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A People-Focused Culture: The Different Faces And Stories At Piktochart

You may have noticed that we recently did a big overhaul here at Piktochart. It wasn’t just a website facelift, but a complete rebranding where we redid our logo and re-wrote our messaging to fit how we had evolved as a company.

Armed with our bold new mission to pioneer the future of storytelling, our tagline also had a bit of a mindset shift. When we first got started, we wanted to help our users “Make Information Beautiful,” but now we’re getting them to “Picture the Difference” with our tool.
The idea is that, in a world where communication doesn’t always come across as genuine, we wanted to provide a platform to help people tell stories that facilitate a bonafide human connection.

While the rebranding was a new effort, a people-focused approach was always the foundation on which Piktochart was built – a place where our HOPEFUL values reign supreme. 

We talk a lot about these, but better than to talk about it, why don’t we show you with a new video on our company culture?

This latest video was shot back in February, when a bunch of remote teammates descended upon our Penang headquarters for a big reunion. It was a whirlwind two weeks of hackathons, workshops, and bonding activities. The purpose of this video was to capture, in less than five minutes, the culture that we’ve collectively built at Piktochart over the last six years.

Below are some quote visuals of the Pikto-peeps that were featured in the video, along with some context so you can get an inside look into what life is like at Piktochart and the way we like to work.
deepan-3200680 marta-7534764

Emboldened by our new mission to pioneer the future of visual storytelling, we are really zeroing in on helping our users create real human connections with their audience. The idea here is to create a message that comes off as genuine and relatable – it’s not easy but it’s attainable if you’re equipped with the right tools and mindset.

In a world where people are inundated by information from too many channels to count, it’s getting really difficult to cut through the noise. We believe it is possible to become stronger and more effective communicators, and we can do it easily.

Ai Ching and Andrea, a pair of married co-founders, struggled with the Monday blues for many years before starting Piktochart. For awhile, they were well-acquainted with the anxiety on Sunday night and the elation that a Friday afternoon brings.

But they soon realized that it was indeed possible to build a people-focused business on a foundation of values. Starting with a small group working out of a warehouse, Piktochart is now a semi-distributed team of almost 60 that’s just celebrated its 6th birthday.
romi-6933953 flavien-5358439
We’re proud to say our teammates hail from 15 different nationalities, from the Americas, to Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Working in an international environment is a constant challenge to upgrade yourself when it comes to learning new perspectives and approaches to your work. It’s the kind of environment that nurtures a consistent flow of new ideas, and you are encouraged to take ownership of new initiatives and run with it.
elvin-8117067 briwa-3169160
The diversity of our teammates really impacts the experimental, “fail fast” startup culture at Piktochart where we are constantly trying on new tools and processes on for size – and fine tuning the way we do things.

We think that there’s too much negativity associated with failure in general, which is why we encourage our people to constantly run experiments to not only face their fears – but to also forge new paths that lead to growth for the company and also for themselves.
Piktochart was built up on a foundation of its HOPEFUL values. Standing for Humble, Open Up, Passionate, Excellent, Fun, User-Focused, and Love – these values serve as a guiding light for us in everything we do, and we hire thoughtfully and carefully based on how well our candidates resonate with these values as well.
Keeping people happy and healthy is important to us, because if our people are feeling good – they’ll naturally be able to produce their best work.

Besides our flexible working arrangements, which has our teammates working out of office (in whatever workspace of their choosing) on Fridays, we also have weekly yoga, badminton, and basketball to bond over.

We’re growing as a semi-distributed team and are looking to meet talented folks in engineering, design, marketing, data, and product that want to work in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Ho Chi Minh City.

If you’re feeling connected to our culture, feel free to check it out the roles we have open on our careers page.

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