17 Awesome Ideas for Using Text Frames

Most folks associate Piktochart with infographics, posters, brochures, and presentations. But did you know that there are many other creative uses of Piktochart that you may have overlooked?

One of these often overlooked features is our selection of text frames.


Hidden away in the “TEXT” toolbox, these frames add some additional flair to your Pitkocreation. While most users would only think to slap text frames onto their infographics and call it a day, these unique designs can also help you create beautiful products on their own.

The combination of fonts, graphics, colors, and styles draws attention to an otherwise mundane stack of text, allowing information to be consumed and digested more efficiently. There is an array of ways text frames could add a unique touch to your personal life and business.

We’ve gathered 17 examples of text frames that we hope will inspire you the next time you’re looking to use Piktochart to create something amazing!


While organizing your kitchen or a bathroom cabinet, why not brighten it up as well? Ditch the ready-made labels for your own jars and containers, and create your very own unique label!



Event posters

Using text frames for event posters not only draws people’s attention, it also provides an opportunity for you to set the tone and atmosphere of your event. Use the opportunity to let attendees know what type of event to look forward to!


Call-to-action buttons

Aside from printed materials, text frames also help spice up the user experience on your web page. Try using them for your call-to-action buttons or mockups you create for your designers!


Social media visuals

Text frames bring life to bite-sized text snippets, and that makes your shareable content more enticing for your audience to grab onto. You can print those out as posters, too!


Address stickers for parcels/letters

Save the energy of writing your return address every time you send mail. Piktochart’s text frame feature allows you to play around with fonts and colors to create your very own address stickers.


Tags for luggage

Can’t find exactly what you want for a luggage tag? Or maybe you’d like to make your suitcase more recognizable when picking it up at the airport? Piktochart’s text frames are the perfect solution for that.


Greeting cards

Customizing your own greeting card lets you showcase your personality and creativity.


Name tags for presenters and event participants

Have a conference or event coming up? Create fun and unique name tags that participants can wear and keep as a memento, instead of having them end up in the trash can!


Infographic headers

For a more conventional use of text frames, start your infographic out with one. Capture your readers’ attention by synthesizing your infographic headline into a text frame.


Business signage

Who says you have to hire a graphic designer to create a logo for your business? Piktochart is perfect for people without a design background. Use the text frame feature to showcase your vision for your business! You can then download it in a high resolution, ideal for printing on large formats.


Newspaper ads

Stand out among other ads with a sleek, flat design. Text frames force you to be concise and straight to the point because you are limited in the amount of text you can put in a frame. This makes your ad easier to read and might even prompt readers to call to find out more!


Notepad designs 

Let’s face it. None of the notepads out there have the exact cover design you really want. Create your own design and incorporate a quotation that truly resonates with you.


Take product customization into your own hands and fuel the text frame feature with your creative energy. These next few products are some examples on how text frames add flair to your promotional products or adding a personal touch to your everyday objects.

Tote bag


Cups & bottles


Labels for bags and boxes



T-shirt designs


Coaster stickers


Feeling inspired? If you are new to Piktochart and just getting started, check out this article on how to use text frames.

Don’t fret if you feel like you’ve hit a wall with style and design. Click on this article for some basic lessons in graphic designing – from picking fonts to choosing icons.

And hey, show us what you’ve made! We’d love to see your Piktocreations down in the comments or on Twitter!

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