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September 2022 Release: Design Components, Screen Recording, and 119 New Templates

It’s already the fourth quarter and the final stretch of 2022!

Before you go trick-or-treating, plan for your Thanksgiving, or go holiday shopping, let’s take a quick look at what we’ve launched and built for September.

In the past month, we published 119 new templates (30 percent more than August!) focusing on diagrams, flowcharts, business canvas, and quote templates. Our design team also worked hard at creating and adding new templates for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

On the product side of things, Design Components (a crowd favorite!) is now up in the new editor we launched last May. In addition, Piktochart’s Screen Recording feature is now live for Pro and Free accounts.

Learn more about each update by clicking a link below.

What’s new at Piktochart in September 2022

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Make beautiful, shareable diagrams with our new professional diagram templates

Whether you want to demonstrate relationships between data sets or show what a process looks like, create diagrams without fuss with Piktochart! Here’s a preview of the professional digram templates we added recently to our library.

Venn diagram templates

Meiosis Mitosis Venn Diagram
photosynthesis venn diagram
content strategy venn diagram triangle
Ikigain Venn Diagram template

Make your data and information more memorable to readers with pictogram templates

Use pictograms the next time you need to visualize data, numbers, and statistics.

With Piktochart’s easy-to-use visual editor and wide selection of pictogram tempates, you don’t have to make pictograms from scratch.

Get stared with the pictograph templates we added in our template library last month!

Facebook statistics pictogram
visual communication pictogram
tree lifecycle pictogram

Explain processes and workflows more clearly with these new flowchart templates

Why waste time creating flowcharts from scratch?

With Piktochart’s flowchart maker, all it takes to create a simple yet engaging flowchart is to pick a flowchart template, edit it with your content, and customize it to your preferences.

Get started right away by creating a free Piktochart account so you can edit one of the new flowchart templates below.

sales process flowchart
information design process
flowchart for the hiring process
workflow chart template
clinical research flowchart
organizational flowchart template

Show meaningful connections between data points with our fresh-off-the-press quadrant templates

Are you about to present a report or set of data to business stakeholders?

Quadrants are perfect if you want to show the likeliness of success or share areas for improvement in a product or service. Plot positive and negative feedback or experiences with our new quadrant templates below.

quadrant graph template
competitive analysis quadrant graph
matrix quadrant graph
gradient quadrant graph

Inspire, motivate, and entertain your readers with these new quote templates

Make your quote graphics for social media, emails, or your website in minutes with Piktochart’s vast library of quote templates and text boxes. Pick a template, edit the quote, and even upload your own background photos!

never give up quote
friday motivational quotes
quote poster
thought for the day quotes

Simplify your business model for potential investors with business model canvas templates

A business model canvas helps outline and identify the key elements that make up your business. It also makes it easier for stakeholders, employees, and customers to understand your business model more clearly.

business model canvas template
value proposition canvas
lean canvas template
buyer persona canvas template
customer journey map template

Plan ahead and get ready for November events and holidays with our new Halloween and Thanksgiving templates

Last month, our designers created a new batch of Halloween and Thanksgiving templates just for you!

Use them on your social media posts or customize them for your newsletters. Piktochart also makes it so easy to embed these templates on your website.

If you’re using these holiday and event templates for your business, make sure you stay on brand by adding your logo or customizing the template to your brand colors.

Bonus tip: If you’re hiring someone else to edit the templates for you, a set of brand guidelines will come in handy.

halloween office costume party template
Halloween eve party template
thanksgiving day celebration template
happy thanksgiving day poster
happy thanksgiving day greetings

Reintroducing Design Components to the new Piktochart Editor

Create your visuals faster and discover new ways to share your data and information through lists, timelines, and comparison layouts with Design Components.

screenshot of new Design Components in Piktochart
how to use design components in Piktochart

New feature: Record your presentations and edit the recorded video in Piktochart

You don’t have to use two separate tools or platforms to record your presentation and edit it afterward.

With Piktochart, it’s now possible to record yourself while you’re presenting your visual! Then, if you want to add captions to the presentation and edit the video, you can switch to Piktochart Video.

How cool is that? You can learn more in this guide – How to record your presentation and edit it in Piktochart

Happy Pikto-charting and until next New at Pikto update for October!

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