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December 2022 Release: Tables Customization, New Design Components, More Custom Font Upload Slots

Welcome, 2023! 🥳 While we have plans for many exciting improvements and new features this year, we wrapped up December 2022 with a ribbon of more options to customize your visuals. It truly was a time of giving.

Following November’s theme, in December, we continued to provide you with more options to make your visual outstanding and engaging. Got your New Year’s Resolution ready? Let’s learn about what’s new below to help with your visual needs this year.

What’s new at Piktochart in December 2022

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Tables Customization

Back in November, we released our new and improved tables. We knew you would have wanted more ways of customizing them, and we delivered.

Ensuring brand consistency is not just about using the correct font family but also ensuring that the brand colors are consistent. Previously, you could only change the colors of your text within the tables.

With our newest improvement, you now have further control over the table’s cell and border color!

toolbar in piktochart where users can customize table's cell color, border color, and font
The toolbar in Piktochart where users can customize their tables

If you have any color schemes applied to your visual, this will make your work even easier.

After applying a color scheme to the table according to your liking, changing to other color schemes will always ensure that it stays consistent—and legible—without needing you to fiddle with them manually. It’s that simple!

panel in piktochart where users can change color scheme for their table
The panel in Piktochart where users can change the color scheme for their table

Your visual just got elevated that bit more for brand consistency.

More Design Components

We’ve always envisioned the Piktochart Visual editor to be easy to use and help to bridge the design knowledge gap of translating your content into visual elements. That was the inspiration behind our initial feature of Design Components—to be a collection of elements for all your needs.

Over time, as we’ve continued to learn about your visual needs more, it necessitates that we create more and more of such components. That’s what we set out to do, and we’ve now got you covered on many use cases!

design components tab in the piktochart editor
Design Components tab in the Piktochart editor

We’ve got you covered, from complex visualization like timelines to simpler ones like a photo grid. This ensures that on top of our Charts, Maps, and Tables, all of the complementary parts of your visual content can also be more engaging to help deliver your message effectively.

But that’s not all. As we added more Design Components (and will continue to do so), we quickly realized that it would be a huge list for you to browse through. As such, we made them searchable as well.

search bar to allow users browse and search design components in piktochart
Search bar to allow users to browse and search Design Components in Piktochart

Your search keyword will go through all the different Design Components to surface the correct result for you to use in your visual: lesser endless scrolling and quicker access to what you need.

As a bonus, we’ve also added a section for 3D icons!

3d graphics in piktochart, 3d icons, 3d illustrations
3D graphics in Piktochart

Yes, you’ve read that right. Alongside our widely used Illustration icons, you can now find all the 3D icons to keep up with the trend. Time to make your designs go “wow”!

More Custom Font Upload Slots

The Piktochart Visual editor provides more than 400 font families to choose from to customize your visual. As a Piktochart Pro or Enterprise Plan subscriber, you could upload your own font family to be used.

However, previously there was a limit of 10 custom fonts that you could upload as a Piktochart Pro or Enterprise Plan subscriber. As of this improvement, Enterprise Plan subscribers will now have two times more upload slots, allowing up to 20 custom font families to be uploaded!

This comes at no extra cost if you’re already on the Enterprise plan. If you’re a Free plan user or a Pro plan subscriber wanting to upgrade for more benefits, you can reach out to Sarah, our Sales Executive, to get a customized quotation.

You can check out our Enterprise plan’s feature listing here.

Celebrate Work Anniversaries and Share Gratitude With Personalized Anniversary Quotes Poster Templates

Celebrating work anniversaries has become a part of today’s company culture. Share your gratitude and tell your coworkers how much you appreciate them on their work anniversary through a personalized poster

With Piktochart, creating a customized poster is easier than ever. Pick one from an array of templates and start customizing the colors, fonts, and images to your liking. Add icons, illustrations, or decorative elements that are available for free in the Piktochart editor. 

And here are some of our favorite work anniversary poster designs.

5 year work anniversary quotes, work anniversary poster template
5 Year Work Anniversary Quotes
10 year work anniversary quotes, work anniversary poster template
10 Year Work Anniversary Quotes
funny work anniversary quotes, work anniversary poster template
Funny Work Anniversary Quotes
happy work anniversary quotes, work anniversary poster template
Happy Work Anniversary Quotes
work anniversary quotes for self, work anniversary poster template
Work Anniversary Quotes for Self

Break Down and Compare Types of Cloud Computing, or Any Topic, With an Easy-to-follow Infographic.

Cloud computing infographic templates contain list and comparison layouts to help you break down complex information into an easily digestible one. 

You can use infographics as a visual aid to present comprehensive information.

From company benefits to product and service instructions, you can customize and change them to your topic.

cloud computing architecture infographic
Cloud Computing Architecture
saas in cloud computing infographic
SaaS in Cloud Computing
aws cloud computing infographic
AWS Cloud Computing
google in cloud computing infographic
Google in Cloud Computing

Design Eye-catching Social Media Carousel Posts or Ads With These New Social Media Carousel Templates.

Create engaging social media carousel posts and ads that will increase awareness and improve the conversion of your product or service. 

Three simple steps to design an engaging social media carousel post:

  1. Pick one of your favorite carousel templates in Piktochart, change the text and write a compelling story that flows through the cards. 
  2. Highlight your product or service by showcasing product images or using icons and illustrations available for free in the Piktochart editor.
  3. Make it stick—change the fonts and colors according to your branding.
instagram carousel ads
Instagram Carousel Ads
carousel facebook ad
Carousel Facebook Ad
carousel instagram post
Carousel Instagram Post
carousel facebook post
Carousel Facebook Post
carousel post instagram
Carousel Post Instagram
instagram post carousel
Instagram Post Carousel

Customizable and Print-friendly Greeting Cards and Invitation Templates, Perfect for Sharing the Warmth and Joy of the Chinese New Year

Whether to invite your family and friends or to share well wishes with your loved ones, we’ve got you covered. These beautifully designed templates include Chinese New Year ornaments and auspicious messages you can personalize or use directly. 

Here are some of our favorite designs. Which one will you use?

chinese new year invitation
Chinese New Year Invitation
invitation to celebrate new year
Invitation to Celebrate New Year
chinese new year wishes
Chinese New Year Wishes
wishing chinese new year
Wishing Chinese New Year
chinese lunar new year
Chinese Lunar New Year

Enjoy the new resources, and see you next month with another monthly update!

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