Learn How to Use Piktochart!

By | July 2, 2014 - < 1 Minute Read

learn how use piktochart videos

Become an expert Piktocharter by watching our videos, and you’ll be making infographics in no time!
Our video tutorials are live on our Piktochart Youtube page, and you can also check out additional user-created guide on our Video Tutorial page here.

Editing Blocks and Arranging Content

What is a block? Adding & deleting blocks; Moving & resizing blocks

How to Add Items like Icons, Images, and Text

Add icons, upload your own image or photo, resize an item, add and edit text, and change the background.

Customizing Charts and Data Visualization

Add a chart to your infographic, input data, and customize your chart.

Adding Videos and Map Visualizations

Insert a video, insert a map, and customize them.

Sharing, Publishing, and Downloading Infographics

Download and share your infographic.

Looking for something? Let us know your suggestions in the comments, or check out some of these additional user-created tutorials!

Check it out!