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16 Creative Examples of Brochures You Can Edit and Print

You have a wonderful product or service to offer, a brand story, and a few examples to illustrate your unique offering. 

So, what’s next? 

Spread the word about it to your target audience and find inspiration from a brochure example below!

Introducing brochure templates for all promotional purposes

Brochures (whether physical assets or digital brochures are needed) are one of the easiest ways to spread the word about your brand. 

However, making brochures (from business brochures to marketing brochures) can be challenging, particularly if you’re not the artsy type lacking design know-how. 

In this blog post, you’ll discover professional templates and creative examples of brochures that you can edit, download, and print right away ensuring a consistent visual brand. 

We’ll also answer the most burning question about brochures: are they still an effective tool for existing and potential customers?

Whether you need to make brochures on the fly for your food truck or you’re a marketer who has to make three different product brochures in a day, this collection of brochure examples is for you.

Table of contents:

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Do brochures still work?

The short answer is yes. 

The long answer is brochures remain an effective medium in the digital era if:

  • You understand the purpose of your brochure (why are you creating brochures?)
  • You know your target audience enough (who are you making it for?) 
  • You understand what your target audience wants to know (what type of information are you highlighting in your brochure?) 
illustration explaining why brochures are still effective in the digital era marketing brochure example

Another thing to be aware of is we’re not just talking about physical brochures. There are also digital brochures (often formatted as a pdf) to consider. 

Physical brochures are brochures that you print and distribute. Despite the paperless simplicity of going digital, traditional brochures and leaflets remain relevant. The decision to purchase high-value products or high-risk services is a good example. These include cars, real estate, or booking a holiday trip. 

“It seems that a brochure in the current market can tap into a more aspirational post-purchase feeling, ” explains Malcolm Johnston. “The buyer keeps the document at hand and flicks through it as they would a lifestyle magazine, and the physical ink-on-paper aspect is intrinsic in their relationship with their purchase. It might, some say, act as a tonic for ‘buyers’ remorse’ after splashing out on big-ticket items and make the purchase feel important.”

Different ways to use our best brochure examples

Try out these different ways to distribute, share, and use brochures:

  • Distribute them at conferences and trade shows
  • Leave them at hotels, airports, doctor’s clinics, and grocery stores
  • Share them via mail or show them to clients while having a call with them on video chat
  • Publish them on your website as a downloadable resource
  • Share them via your company newsletter
  • Repurpose as content snippets in social media 

You can also turn brochures into one of your brand’s secret advantages. How? 

neuromarketing report by the US Postal Service and Temple University’s Center for Neural Decision Making revealed that their research participants spent more time with physical ads than digital ads. 

Here’s an excerpt of their findings: 

When viewing physical ads, participants had a stronger emotional response and remembered them better. 
Physical ads, though slower to get one’s attention at first exposure, leave a longer lasting impact for easy recall when making a purchase decision. 
Most importantly, physical ads triggered activity in the area of the brain (ventral striatum) that is responsible for value and desirability for featured products, which can signal a greater intent to purchase.

16 marketing brochure examples and business brochure templates to inspire your own

Piktochart brochure template library including marketing brochure template

Now that you understand the power, influence, and versatility of brochures, let’s look at some creative examples of brochures across different industries. 

You can also use these brochure design ideas and examples as templates that you can customize, edit, print, or share right away with Piktochart’s free brochure maker.  

Say goodbye to generic-looking brochures

Give your brochure a unique edge by customizing it to your brand colors, icons, and fonts with Piktochart’s printable brochure templates.

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infographic resume templates

Medical business brochure example 

medical brochure example template marketing brochure example

Company brochures in the medical field can simplify concepts for patients, making them a powerful tool to raise awareness. Educate your clients and community about a specific disease and how to manage it or keep staff informed about the latest updates with a creative trifold brochure.

You can either keep the photos in the original template or pick a new set of high-quality images from Piktochart’s vast library of photos. 

Not a fan of the blue-and-white color scheme? 

Change your brochure color scheme with just one click. Here’s a short tutorial on changing color schemes using Piktochart.

Before you know it, your trifold brochure masterpiece is ready for print and distribution!

Dental business brochure example

dental company brochure template

Whether you’re about to open your first dental clinic or launch an oral health product, it doesn’t take a lot of time to design your dental brochure. 

This dental brochure template is customizable, including photos, fonts, typefaces, and color schemes.

What we love about this specific brochure layout is you can either use it as a trifold or Z-fold brochure.  Plus, there’s a timeline format if you want to explain a process.

Brochure design pro tip: Keep your text short and simple and let the visuals and graphics do the talking.

Nonprofit business brochure examples

screenshot of nonprofit company brochure example

Whether you want to raise more funds or encourage more supporters to help spread your cause, a nonprofit brochure template should be a part of your design arsenal. Brochures also go well in nonprofit emails and newsletters.

