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When you tell your friends and family about your job, do you focus on the positives or the negatives? Do you share stories about your latest team volunteer project, or are you likely to bemoan your company’s recent reduction of professional development benefits?

You may not realize it, but those tendencies are reflections of your company’s employer brand. While we believe that earning “great place to work” awards and being included on various “best of” lists are admirable goals, we also believe that you and your colleagues can define and shape your employer brand so it stands out from the competition.

We’ve put together an insightful guide of communicating your employer brand jam packed inspirational examples. Included are also 11 employer branding templates that’ll help your organization put its best foot forward!

This Ebook Will Help You
Understand your employer brand strategy
Conduct an employer brand audit
Craft your employer brand throughout your employee lifecycle
Evaluate your employer branding efforts
Get inspiration for new initiatives and optimize what’s already working
Easily create visuals with 11 employer branding templates
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