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6 Minutes Read | Communications

50 Interesting Data Sets to Find Data You Need

Whether you're doing a science project, creating a cool infographic, or giving a presentation, data makes...

Ai Ching Ai Ching

7 Minutes Read | Communications

Fonts and Colors for the Retail, Healthcare, and Financial Industries

This article was written in collaboration by Piktochart's design team, the industrious creators of the...

Natasya Sunarto

6 Minutes Read | Design

E-book Writing: A Marketer’s Guide

If you’re a marketer with great ideas worth sharing, you may, at some point, have considered writing an...

Katrina Balmaceda Katrina Balmaceda

6 Minutes Read | Design

Sales Report Guide To Key Metrics and Data Visualization

Sales reports provide insight into a business’ customer base and market position. They typically provide...

Katrina Balmaceda Katrina Balmaceda

8 Minutes Read | Design

Digital Marketing Funnel: How To Create Content For Every Stage

When marketers craft a digital marketing campaign, they typically perform a crucial step: mapping out content...

Katrina Balmaceda Katrina Balmaceda

7 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

2018 At Piktochart: A Year All About Teamwork

Another year has come and gone, it’s amazing how time flies at Piktochart! It’s been 365 days of trying...

Ai Ching Ai Ching

3 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

Employer Branding: A Free Ebook To Help You Create A Lasting One

Last month, I met with a friend who was interested in applying for a job with Piktochart. One of the first...

Marta Olszewska Marta Olszewska

3 Minutes Read | Communications

Power Of Imagery: Partnering With Unsplash To Tell Better Stories

It was a Friday and I was preparing for next week’s project kick-off meeting. I had put together a team to...

Deepan Manoharan Deepan Manoharan

7 Minutes Read | Communications

Sales Pitch Examples: The Best Presentations And How To Make Your Own

When you try to persuade someone to buy your product or service, you typically launch into a sales pitch. But...

Katrina Balmaceda Katrina Balmaceda

12 Minutes Read | Design

25 Free Ebooks To Get Inspired By And How To Make Your Own

Ebooks started out as electronic versions of printed books. But plenty of free ebooks today are made...

Katrina Balmaceda Katrina Balmaceda

2 Minutes Read | Design

Resume Layout Cheat Sheet: A Guide to Creating a Winning CV

Building a solid resume starts with its foundations. We’re talking about its layout! We’ve discussed...

Romina Viola Romina Viola

7 Minutes Read | Design

Digital Content Collaboration Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

Facebook posts with images have 2.3 times more engagement than posts without images. The power of visual...

Max Benz

7 Minutes Read | Communications

SWOT Analysis: How To Structure And Visualize It

If you’ve ever created a business plan or tried to make an organizational decision, chances are you’ve...

Katrina Balmaceda Katrina Balmaceda

4 Minutes Read | User Stories

Piktochart Teams Up With Users to Help Families Tell Visual Stories

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital’s mission is to create a world of possibility by supporting...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy

8 Minutes Read | Communications

Marketing Jobs In 2018: High Demand Roles And Skills Needed To Stay Relevant

In just a few decades, we’ve settled in nicely into the digital age, where the ongoing evolution of...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

8 Minutes Read | Design

Progress Report: How To Write, Structure And Make It Visually Attractive

Days or weeks into a project, your supervisor asks for a progress report. Depending on your experience with...

Katrina Balmaceda Katrina Balmaceda

3 Minutes Read | Design

Case Study: How To Create A Persuasive And Visual One (+3 Customizable Templates)

The case study. One of the best ways to win people over with concrete proof that what you’re offering is...

Iris Leung Iris Leung

5 Minutes Read |

15 Website Color Schemes For Startups and Consultants

Choosing colors for a website is a tricky task. You need to consider plenty of different elements - banners,...

Katrina Balmaceda Katrina Balmaceda