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November 2022 Release: Charts Customization, Tables, Video Embeds, and Illustration Searches

We’re counting down to the last days of 2022, but we’re not slowing down on our product updates quite yet! We’re continuing to bring exciting improvements to help you close your year more efficiently.

You’ve let us know your feedback, and we’ve been transforming it into new features you can enjoy within Piktochart.

This time, the theme has a lot to do with making your visuals much more engaging—effortlessly. Learn more about each update by clicking the links below.

What’s new at Piktochart in November 2022

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Charts Customization

The charting options within the Piktochart Visual editor have been one of our key features used by many. Up until now, however, it has been limiting because you could not customize the text to your needs.

With this update, we are introducing full customization options for your charts! You can now change its font size, font family, and even colors. This way, you can always stay on-brand with fonts and colors of your choice.

panel in piktochart where users can change the font family for charts, change font family, charts customization
Panel in Piktochart where users can change the font family for charts

You also have the option to individually customize each section of your chart to use different settings. For example, your title can have the X font family to stand out, while the labels use the Y font family for better legibility.

We’re handing over the control to you to personalize charts the way you want! Try Piktochart’s graph maker for free.


Tables are one of the core visual communication elements. We see them everywhere to represent a comparison of the latest iPhone variants or to showcase data in a very structured manner for easy understanding.

With the latest Tables feature, you can create them to fit your needs while being on-brand by customizing their colors and text formatting!

You can find Tables in the Piktochart editor under the “More” section. Add them by clicking on the preset options or dragging them to your visual. Don’t worry; add or remove the rows and columns as needed.

Customizing the table should be very familiar to customizing a text in Piktochart. You’ll find the usual options of colors, font family, font sizes, and others on the property bar for you to use.

table feature in the Piktochart editor
Table feature in the Piktochart editor

Video Embedding

Video has certainly been the main medium of consumption over the years. While Piktochart Video offers you a way to record your own video for your presentations and share them, Piktochart Visual now enables you to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos into them.

All you have to do is copy the respective URL of your YouTube video (including YouTube shorts) or Vimeo video and paste it in, then it’ll be added to your visual.

You’ll find the option to embed video together with Tables under the “More” section of the editor.

video embedding feature in Piktochart
Video embedding feature in Piktochart

Fancy embedding a video from a different provider? Let us know!

Illustration Searches

Over the past few months, we’ve been adding many more assets, with more to come. We also observed that many like you enjoy the style and composition of the illustrations we’ve been providing. So it makes perfect sense to enable you to search for your favorite one, too!

Similar to icons and photos, you can now find the search bar on top to find the Illustrations that best fit your visual content. No more endless scrolling to find that perfect one!

As a bonus, anytime you hover your cursor over any Icons or Illustrations, an enlarged version will show up on the side so you can preview them more clearly before adding them to your visual.

illustration searches in Piktochart
Illustration searches in Piktochart

Create Professional-looking Reports That Will Amaze Your Stakeholders

Create professional-looking diagrams and reports that will amaze your stakeholders.

Designing a comprehensive report can be a dreadful task for some. Whether it’s an annual, quarterly or lateral report, it needs to be precise while engaging at the same time. With these new report templates, Piktochart will take care of the design of your report so you can focus on providing accurate data for your stakeholders.

Create a free Piktochart account and get access to the report templates below.

corporate social responsibility report
Corporate Social Responsibility Report
global reporting initiatives template, standards template
Global Reporting Initiatives
quarterly report template, report template
Quarterly Report
sustainability report template
Sustainability Report
quarterly social media report template, social media report
Quarterly Social Media Report

Professionally-designed SWOT Analysis Templates Ready for Customization

A SWOT analysis doesn’t have to be boring. Impress your stakeholders with these beautiful SWOT analysis templates.

Pick one template and start customizing the text, colors, and illustrations with a few clicks. Thousands of icons and illustrations are available in the Piktochart editor for free—no design skills are required.

swot analysis template
SWOT Analysis of a Business
swot analysis, swot analysis template
Modern SWOT Analysis
swot analysis amazon
Amazon SWOT Analysis
swot anaysis mcdonald's
McDonald’s SWOT Analysis
towx matrix
TOWS Matrix
swot analysis company
SWOT Analysis of a Company

Design Attractive YouTube and Twitch Graphics to Channel Your Personality

Design attractive YouTube and Twitch graphics that channel your personality.

From a geeky gaming channel to a cool vlog or beauty channel, we’ve created various YouTube banner, YouTube thumbnail, and Twitch banner templates to help you connect to your subscribers.

Pick from some of the templates below and start designing your YouTube and Twitch graphics.

youtube banner template
Aesthetic YouTube Banner
gaming youtube banner
Gaming YouTube Banner
subscribe youtube banner
Subscribe YouTube Banner
montage youtube thumbnail
Montage YouTube Thumbnail
travel vlog youtube thumbnail
Travel Vlog YouTube Thumbnail
gaming youtube thumbnail
Gaming YouTube Thumbnail
live stream banner
Live Stream Banner
twitch offline banner
Twitch Offline Banner
black twitch banner
Black Twitch Banner
twitch profile banner
Twitch Profile Banner

Personalized Greeting Cards and Invitation Templates, Perfect for Sharing the Joy of Christmas With Your Loved Ones

Whether you’re inviting friends and family for a Christmas or year-end party or simply sharing a warm, personalized message with your clients, we’ve got you covered.

With Piktochart’s card maker, everyone can design beautiful holiday, greeting, and invitation cards with just a few simple clicks.

Start from a template that attracts you and experiment with colors, text, image, and illustrations to make it yours. Before you know it, your one-of-a-kind card is ready to share. You can download it as a PDF or PNG before printing it.

Here are some of our favorite designs.

christmas greetings template
Christmas Greetings to Family and Friends
beautiul christmas gretings
Beautiful Christmas Greetings
corporate christmas greetings
Corporate Christmas Greetings
digital christmas card
Digital Christmas Card
happy christmas greetings
Happy Christmas Greetings
funny boyfriend christmas card
Funny Boyfriend Christmas Card
invitation for year end party
Invitation for Year End Party
christmas lunch invitation
Christmas Lunch Invitation
holiday party invitation
Holiday Party Invitation
company christmas party invitation, company party invite template
Company Christmas Party Invitation

New Year, New You! Start Planning Your 2023 Resolutions With Printable New Year’s Resolutions Templates

New year, new you! Start planning and sharing your 2023 resolutions with ready-made New Year’s Resolutions templates.

Design a beautiful, personalized New Year’s resolution with Piktochart. You can decorate them with aesthetic illustrations or motivational stickers, all available for free in the Piktochart editor.

Lastly, download in PDF and print them or share them on your social media.

new year's resolution template
A New Year’s Resolution
new year's resolutions template
New Year’s Resolutions
reflection sheet
Reflection Sheet
reflective journal
Reflective Journal
health resolutions instagram story
Health Resolutions Instagram Story
new year goals instagram story
New Year Goals Instagram Story

Enjoy the new resources and see you next year with another monthly update!

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