8 Types of Infographics: Which Is Right For You?

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There is more to infographics than a bunch of scattered numbers and pictures in a long image. Actually there are different types of infographics (this flowchart shows 8) that come each with their own strengths.

As Danny Ashton from NeoMam Studios puts it:

The right kind of infographic should match your data to your narrative and ensure that people take away your message after reading it. While infographics may not come in that many shapes or sizes (600 x 1,800 pixels is the norm), that doesn’t mean there’s a stock standard infographic for you.

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1. Visualised Article

1 visualised article

2. Flowchart

flow chart infographic type

3. The Timeline

timeline infographic

4. Useful Bait

useful bait infographic

5. Versus Infographic

versus infographic

6. Number Porn

data porn infographic

7. Photo Infographic

photo infographic

8. Data Vis

data viz infographic
Check out the flowchart below to determine which infographic type works the best for you!

8 types of infographics: which is right for you?

Thank you NeoMam Studios!