6 Types of Infographics and How to Get Started

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What do you get when design and information go out on a date, absolutely hit it off and have a lovechild? – Infographics! that’s what.

Infographics have generated great interest on the Internet because of their ability to entertain as well as enlighten. Several types of infographics are currently popular. The following list can help you choose the right type of infographic to match the information you’re trying to illustrate.

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Flowcharts or process infographics refer to information streams. It is the type of infographic you use to tell your mom about the steps you took to clean your room or if you’re more important – a process flow of your logistic sequence.


Pikto-template : World Cup 2014

Flowchart (P'trest)

Flowchart on how to Pin your Business.

The timeline

Timelines usually tell a story in relation to time, it is essentially what happens from a ‘once upon a time, long long ago’ to a ‘and they all lived happily ever after…the end’. It takes users on a journey; that should be interesting enough to go on- we wouldn’t want to have a timeline of your toenail growth over a span of 6 month period now do we?


Pikto-template : Timeline


Timeline infographic on wearable technology

Versus infographics

Versus infographics are head to head comparisons of two things (sometimes more, but not too many!). You can’t decide if the quirky new hire is a nerd or a geek? Here’s something that may help you out.


Pikto-template: Coffee Vs. Tea


Spotify Vs. Pandora

Data visualisations & number “crunch”

Data vis and number crunch infographics are arguably the most used type of infographics on the web. It basically uses cool graphics to paint a data powered picture. Think of dull statistics being given a transformative makeover and being able dive right back into the information dating scene that is online media.

data vis

Pikto-template : Recycling

data vis (P'trest)

The Truth about Trees: Paper Recycling in the U.S.

Photo infographics

Photo infographics are the aesthetic prize winners of the lot. They are usually a photograph  that includes some text to guide the user. As a rough example, Stop Signs are one example of a photo infographic. The photograph of your ex (that you secretly cry to) with “our first anniversary” scribbled with a Sharpie is another example. There, there.

Photo Infographic1

Pikto-template: The Mind

Photo (P'trest)

Are You a Web Designer?

Research infographics

According to urban legend, research infographics was born in the deep dungeons of science, where meaningless algorithms, percentages, endless bodies of text, charts and scribblings from a mad scientist were the order of the day- all until he met a data scientist that was able to put all the findings together in an amazing, aesthetically pleasing form for the world (really, the internet) to see. True story!


Pikto-template: Outer Space

research (P'trest)

The Ultimate Guide to Biking & Cycling

Now you know about the types of infographics and how to choose a suitable type for your work/pleasure. Give it a go! Create something informative and beautiful like a supermodel who fights for a noble (or questionable) cause. Last but not least, if you ever still scratch your head to figure out how to choose an infographic, check out this infographic to help you decide:

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