8 Minutes Read | Communications

Why and How We Create Social Media Campaigns (Tips To Create Your Own!)

When you think about a brand or business, which resource do you use to learn more about them? While a website...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy

3 Minutes Read | Design

8 Types of Infographics: Which Is Right For You? [Quiz]

There's more to infographics than a bunch of scattered numbers and pictures in a long image. Actually, there...

Justin Wiesenfeld Justin Wiesenfeld

2 Minutes Read | Design

Spring Design Inspirations and Templates

Behold, my friends. The spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy

9 Minutes Read | Communications

How We Went About User Persona Research – Step by Step Guide

I remember the day Piktochart turned four and reached a new height of five million users worldwide. That’s...

Laura Francois Laura Francois

2 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

New Templates Update for March

In the blink of an eye, March has arrived and we hope you’ve had a remarkable year so far! Recently, we...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy
keyword research in infographic ideas

7 Minutes Read | Communications

How to use Keyword Research for Infographic Ideas

Keyword research is traditionally the domain of SEOs. However, it’s important to understand it can greatly...

Jack Saville Jack Saville
Here’s the Lowdown on Interactive Content in 2017

8 Minutes Read | Communications

Here’s the Lowdown on Interactive Content in 2017

Over the last few years or so, businesses have realized the power of content marketing and are creating...

Pierre de Braux Pierre de Braux

4 Minutes Read | Design

How to Create an Infographic and Other Visual Projects in 5 Minutes [Infographic]

This article can help you if you are worried about creating infographics or visual projects from scratch. In...

Justin Wiesenfeld Justin Wiesenfeld
8 rules to make responsive newsletters

6 Minutes Read | Communications

8 Rules to Making Responsive Newsletters and Why They Are Important [Infographic]

Mobile accessories follow us everywhere. We use them to contact friends, to do research, and to read news. We...

Eliza Bzdon Eliza Bzdon
Inclusive design

6 Minutes Read | Communications

Inclusive Design: How to Make Your Visuals Accessible to All

Infographics are an incredibly effective way to quickly convey your message. However, if you don’t keep the...

Joshua Weikel Joshua Weikel
how to effectively communicate data

9 Minutes Read | Product Development

Behind the Scenes of Piktochart’s Data Team – How to Effectively Communicate Data

This is the first article from our brand new 'product development' category. In the next months, our...

Flavien Lambert Flavien Lambert
How to Create a Custom Logo for Your Amazon Brand

8 Minutes Read | Design

How to Create a Custom Logo for Your Amazon Brand

Your brand is a currency. Whether you're a newcomer to e-commerce or a long-term Amazon vendor, consumers...

Chad Rubin Chad Rubin
Join Piktochart as a Campus Ambassador

2 Minutes Read | Education

Join Piktochart as a Campus Ambassador

Here at Piktochart, we recently celebrated a big milestone. Across the world, 7 million people have tried out...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen

3 Minutes Read | Announcement

Piktochart Spreading Kindness with #RAKWeek2017

You’ve probably heard the quote, “Throw kindness around like confetti” which sounds a little silly -...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy
How to Design Customer Experience Through Proactive Engagement

6 Minutes Read | Communications

How to Design Customer Experience Through Proactive Engagement [Infographic]

Think about all the moments that customers bump into your brand. It happens when they browse your website,...

Eric Johnson Eric Johnson
Top Education Conferences 2017 1000x830

14 Minutes Read | Education

Top Education Conferences in 2017

If you’re looking for the Top 2017 Education (EdTech) Conferences that you should attend, you’ve come to...

Aaron Lee

5 Minutes Read | Leadership

How to Master Difficult Conversations at Work – Leader’s Guide [SlideShare]

In my experience running a startup for five years, I never imagined that the hardest thing would be having...

Ai Ching Ai Ching

3 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

New Templates and Design Ideas for Valentine’s Day

This February, it’s all about the celebration of love with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching! With the...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy