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CSAT Dashboard Reports CSAT Dashboard
Email Marketing Dashboard Report Template Reports Email Marketing Dashboard
Quarterly Email Marketing Dashboard Reports Quarterly Email Marketing Dashboard
Modern Customer Satisfaction Survey Reports Modern Customer Satisfaction Survey
Social Media Monthly Dashboard Report Template Reports Social Media Monthly Dashboard
Exit Interview Dashboard Reports Exit Interview Dashboard
L&D Performance Report Reports L&D Performance Report
Recruitment Dashboard Reports Recruitment Dashboard
Quarterly Report Reports Quarterly Report
Pastel Monthly Goals Achievement Update Presentations Template Presentations Financial Performance Dashboard
Quarterly Sales Dashboard Reports Template Reports Quarterly Sales Dashboard
Social Media Monthly Report Reports Social Media Monthly Report
Monthly Financial Performance Dashboard Infographics Template Infographics Financial Dashboard
Course Analysis Dashboard Reports Course Analysis Dashboard
Hiring Dashboard Report Template Reports Hiring Dashboard
Monthly Financial KPI Dashboard Infographics Template Infographics Financial KPI Dashboard
FeaturedDashboard Report Informational Infographic Template Infographics Dashboard Report
HR Dashboard Widescreen Presentation Template Human Resources HR Dashboard Widescreen
Financial Analysis Report Reports Financial Analysis Report
HR L&D Dashboard Human Resources HR L&D Dashboard
Satisfaction Survey Reports Satisfaction Survey

Grab the attention of your stakeholders by telling a story with your data. Whether you’re reporting on your KPIs, want to give an update on the finances, or how your social media campaigns are performing, we have the right dashboard for you. Choose from KPI dashboard template, marketing dashboard template, social media dashboard template, financial dashboard template, HR dashboard template, and more. Just pick a template and easily customize it to your needs. Copy-paste your data, upload an Excel file, or link up a Google sheet. Choose a graph that will best showcase your data. In Piktochart, you can access pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, and more. Update the style with one click, and change the images and text. Once ready, you can share the report with your boss, present it online, or print it out.

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