10 Great Infographics for Education

We’re getting ready to wrap up back-to-school season. As a former teacher (and complete school supply nerd), this has been a special time of year for me for decades. In memory of the excitement, anxiety, and promise that this time of year holds, we’ve put together a list of 10 great infographics that address important issues on the minds of many during these early fall months.

In the infographics list that follows, you’ll find a little bit of something for everyone. We’ve got tips for teachers on how to keep that early year enthusiasm going all the way through May (ok… at least til Winter Break). We’ve got advice for students that study online, pointers for parents sending their kids to school for the first (or fifth or fifteenth) time, and even a extra infographic submission of an honest-to-goodness Piktocreation put together by two of our super users. Sure, that puts us at 11 infographics, but who’s complaining? ?

So take a look and let us know if there’s something that speaks to you. Are we missing your favorite education infographic? Let us know in the comments at the end of the post. And, most importantly, welcome back to class!

Education Around the World

education around the world, why is literacy rate low

The Anatomy of a Primary School Teacher

primary school teacher, creative education infographics

The Key Benefits of Studying Online

benefits of online education, pros of online education

Back to School Shopping Infographic

back to school marketing ideas, back to school marketing infographics

Back-to-School Shopping Trends for 2016

back to school retail infographics

Back to School Sales and Marketing Guide from TheShelf

back to school marketing and sales guide
Courtesy of: The Shelf

Gaming the Classroom

gaming and education
Source: Gaming the Classroom- The Art and Science of GBL

4 Gamification Design Mistakes To Avoid

Back to School Health Tips for Parents

back to school health infographic, health guide for parents

The Dangers Of Heavy Backpacks – And How Kids Can Wear Them Safely

cons of backpacks for students infographic, effects of backpacks poster

Can I Friend You on Facebook? An Ethical Response Guide by Lisa Nielsen and Eileen Lennon

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