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April 2022 Release: Piktochart Video, Text Frames, and 45 New Templates

Trivia time: According to our friends at, the word April comes from the Latin word aperire which means “to open” or “to uncover”. 

The month’s name is a nod to all the beautiful flowers and trees that bloom and come out of hibernation throughout the month in the northern hemisphere. 

a meme showing a cat enjoying spring

Speaking of things that bloom and open, the world is also starting to open its borders, so… drum roll… the Piktochart team got together in person this month (finally!). 

photo of the Piktochart team annual reunion 2022
We finally get to see each other in person this year! We are looking forward to another reunion because around half of the Piktochart team didn’t make it to this trip (including me who’s writing this blog post) 😀

Despite all the busyness and the lengthy to-do lists to take care of last month, especially the frantic week before the launch of Piktochart Video (more on that later!), here’s a quick look of the shiny new things we shipped for you in April.

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Launch of Piktochart Video: Video editor and screen recorder rolled into one

In early April, we launched Piktochart Video (formerly Piktostory, a separate product that we used to offer).

What does this mean for you as a Piktochart user?

Piktochart is now more powerful with Piktochart Video and Piktochart Visual. This means you can create infographics, posters, data visualization, and videos in one platform.

Piktochart Video is a simple (we mean it!) video editor and screen recorder. Use it for your content repurposing needs, asynchronous video communication, and automatic generation of subtitles.

Meanwhile, Piktochart Visual (the new name for the old Piktochart) lets you create infographics, presentations, reports, and prints in minutes.

You can easily switch between Piktochart Video and Piktochart Visual from your new dashboard. You’ll notice a new look and feel as you log in to your account.

You can learn more about the merge in this detailed announcement post: Introducing Piktochart Video. Plus, the video tutorial below shows you how easy it is to make and edit your first video clip in Piktochart.

Reduce time to hire with our new hiring posters and employee referral program flyer templates

If you’re planning to ramp up your hiring efforts in the coming months, use our new hiring posters and employee referral program flyers.

Did you know that employee referrals play a significant role in reducing an organization’s time to hire and finding highly qualified candidates?

Here’s a preview of our newly-added employee referral templates and hiring posters.

hiring poster template
hiring flyer template
employee referral program flyer template
employee referral flyer template

Communicate your insightful exit interview findings in an infographic

You’re done gathering your data and analyzing the results of your exit interviews. What’s next?

Share your insightful findings with the rest of the team with an exit interview report, like in the customizable template below.

exit interview report template

Make data-informed recruitment decisions with our new recruitment dashboard template

A recruitment dashboard is a visual representation of your recruitment metrics. It paints a picture of how your recruitment funnel is performing and could include information about your recruitment goals, budget, time to hire, and sources of high-quality talent.

If you’re new to recruitment dashboards, you don’t have to make one from scratch. The template below can help you make your own recruitment dashboard in less time.

recruitment dashboard template

Present your employee engagement report results through data visualization and infographics

Find out where your organization’s at in terms of employee morale and share your survey results with our new employee engagement and satisfaction reports. We also added more employee onboarding and employee-of-the-month poster templates!

These formats are easier to understand for your audience and ideal for quick presentations and email attachments.

employee satisfaction report template
employee onboarding template
employee of the month template

New SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) report template added to the collection

In January, we introduced our SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) templates and talked about SDG reporting. Three months later, we added a few more templates in this category.

SDG report template

New collection of editable and downloadable brochure templates

We noticed an uptick in usage of our brochure templates in the past couple of months, so we added new templates to the collection, including the crowd favorite: trifold brochures!

Recommended reading: Creative Examples of Brochures You Can Edit and Print

corporate trifold brochure template
preview of corporate trifold brochure template
travel trifold brochure template
preview of travel trifold brochure template
bootcamp brochure template

Happy mother’s day ad flyer templates

Happy mother's day ad flyer template
mother's day greeting card template

Memorial Day flyer templates

white memorial day flyer template
blue memorial day flyer template

New diagram text frames

What are these text frames for?

Explain complex processes, hierarchies, and workflows better with these new ways to visualize your content. We’ve already published a total of 185 diagram-related text frames (and photo frames) as of April. 

Recommended reading: Step-by-step guide to using text frames in Piktochart

Happy Pikto-charting and until next New at Pikto update!

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Kyjean Tomboc is an experienced content marketer for healthcare, design, and SaaS brands. She also manages content (like a digital librarian of sorts). She lives for mountain trips, lap swimming, books, and cats.

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