13 Top Infographic Submission Websites (Updated for 2023)

Picture this: After weeks of work, creative graphic content edits, and design iterations, you’ve finally completed making infographics; beautiful, educational, and visually appealing infographics.

Let’s say you’ve created these infographics to describe different workflows related to your business. You’ve already added each infographic to a specific web page on your site with relevant alt text and descriptions, following your digital marketing team’s best search engine optimization (SEO) practice advice.

So you’re all done, right? wrong. Did you know your high-quality infographics can do more than just provide visual content to your site’s homepage and landing pages?

Better SEO Strategies for Infographic Digital Marketing: Infographic Submission Sites

Consider off-page SEO strategies with the help of your digital marketing team to:

  • Educate a broader audience about your infographic visual content
  • Get more website traffic, build quality backlinks, and increase your domain authority (DA)
  • Encourage people to download and/or share your infographics on high da sites, third-party sites, and across the world wide web

How? Through using free infographic submission websites and submitting infographics.

It’s time for you to get leverage, and it’s time to utilize the power of popular and free infographic submission sites.

The concept of leverage is often used in real life to describe a situation in which one party has an advantage over the other, allowing the latter to get or do something effectively.

In marketing, it’s common to leverage someone else’s audience to get additional attention. This means putting valuable content right in front of someone else’s audience.

If done correctly, this is a highly effective tactic; and infographic submissions can be your ‘ammo,’ so to speak, for search engine optimization and beyond.

But you need to be careful – with these infographic sites, it’s not about “using” someone else’s audience but instead creating a symbiotic relationship that will help you, the audience, and the owner (the other website) of that audience.

There are many ways to leverage external audiences to grow your readership. In fact, the whole tactic of guest posting is based on leverage.

However, a much simpler way that requires almost no email outreach is to submit your infographic on infographic submission sites, infographic websites, platforms, or directories that people go to first when looking for a particular infographic that they can use. 

Promote infographics through free infographic submission websites while gaining more quality backlinks and social signals at the same time. In addition, infographic submission sites help your visual content to get noticed, shared and spread throughout the internet.

Create all the infographics you need with Piktochart’s online infographic maker.

Submit Your Infographic to These Reputable Sites for More Eyeballs, High Quality Backlinks, and Social Shares

Here are the top infographic submission sites and infographic directories, plus their domain rating (DA) as of June 2023 to help you increase your reach. Here at Piktochart, we’ve done our research to make sure that these infographic submission sites are secure, trustworthy, reliable for our readers and their content, and provide the best infographics available:

Get access to a varied collection of infographic templates with a free Piktochart account. helps marketers and businesses create premium visual content. As one of the top free infographic submission sites, this is an amazing platform to submit your infographics and generate quality links.

visually infographic submission screenshot
  • Domain authority rating: 85
  • How to submit: Go to their Visual Content Gallery, create an account, and complete your infographic submission.

As its name suggests, eLearning Infographics will accept infographics that are geared toward education and learning. It has a thriving visual community section of over 75,000 online educators, teachers, professors, and instructional designers.

If you have an educational infographic you want to share, this is the infographic submission site for you, as well as one of the tip infographic sharing sites for educational material.

elearning infographics website submission
  • Domain authority rating: 72
  • How to submit: For this infographic submission site, simply go to their Submit Infographic page and follow the instructions.

Slideshare allows you to upload and share presentations, documents, and PDFs publicly or privately. Unbeknownst to many, it also makes the list of infographic-sharing sites.

It’s frequently used to share slides because of the potential views they can get (these slides on growth hacking by Mattan Griffel have almost a million views!), but it’s also a powerful place to share and submit infographics.

slideshare website submission screenshot
  • Domain authority rating: 92
  • How to submit: This infographic submission site allows you to either create an account for free or use your LinkedIn account if you have one.

An online portfolio website as well as an infographic submission site, Behance allows designers from all over the world to showcase their works. With over 10 million members, this is an excellent place to submit a good infographic, and if the infographic passes, it will show off your content to the world. 

behance infographic submission screenshot
  • Domain authority rating: 94
  • How to submit: As one of our recommended free infographic submission sites, adding your visuals couldn’t be easier. Create an account, click the “Add Work” button, and upload your work.

Daily Infographic makes the list of free infographic submission sites by curating various infographics, from animals to music to tech. in the top tier of infographic sharing sites, this is surely not an opportunity to miss. A basic submission is free and can be published within 90 days. If you need it published sooner, you can subscribe to a paid plan.

daily infographic screenshot infographic submission site
  • Domain authority rating: 74
  • How to submit: To use this infographic submission site, add your visual here after reading their submission guidelines and checking out some other infographic reviews. On the same page, you will also see several submission options, including a free option. 

6. Flickr

Flickr is a Yahoo-owned site that combines picture galleries with social networking, chats, groups, and a community of millions of amateur and professional photographers and designers—almost acting as an infographic archive.

People often use it to post their photographed pictures, but infographics submission or any piece you designed is fair game.

flickr screenshot
  • Domain authority rating: 94
  • How to submit: Create an account, make an album, and submit your engaging visual. Yes, it’s that simple.

