Instagram Stories for Business: Ultimate Guide

You viewed just one post and before you knew it, you’ve tapped through dozens of people’s Instagram Stories telling you who did what and other info you picked up from your random scroll. Such is the pull of this creative Instagram feature.

From Google to the Guinness World Records, more than 500 million users and brands use Instagram Stories every day to build awareness, grow engagement and even drive sales.

Instagram Stories is a great way to start conversations that allow you to have a more authentic connection with your audience. There’s tons of user-friendly features to kick-start your creativity—from polls to emojis.

Here’s our guide to boosting audience interaction and getting more out of this fun and creative Instagram feature to help you elevate your business.

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Throw in a question

Got a question or simply looking for ways to let your audience talk to you? By using Questions Stickers, you can encourage more feedback on your product or service by allowing your followers to give their responses that will reach you via DM.


Run a poll

Poll stickers are a great way to let your audience interact with your brand real time. You can ask virtually anything! You’re effectively saying, “Hey, I am interested in what you think!” and that’s always a great way to build a sense of community and get that instant engagement boost you are looking for. 

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Create a visual
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Start a quiz

Take audience participation a notch further by using Quiz Stickers on your Instagram Stories.  It’s a fun way of telling the stories your brand is passionate about, or giving details about a new product.


Use chat stickers

Think of it as the group chat for Instagram. Released last year, Chat Stickers is a great feature for setting up a quick forum to stir conversations around your business. You can pick up to 32 participants. If you are testing out new product ideas or marketing concepts, this is a good start.

Go live

One of the best and easiest ways to get attention is to go live on Instagram Stories. Your followers are going to be notified when you are going live, which will give you an instant engagement boost. 

Use templates

Jazz up your Instagram Stories with beautiful templates. Templates are a great way to stay consistent with your brand identity. Piktochart recently released Instagram Stories templates that are quick and easy to customize. They make you look like a design pro, too!

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