1 Minute Read | Communications

7 Ways to Generate Leads With Infographics

Infographics are so much more than just another visual to dress up your blog posts. They’re a beautiful way...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

3 Minutes Read | Design

8 Awesome Ideas for Summer Design

The summer season is fast approaching. Beyond the fun happenings during this time of the year, it’s also a...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy

6 Minutes Read | Leadership

The 7 Essential Steps to Building a Winning Culture

The similarity between business and sports is not something that most people think about. Pro sports uniforms...

Andrew Gazdecki Andrew Gazdecki

6 Minutes Read | Startup Lessons

5 Elements That Elevate a Winning Startup Pitch Deck

You’ve landed a meeting with that top tech VC. Now it’s time to create a winning pitch deck. After all,...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

3 Minutes Read | Design

How to Communicate Using Data Visualizations

Data visualization is the practice of using visuals, such as charts and graphs, to illustrate the meaning and...

Benjamin Benjamin

3 Minutes Read | Leadership

How Piktochart Hires For the Best Possible Cultural Fit

While cultural fit is considered a key trait to look for when hiring, most startups still struggle when using...

Shen Dee Quah Shen Dee Quah

2 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

Introducing Flyers, the Versatile New Addition to Printables

You asked and we delivered! We’ve recently received hundreds of user requests through our customer support...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

8 Minutes Read | Education

12 Top Visual Communication and Storytelling Courses

Visual storytelling is a way for people to communicate their story using visuals and digital media such as...

Mckenna Buckley Mckenna Buckley
Free ebooks digital marketing

4 Minutes Read | Communications

7 Free Ebooks to Supercharge Your Digital Marketing Strategy

We all know knowledge is power, which means you need to add as many reading materials into your digital...

Iris Leung Iris Leung
Boost Internal Communications

5 Minutes Read | Design

How to Boost Your Internal Communications With Infographics

We know that infographics are more than just marketing and brand awareness assets. At Piktochart, we talk a...

Andrew Wright Andrew Wright

4 Minutes Read |

A Student’s Guide to Getting Started with Piktochart

This post is a part of our guide to using infographics in education. For more information, check out the...

Justin Wiesenfeld Justin Wiesenfeld
User Slack announcement header

4 Minutes Read | Announcement

You’re Invited: Join Piktochart’s Slack Community

In a short five years, Piktochart has grown from an idea in our co-founder Ai Ching Goh’s mind to nine...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen
Change.org partnership header

5 Minutes Read | Announcement

Piktochart Partners with Change.org to Bring Visuals to Campaigns

We first launched our user event series, called PiktoTours, back in August 2015. At that time, we viewed...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen
header image

8 Minutes Read | Design

10 Ideas to Use Visuals to Attract Your Clients

Our brains LOVE visuals. Don’t just take it from us though. We gathered some fascinating statistics that we...

Mckenna Buckley Mckenna Buckley

4 Minutes Read | User Stories

User Story: From Startup Life to Peace Corps Volunteer

In this user story, we talk with Chelsea Gaylord, a Peace Corps volunteer making waves in Uganda. We discuss...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen
Piktochart user stories

2 Minutes Read | User Stories

Piktochart User Stories: Witness Creativity in Action

Our team at Piktochart recently celebrated two exciting milestones here at our startup. Since our humble...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen
Remote working

6 Minutes Read | Working Remotely

4 Skills Needed to be Successful at Remote Work

In 2015, 23 percent of employees reported doing a portion of their work remotely, up from 19 percent in 2003,...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen

2 Minutes Read | Announcement

#PiktoTurns5: Enjoy 5 Days of Freebies Plus Chance to Win an iPad!

Cue the fireworks — Piktochart is finally five years old. Five! We’re like a cutesy toddler that thinks...

Harrison Niap Harrison Niap