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Chapter 1

Introduction to Infographics

Why Create Infographics? This is a step by step guide on how you can design an infographic and market it successfully. The link will take you to why infographics (where infographics came from). Who is Piktochart for? Piktochart was created for a non-designer, someone who does not have much time to learn how to use a tool. About Piktochart We are dedicated to make a tool that is easy for you to use to come up with compelling infographics.  

Chapter 2

Collecting materials for your story

Research for data and information Find the best resources to dig for information. Validating data and references Best case practices to validate data and references. Structuring a story How to go about crafting a story to make your data compelling. Selecting a design/designer Some guidelines to help you select a design/designer based on budget.  

Chapter 3

Creating your own infographic

How to use Piktochart to create an infographic in 5 minutes Set up your infographic in under 5 minutes. Add data visualization Find different ways of visualizing data on Piktochart. Export in a SEO-friendly manner Best way to get online visibility is by exporting the infographic in a HTML format which is SEO friendly.  

Chapter 4

Promoting an infographic

6 Marketing Ideas for an Infographic Here are some great tips on how you can do marketing for your infographic without incurring too big of an expense.  

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