Brochure templates are beneficial if you have a small marketing team (or perhaps a couple of freelancers)  behind your organization. They’re real time-savers! 

Another benefit is that templates help ensure that your nonprofit branding is consistent, especially if you have a lot of volunteer creators who make visual assets for your organization. 

Travel business brochure examples

screenshot of travel company brochure example

As the travel and tourism industry prepares for its comeback following the COVID-19 pandemic, travel marketing specialists and brands should understand that people have different reasons for going on holiday. 

For example, you might be more interested in the bonds you build with the people you travel with, while others travel because they like learning about different cultures. 

Whatever your clients’ reasons are behind their travel plans, highlight the top tourist spots and the hidden gems in your brochures and marketing materials. 

On closer look (the photo above is just a screenshot of a portion of the template!), this travel brochure puts the spotlight on every traveler’s dream destination — a place where urban dwellings, nature, food, culture, and the arts collide.

Here are a couple more travel brochure templates from our collection that you can use.

trifold travel company brochure template
preview of travel tri fold brochures
travel company brochure template

Veterinary business brochure example

screenshot of veterinary company brochure example

Your veterinary clinic is more than just a place for sick pups and kitties.  One great way of getting more attention to your vet practice is to educate your clients, whether at your clinic or on your Facebook account. 

A veterinary brochure with catchy photos, design elements, and typography can help you build authority in the space.

For example, use this vet brochure template to highlight the pros and cons of dog and cat ownership (but we all know that cats own us, right?). 

At the bottom of your brochure, you can add a couple of details about your practice, like your clinic hours and a call-to-action statement inviting readers to follow your social media page.

Real estate brochure example 

screenshot of real estate brochure flyer example

As discussed earlier in the section about whether or not brochures remain effective in the digital world, brochures are influential when it comes to big-ticket purchases such as real estate.  

Apart from helping boost your reputation and professionalism in the eyes of your clientele, brochures are also a good option to showcase your most valuable properties.

Brochure design pro tip:  Sell the experience rather than the product or service. For example, when designing a real estate brochure, set the mood and show your potential clients what it means to live in their property of choice. 

The images and photos in this real estate brochure example show what it means to live in a luxury beach condo.

You have the big blue ocean right at your doorstep, exclusive villas to help you unwind at the end of the day, and an affluent neighborhood with easy access to all the essentials you need.

Environment brochure example 

environmental marketing brochure example

Brochures aren’t just for marketing or branding. They’re also a great way to communicate an idea, insight, or advocacy. 

A simple, one-page brochure template does the job well for these types of brochure design needs.  

Marketing brochure design pro tip:  Great copy is often the most undervalued element in brochure design. For this reason, don’t add your brochure copy as an afterthought. If there’s enough space, add some choice words to strengthen your message.

Outline your headlines, text, and call-to-action copy before you start the brochure creation process.

Business brochure example 

marketing brochure example, corporate brochure to use as a product launch

Your business brochure needs to look professional but not too corporate at the same time. How do you do this? 

Add some of your brand personality to your business brochure by changing up your colors, fonts, and illustrations. Corporate brochures can inspire with the right design.

In this example, the geometric shapes and bright colors add more life to a somehow boring niche (thermal cups).

You can view this template of a product brochure or the rest of the business brochure pages by clicking the “Edit template” button.

Event brochure example

marketing brochure example for events, corporate brochure

Want to make a marketing brochure for an event? 

Start with an eye-catching front cover, feature your potential customers or guests, and highlight what makes their talks or performances a must-see during the event.

Don’t forget to add the most important details, including the schedule, venue, ticket prices, and where to buy them. You can also add some texts about group discounts or early bird pricing. 

This marketing brochure template is an excellent example of a brochure that you can use as a handout or an attachment that you can send via email.

Brochure design pro tip: Crop images into whatever shape you want in your brochure. It’s easy with Piktochart! Watch the tutorial video below.

Mental health brochure example

mental health brochure template marketing brochure example

This mental health brochure template takes on a minimalist brochure layout with its blue and white color scheme. The bold fonts also act as headers, and the white space helps the icons and photos stand out. 

As you can see, the template also uses data visualization techniques like pie charts to make its content more engaging and persuasive.

Examples of marketing brochure templates with bright colors and bold fonts

stunning brochure template
small business brochure example with vibrant colors marketing brochure example


What’s not to love in this visually stunning brochure template?

You have photos that come to life with their dynamic compositions, bright colors, and a strong call to action (share the love!) that resonates with the target audience’s language.

Healthcare brochure example 

small business healthcare brochure example, marketing brochure example on two pages

Healthcare is one industry where the best brochures can make a significant impact. 

Need to remind patients about preventative care? Make a brochure. 

