Put a Pin in It: Using Infographics on Pinterest to Grow your Business

When Ben Silbermann first founded Pinterest back in 2010 and told his friends about it, none of them “got it.” As it turns out, Silbermann was way ahead of his time. Fast forward to 2016, and Pinterest has a whopping 110 million monthly active users onboard.


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Because of this, companies are starting to catch on and use Pinterest for business. In fact, many are attracting sizable audiences directly from Pinterest, growing their traffic substantially.

Which is also why, I assume, you’re reading this article.

Here are three Pinterest marketing tips that will help you take concrete steps towards growing your business right away.

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Optimize your Pins

The basic idea of Pinterest is in “pinning” content on boards. Content makes its way through the halls of Pinterest when users “repin” the content that you’ve added to your boards.

Pinners typically use boards to collect Pins for inspiration. As such, it’s critical to create Pins that are both engaging and relevant to your brand.

image_1-8852762Here are some ways to optimize your Pins.

image_2-8211890Make full use of your Pin captions by explaining why the content would be useful to your customers. Be sure to include your brand’s name and website URL somewhere in the caption as well.

image_3-7591288Find out what keywords people are using when searching for things related to your brand on Pinterest by typing them in the search box. Similar to Google, popular suggestions will automatically appear. Make a list of these keywords and sprinkle them throughout your Pins.


Vertical Pins tend to do better, simply because they look better in Pinterest’s layout. Infographics, in particular, are very popular. Aim for an aspect ratio of 2:3 or 4:5, and a width of 735 pixels.

image_4-2386099Use Tailwind or Buffer to find the optimal times to publish your content, and then schedule them accordingly.

Also, take full advantage of your Pinterest analytics dashboard to tweak your Pins further. From there, you can see how your Pins are performing, analyze your audience demographics and interests, and so on.

image_5-1-4269061For more inspiration, check out the success stories that Pinterest has documented on their Business page here.

Use Pinterest group boards

Pinterest group boards are boards with multiple contributors. The most popular boards tend to have hundreds, if not thousands or tens of thousands, of followers as well. For example, this board has close to 90,000 followers, which is pretty incredible:

image_6-1-4094762In other words, you’ll be able to get more mileage for your Pins if you submit them to these boards. You can find the most popular (and more importantly, most relevant) boards using PinGroupie:

image_7-2070094Alternatively, you can create your own board and invite contributors to it, which requires more upfront work – you’ll need to seek out high-quality contributors – but is potentially more rewarding. This is because the board is automatically added to your contributors’ Pinterest pages as well, exposing it to an even wider audience and pool of potential followers.

Sell directly on Pinterest

Pinterest introduced rich pins back in 2013. These Pins include more information about the pinned images, such as pricing details and a direct link to the product page.

Then it got even better. Last year, Pinterest started adding “buy” buttons to these product pins as well, though these are only available on Pinterest’s iOS and Android apps:

image_8-1-2028710They also launched The Pinterest Shop, which is “essentially a store inside of Pinterest that’s composed entirely of buyable Pins,” and added a shopping bag this year for good measure.

image_9-1182667In other words, if you have compelling images of your products, this is one of the best and most direct ways to market and sell them.

Here’s a pro tip: use Promoted Pins to ensure your product Pins are seen by even more people.

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