Wilson Moy

Community Evangelist | Piktochart

Here at Piktochart, we’re a team that believes in being an inspirational part of the local technology, startup, and design scenes. Besides just building an easy-to-use visual tool, we want to make the world around us better.

When Kimberly and Mok, two members of our design team, came across the opportunity to host a Dribbble Meetup in Penang, they were both drawn to the idea of nurturing the local design and creative scene. Dribbble is all about the community too, and after pitching this idea to the rest of the team, we were fully onboard for making this awesome event happen.

We formed a planning team to organize and obsess over the details to ensure a fun and inspiring event. We knew that a Piktochart/Dribbble meetup should involve the expression of creativity and design (since that’s what we’re both all about). We wanted to help like-minded, creative people share their expertise and knowledge while having a fun time and place to connect!

Our planning team in action Attendees at the registration booth, where everyone could take home some Dribbble and Piktochart swag! Joining in the fun at a special photo booth!

Besides the cool swag and the wacky photo booth, there was also the Analog Playoff competition. We loved the idea of helping creative people express themselves, so we encouraged attendees to draw out their ideas of a ‘Designer’s Nightmare’ and an ‘Emoji You Wish Existed’! This was an idea inspired by previous Dribbble Meetups from other parts of the globe.

The other highlights of the meetup were the sessions by 3 different industry superstars: Amy Ng, a self-taught illustrator who manages Pikaland; Eureka Foong, a PhD student at Northwestern University; and Jay Lim, the creative director for CUTOUT Magazine Malaysia. Each were specially handpicked by our planning team for their valuable stories and years of expertise.

Amy kicked off the session with her talk titled ‘Design as a Lifelong Process’, which looks into applying the principle of design in life to achieve our goals and dreams.

The next speaker (and former Piktochart employee) Eureka taught us ‘How To Get Useful Feedback on Your Designs’, which helped attendees understand new ways to improve their design using feedback based on her research at Northwestern University.

Finally, Jay shared the humbling story of CUTOUT Magazine, from how it all started to how it has become one of Malaysia’s most popular design magazines.

Needless to say, the 3 speakers did amazingly well and left the crowd inspired by their stories! Besides the speakers, we also opened the stage for 3 lucky winners who scored exclusive Dribbble invites to share their artwork.

Winners of Dribbble invites sharing the process and thoughts behind their personal artwork.

Our team was incredibly humbled and privileged to be given the opportunity to host the Penang Dribbble Meetup for the creative and design communities in our city. This meetup wouldn’t have been successful without the generous support from other local sponsors such as Uber Penang, Dapoq, Huey&Wah, L’Autentico Juice, and Betty’s Balloonland – so thank you! We’d also like to thank the team at Dribbble for trusting us with the opportunity to host a Dribbble Meetup!

The awesome crowd at Penang+Dribbble Meetup 2016!

We streamed all the talks by the 3 speakers on Facebook Live, and you can find them all on our event page. If you’ve missed out on the Dribbble fun this time, be sure to check out this highlight video!