Recruitment Statistics

Recruitment Statistics

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Here are 10 recruitment statistics ideas that you can use with Piktochart's templates to create engaging and informative visuals: 1.Candidate Sourcing Channels: Visualize the percentage breakdown of candidates sourced through various channels like job boards, employee referrals, social media, and career fairs. 2.

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Time-to-Fill Metrics: Show the average time it takes to fill different positions (entry-level, mid-level, executive) within your organization. 3. Diversity and Inclusion Stats: Create a visual highlighting diversity statistics, such as the percentage of women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups in your workforce. 4. Cost-per-hire Comparison: Compare the cost-per-hire for different recruitment methods (e.g., agency fees vs. in-house recruiting). 5. Retention Rates: Display the retention rates of employees hired through different recruitment sources, indicating which channels yield the most long-term talent. 6. Interview-to-Offer Ratios: Illustrate the efficiency of your hiring process by showing the ratio of candidates interviewed to the number of offers extended. 7. Employee Referral Impact: Showcase the impact of employee referrals on your recruitment efforts, including the number of hires and their performance. 8. Candidate Experience Feedback: Summarize feedback from candidates about their recruitment experience, highlighting areas of improvement. 9. Skill Gap Analysis: Present data on the most in-demand skills and the percentage of candidates who possess them, helping to identify skill gaps in your organization. 10. Recruitment Funnel Conversion Rates: Visualize the conversion rates at each stage of your recruitment funnel, from sourcing to onboarding. Remember to use clear and visually appealing charts, graphs, and icons to make these statistics easy to understand. Additionally, provide brief captions or explanations to ensure your audience comprehends the significance of each statistic.

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