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New Infographic Theme: Templates for Fun Facts

new infographic theme templates fun facts

“Have you ever discovered fun facts that you’re eager to share with the world?”

At Piktochart we believe in making information beautiful and in presenting it in fun ways to engage our audience. Whether it’s fun facts about yourself, your favourite sports team, television series character, a place of interest, an event, or intriguing stats about sleep or coffee, those kinds of infographics are definitely shareworthy.

This week our designers created two fun-fact-based templates presented below.

1. Cannes Film Festival

Have you heard about Cannes and do you know where is Cannes located at? You might have heard about the renowed Sundance Film Festival, but how much do you know about its European counterpart, the other world-renowed Cannes Film Festival? Be blown away with these amazing and fun facts about the film festival!


2. How Many Countries

Do you know how many countries there are in the world, which countries are part of the United Nations, and which new countries are being recognised? Check out the infographic template below to uncover all the questions!


Go ahead and captivate your audience with your fun fact infographic!

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