7. Reddit

The community built by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman is the perfect launchpad to make an engaging data visualization go viral and generate good links. Reddit is one of the most prominent free infographic submission sites, along with a plethora of other uses for user-generated content sharing.

infographics subreddit, infographic submissions
  • Domain authority rating: 95
  • How to submit: Here, you have two options – /r/infographics, or your own specific subreddit, connected to your topic. Simply create an account, or log into the one you have, and submit the link in the correct subreddit. It’s important to be mindful of your submissions and follow the guidelines of each specific subreddit.

Infographic Bee is one of our recommended infographic submission sites and visual library. Here you can discover beautiful infographics and have a free submission option (if you’re willing to wait) as well as a paid express submission option for $11.95 if you’d like an express revision. Once published, your infographic is accompanied by a description and a color palette with hex codes (a really great inspiration source!).

infographic bee template
  • Domain authority rating: 40
  • How to submit: Simply click on the “Submit Infographics” link on the left sidebar and fill out the form.

Since 2007, Cool Infographics has highlighted some of the best examples of data visualizations and infographics found in magazines, newspapers, and on the internet. It’s home to some of the most informative infographics on this list.

cool infographics screenshot
  • Domain authority rating: 67
  • How to submit: If you’d like to submit an infographic, we suggest you use their contact form to send a link to the original online piece, not an image file. According to the team, the key to “making the cut” is to have a good topic (informative or thought-provoking), solid storytelling through visualization of information, and wide audience appeal.

Infographic Journal is a project of SearchRank, a search engine marketing company. The site focuses solely on showcasing the best infographics on the web.

According to their About page, what differentiates them from, Pinterest, and others is that they don’t publish every infographic on the planet, but rather the best of the best.

infographic journal screenshot
  • Domain authority rating: 70
  • How to submit: Infographic Journal welcomes both paid and free infographic submission options here. They accept a wide range of designs and provide two options: A free infographic submission may take two or three weeks, and a $25 express infographic submission will be posted on the same day. There’s also the featured infographic submission option worth $75.

Visualistan is an infographic directory and one of the paid infographic submission sites we’ve cited based in Pakistan. Despite lacking free infographic submission, its database has over 20,000 visuals and lets you add infographics in just a few clicks, securing quality backlinks sooner rather than later.

visualistan screenshot infographic submission site
  • Domain authority rating: 70
  • How to submit: Fill out the form that you’ll find on their infographics submission page. Unfortunately, not one of the free infographic submission sites we’ve cited, you’ll need to pay between $20 to $99, depending on the timeframe you want for publishing infographics. is a resource for data visualization and creative infographics. The purpose of this infographics site is to provide the latest infographics from a myriad of topics – sports to the environment, travel to technology. Depending on the theme, infographics will be added to their respective categories. The latest data visualization infographics will get displayed at the top of each category. screenshot infographic submission site
  • Domain authority rating: 53
  • How to submit: If you’d like to submit your infographics to, you can select from three different packages – express, paid, and sponsored. Depending on how much you are willing to pay, you’ll be able to speed up the publish date of your visual, get quality backlinks, and also social distribution. There’s also a free option, which is relatively no-frills and will require you to wait a week or more for your infographics to be published.

Besides being an infographic directory, Infographics Archives also boasts of its Pinterest account, with 2.7 million views every month, where they feature the infographics they upload to its website. This means more eyeballs on your infographics!

infographics archives website example of infographic submission websites

You can choose from three options: free (no guarantee of publication, though), the Standard package (infographics published within 7 days), and the Premium package (infographics published within 2 days and also gets featured on the website’s main page).

Domain authority rating: 57
How to submit: You can head over to their infographic submission page and review their guidelines as well.

Which is The Best Infographic Submission Website?

So at the end of our infographic submission sites list, you might be wondering where to submit your awesome infographic from the above sites.

The truth is—it depends.

They’re all popular infographic submission sites, and each has different use cases. Instead of choosing the best one based on DR for link building purposes, think about which communities your infographic would provide the most value.

Distribution is part of any content marketing strategy, so spend some time thinking about which of these sites you should submit your designs to. A high-value community might mean you need to pay a standard submission fee to publish more infographics or get them published sooner, but it could pay dividends.

Have We Inspired You to Make More Infographics and Use One of the Top Infographic Submission Sites?

Piktochart’s infographic maker makes it easy for anyone to create infographics that are professional-looking and worthy of putting forward to the paid and free infographic submission sites we mentioned above.

Here at Piktochart, there is no need to make infographics from scratch, as we’ve got that covered! Our pre-made infographic templates are easy to edit and customize. Getting quality backlinks from a beautiful infographic has never been easier by using an infographic submission site to push your visual content further and appear across all search engines.

In short, how can you use your infographic content to get more traffic to your website URL and generate quality backlinks? submit your infographics to relevant infographic websites and watch your infographics soar (or, more realistically, be shared)!

Create a free account to get access to our online infographic maker and free templates your can edit. Afterward, go to this guide: how to make an infographic in 30 minutes.

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