by Piktochart AI

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AI Instagram Post Generator
AI Newsletter
AI Poster
AI Report Generator
AI Timeline Generator

How to Create a Visual with Piktochart AI

Name your narrative

Start by sharing your idea or topic in a few words, up to 120 characters. Be as descriptive as possible for better results.

Select from our templates and customize to your own

Choose from our expert-designed templates and customize the visual in Piktochart’s editor. Personalize the visual with our library of visual assets, charts, and graphs to fit your style and message.

Download and share

Once you’re done customizing your visual, download it in formats like JPG, PNG, or PDF. Easily share it with your audience via email or other channels.

Explore templates created by Piktochart AI

Ready to use AI to create visuals?

Join more than 11 million people who already design information with Piktochart’s visual maker.


All users can create up to 4 visuals daily, no matter which plan you’re on. If you’re on the free plan, you can also edit, download, or customize up to 5 visuals each day. To get access to more powerful features and unlimited editing, consider paying for one of the advanced plans.

We recommend you be as descriptive as possible about the topic that you are trying to cover. You may need to try different prompts for better results.

Once you have selected the template, you will enter our editor. From there, you can add images and charts from our huge library of visual assets, or upload your own.

You do not need to sign up for Piktochart until you want to edit, customize, or download the infographic.