Text vs. Images: Deciding How to Effectively Present Content

By | November 16, 2016 - < 1 Minute Read

There are times when you can’t decide whether to do a text-only post or an image-only post. While each has a specific niche, you can be sure that not everyone will be pleased with either. It just doesn’t work that way.

If the two means of informing come head to head, from the onset, it would seem like images will win most of the time, especially when considering that the brain processes visual information sixty thousand times faster than textual data.

But don’t discount the power of words. After all, literature is alive and kicking, and everyone is still using words as a primary means of communication.

When conveying your message, which of the two is better? When you’re making a post, what medium should you choose? Should you go for the modern trend that is visual image or the “still surviving because of many reasons” written text?

Or what about a third option, an alternative that isn’t new but is better? Check this infographic from SlideGenius to know the scoop behind them.



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