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July 2022 Release: Back to School with 46 New Templates for Education

Your Piktochart monthly product update for July is here!

We’re thrilled to share what our team of communication designers, marketers, and product folks prepared for you last month. 

Inspired by our users in the education space, we decided to spend more time creating templates and resources for teachers and students in July and August.

Learn more about our Back to School 2022 initiative for educators around the world.

These templates will definitely help kick the school year into high gear for everyone as it’s back to school for most teachers and students in July or August.

Keep scrolling to see templates for lesson plans, group projects, worksheets, class syllabus, and more! This month’s update has a little something for every teacher, professor, and student out there. 

A free workshop (and a Kindle giveaway!) for teachers and educators around the world is also in the works. Scroll down for the details or click a link below to skip to a section.

Table of contents

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Lesson plan templates

Helping students and fellow educators stay on track has never been this effortless!

Whether you want to plan for the entire month or prefer to make weekly plans for your class, show your creative side with these professionally designed and customizable lesson plans.

Here’s a preview of our new editable and print-ready lesson plan templates.

1. Colorful lesson plan template with bold colors

Colorful lesson plan template with bold colors

2. Daily lesson plan template

Daily lesson plan template

3. Creative weekly lesson plan template

Creative weekly lesson plan template

4. Artistic weekly lesson plan template

Artistic weekly lesson plan template

Templates for group project and group work 

Group work projects in the classroom have been shown to play an essential role in promoting intrinsic motivation among students.

In the classroom setting, this means that students are more interested in engaging in an activity because of internal rewards like genuine interest in a subject or a love of learning. 

According to a 2018 report by the American Institutes for Research (AIR), group work and collaborative learning also support equity in education. 

Finally, group work also develops social-emotional learning among students, enabling them to develop soft skills such as empathy, self-regulation, critical thinking, and communication skills. 

If you’ve been planning to add more group work projects in class, we have the right templates below!

The great thing about these templates is you can customize each presentation slide for any school group work you have in mind.

1. Group assignment presentation template

Group assignment presentation template

2. Group work report template

group work report template

3. Group project template

Group project template

Class syllabus templates

How can you make students look forward to your class with a bland, plain-looking syllabus? 

Use Piktochart’s new editable, colorful class syllabus templates!

The next time a student asks you what they can expect from your class for the entire semester or school year, all you need to do is share a link to your beautiful, attention-grabbing class syllabus made with Piktochart!.

1. Class syllabus presentation template

Class syllabus presentation template

2. High school syllabus template

High school syllabus template

Recommended reading: How to Create an Infographic Syllabus With Piktochart (Plus Templates)

Book report templates

Instill the love of reading to students and help them improve many skills that come with reading – from empathy to critical thinking to love for the written word – with book report assignments. 

Share the book report templates below with your class, so they don’t have to start making one from scratch. As a result, they’ll have more time to enjoy the act of reading itself.

1. Book report presentation template

Book report presentation template

2. Student learning report template

Student learning report template

Project brief and worksheet templates

Turn assignments in the classroom into fun, memorable activities by using Piktochart’s customizable, ready-to-print worksheets. We made sure that these worksheets are suitable for various subjects, learning goals, classroom setup, and grade levels. 

preview of project briefs and worksheet templates
Try Piktochart for free to get access to these templates.

Recommended reading: This helpful article at Cult of Pedagogy about the difference between “busysheets” and “powersheets” is a gold mine for teachers looking to make their worksheets filled with educational value for everyone in class. 

1. Colorful math project brief template

Colorful math project brief template

2. Science project brief template

3. Printable worksheet template

Printable worksheet template

Classroom newsletter templates

In May this year, we introduced new templates for classroom newsletters. We added more school newsletter templates last July, so you don’t have to make a newsletter from scratch the next time you have to make announcements in class. 

Whether you want to inform parents about your classroom’s new guidelines or announce students’ birthdays in class, take your pick from the editable and print-friendly school newsletter templates below. 

1. Classroom newsletter template

Classroom newsletter templates

2. School newsletter template

School newsletter template

Event templates

A template library update won’t be complete without adding new templates for upcoming events and holidays.

This time around, the new templates are for Labor Day and Humanitarian Day. You can use them for social media or embed them on your blog posts or website. 

1. World Humanitarian Day templates

community volunteer program template
Humanitarian volunteer initiative infographic
call for volunteers template
fun facts about volunteering template

2. Labor Day templates

Labor day holiday notice poster

Proposal templates

Non-education users, we’re still looking after you! Add some spice to your proposals and make them stand out with these new proposal templates you can edit and download in minutes with Piktochart.

1. Marketing proposal template

Marketing proposal template

2. Consulting proposal template

Consulting proposal template

3. Project proposal template

 Project proposal template

Back to school 2022 workshop

Finally, are you ready for the new school year?

The Piktochart team is rooting for you and your plans for the coming academic year! We want you to start the school year inspired and brimming with knowledge with our Back to School 2022 workshop for teachers and educators on August 24.

Learn more about the workshop plus giveaway in the video below.

Happy Pikto-charting and until next New at Pikto update for August.

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