Want to make educational pamphlets for significant others taking care of their family members? You can design a brochure for that! 

Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours making your healthcare brochure from scratch. You can use your time wisely for other things, such as learning a new skill that can help you become a better healthcare provider. 

Whether you’re part of a big city hospital’s marketing team or the owner of a small-town clinic,  Piktochart’s brochure template library can save you a lot of time (and sanity).

Modern corporate best brochure examples

Want a more modern and chic look for your traditional corporate sales brochure?

We’ve got modern corporate sales brochure templates for you below, whether you work for a multinational corporation or a small business.

Bonus Piktochart benefit: If you’re on a tight budget, you can get them for just a few dollars with Piktochart, and you can even customize fonts, photos, and colors (the sky’s the limit!) so you can reuse the same brochure format for your next projects.

corporate trifold brochure marketing brochure example
modern corporate three panel brochure template
modern corporate template

What’s the standard marketing brochure size? 

Brochures come in different sizes and can be designed as a tri-fold asset or single page, but A4 is the most commonly used brochure size and format. 

Whichever format you choose, a captivating headline, the use of contrasting colors, and the elimination of negative space are key for formatting and the final design.

An A4 is 8.5″ x 11″ in the US, while it’s 8.3″ x 11.7″ in the rest of the world. Use the infographic as your guide for the best brochure sizes below.

an infographic about different brochure sizes marketing brochure example
Infographic by Digital Printing UK

What to include in a marketing brochure

Now that we’ve gone through a few brochure examples, the next thing you might ask is how to make a brochure that wins new customers.

A marketing brochure, just like a gourmet sandwich, needs the right ingredients to make it memorable. There are three critical steps to nailing it: defining its purpose, knowing your audience, and preparing an outline.

Define the brochure’s purpose

This is the foundation of your brochure. Ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve with this?” Whether it’s introducing a new line of gourmet cheeses or announcing the opening of a new yoga studio downtown, your purpose guides your content creation process.

Remember, you’re telling a story – make sure it’s one that piques interest and draws potential customers in.

Know your audience

Who are you talking to? Teens with an obsession for eco-friendly fashion? Or perhaps health-conscious millennials with a penchant for organic food? Identifying your target audience is crucial as it influences your tone, language, and design.

Talk their talk, walk their walk, and you’re halfway there.

Prepare an outline

Before diving into design and copy, draft an outline. What’s the flow of information? What are the key points you want to communicate? Just like a blueprint for a house, your outline ensures your brochure is constructed logically and sensibly.

Are sales brochures different?

Sales brochures and marketing brochures are like Batman and Robin. They work together but have their unique roles and strengths. While marketing brochures are all about creating awareness and excitement, sales brochures focus on the details and the deals.

Best practices for sales brochures

A well-designed sales brochure is a persuasive salesperson in paper form. Its main goal is to give detailed information about your product or service and convert interest into sales. So, how do you make it effective?

Be clear and precise. Make your product or service the star of the show, and let it shine in all its glory. Highlight the benefits, showcase the unique selling points, and don’t forget the numbers – price, size, amount, whatever it may be.

Don’t bury your call to action. It should be compelling and visible, encouraging the reader to take the next step. Finally, use high-quality images that complement your text. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – make sure those words sell.

Let’s recap

Marketing brochures are all about creating awareness and generating excitement. They’re your brand ambassadors, cheerleaders, and storytellers. On the flip side, sales brochures are the straight-shooters. They’re loaded with the facts, figures, and offers that push customers over the line from interest to purchase.

Both play an integral role in your business’s success, much like how a dash of humor can spice up an otherwise straightforward article. Remember that whether you’re crafting a marketing or sales brochure, authenticity, clarity, and engaging content are your keys to standing out in a sea of promotional content.

As a parting piece of advice, remember what your English teacher always said, “Show, don’t tell.” Whether you’re selling a product, a service, or a vision, the most powerful way to do so is by painting a vivid picture.

A picture that doesn’t just speak a thousand words, but also persuades, engages, and ultimately convinces customers to choose you over the competition.

Get Piktochart, an easy-to-use brochure maker

In summary, a brochure is a practical and versatile medium.

You can print a small batch of physical marketing brochures or business brochures, and supplement them with a digital brochure that provide customers unlimited downloads on your website.

Using our brochure examples, you and your business can establish credibility and improves brand recall. 

Before you design your business brochures, don’t forget these important details and pertinent information — your business name, company logo, product benefits, contact information, social media channels, location, and business hours. 

Additionally, consider adding a dedicated section for social proof, perhaps even a QR code leading to your online presence to explain your product details or offering without creating a brochure with information overload for your customers.

With Piktochart’s brochure maker, it’s easy to create professional-looking brochures using our top brochure examples and sales brochure templates! Sign up for a free Piktochart account.


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