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October 2022 Release: New Template Formats, a Survey, and 108 New Templates

Before we stride (or leap!) into the last two months of 2022, let’s slow down time for a bit and take a collective deep breath.

How are your visual communication skills and information design projects coming along in 2022?

As you reflect on this question, here’s an inside scoop on what we’ve built and updated last month to help you level up your information design chops.

In October, we introduced 10 new template formats and 8 subcategories. We also shipped an additional improvement (Recommended Templates for You) for select users.

Plus, we launched a survey on chart usage to help us understand your chart needs and preferences better.

Finally, we also published 108 new templates for banners, newsletters, certificates, greeting cards, invitations, gift certificates, Zoom backgrounds, and of course, menus!

Learn more about each update and template group by clicking a link below.

What’s new at Piktochart in October 2022

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Improvements: New formats and a Recommended for You page

Last month, we added 10 formats and 8 subcategories to help you find the correct template faster. These include the following:

  1. Banners
  2. Newsletters
  3. Certificates
  4. Invitations
  5. Greeting Cards
  6. Gift Certificates
  7. Zoom Backgrounds
  8. Menus
  9. Diagrams
  10. Charts & Graphs
new formats in the Piktochart editor

We’ve also added the For You page (Recommended Templates) to select users in Education, Finance, HR, Corporate Communications, IT, Recruitment, and Healthcare. We will gradually roll out this update to other users in the coming months.

With this improvement, users can quickly find a template that’s perfect for their role and needs.

Design banners online in minutes with new printable banner templates

Whether you’re a small coffee shop that wants to stand out in your neighborhood or a Fortune 500 company looking to make your next conference more memorable, Piktochart’s new banner templates have your back.

From elegant email banner templates to stunning social media banner templates, customize and print your banner template fast and easy with Piktochart. Blog banner templates that are super-easy to edit are also included in this month’s release.

food blog banner template by Piktochart
blog banner template
travel blog banner template
marketing banner template

Customize your newsletters with professional, print-friendly newsletter templates

Don’t have time to build out a custom newsletter from scratch?

Our new addition to our library of new templates will help you stand out on different email platforms and devices.

These newsletter templates are also easy to download and print with a Piktochart account.

company newsletter template
company bulletin newsletter template

Professionally-designed certificate templates ready for customization

If you’re looking for certificates that look visually appealing yet functional at the same time, we’ve got the right certificate templates for you.

Here’s a preview of the custom certificate templates we made last month. A certificate you’ll be proud to give away is just a few clicks away with Piktochart.

employee of the year certificate template
contest winning certificate template
certificate of completion newsletter template

Make the perfect invitation for any occasion with invitation templates

From birthday party invitations to wedding invites, Piktochart’s invitation maker has all the tools you need to make invitations with ease and delight your guests.

Celebrate events and gatherings in style or with fun, colorful themes.

pool party invitation template
dog birthday invitation template
white wedding invitation template

Find the right look for your greeting card with greeting card templates

Get the perfect greeting card design every time, fast and stress-free with Piktochart’s card maker plus the addition of new greeting card templates (like the ones below!).

You also get endless customization options for your cards – from high-quality photographs to millions of icons and illustrations to make your card design pop.

christmas greeting card template
Thanksgiving card template
holiday greeting card template

Design beautiful gift certificates quickly with gift certificate templates

Gift-giving can be stressful for many. But good thing there are gift certificates for those who want to avoid doing a mad rush to the mall and still find the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

If you’re a brand or shop that wants to prepare for all the gift-giving occasions year-round, design your gift cards and vouchers with Piktochart’s gift certificate templates. They’re also easy to customize with your brand colors. Plus, they’re ready to print in various size formats.

christmas gift certificate template
nail salon gift certificate template
massage gift voucher template
restaurant gift certificate template

Look good in your next Zoom meeting with Zoom background templates

Whether you want to make your Zoom meetings more casual or you’re going for a more professional vibe, there’s always the right Zoom background template for you in Piktochart’s template gallery. Choose from Christmas Zoom backgrounds, office Zoom backgrounds, simple Zoom backgrounds, and more!

star wars zoom background template
simple zoom background template
christmas zoom background template
office zoom background template

Make menus that diners would love to browse (and order more!) at your restaurant with customizable, printable menu templates by Piktochart. Creating your unique menu is just a few clicks away!

food truck menu template
cocktail menu template
cocktail menu template
beer menu template

Promote your brand and build hype with these Black Friday poster templates

From Black Friday flash deals to monthlong Thanksgiving week discounts, use these easy-to-edit Black Friday poster templates for your social media posts, email newsletters, and flyers.

black friday poster template
artistic black friday poster template

Highlight the most important stats and facts with human resources infographic templates

Our new human resources infographic templates are an HR staff’s best friend when showcasing statistics or sharing vital information. Edit, customize, and download your infographic in minutes with Piktochart.

career path infographic template
HR statistics infographic template

Launch of Charts Survey

We’re curious about how you’re using graphs and charts in Piktochart so we can provide a better, more effortless experience the next time you use them for your visuals. For this reason, we launched the Charts Survey last October. We’ll use your feedback and requests to help us decide what to build.

The survey is accessible via the Charts menu in the Piktochart editor. It will be available for 12 weeks so please take the survey when you can!

where to find the Charts survey in the Piktochart editor

Happy Pikto-charting and until next New at Pikto update for November!

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Pick a template and quickly turn your idea into a stunning report, presentation, infographic, social media graphic, or printable.

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